Hacks From Donna Brazile, Former DNC Chair And Legendary Political Operative, An Explosive And Revealing New Look At The 2016 Election The First Insider Account Of The Russian Hacking Of The DNC And The Missteps By The Clinton Campaign And Obama Administration That Enabled A Trump Victory.In The Fallout Of The Russian Hacking Of The Democratic National Committee And As Chaos Threatened To Consume The Party S Convention Democrats Turned To A Familiar Figure To Right The Ship Donna Brazile Known To Millions From Her Frequent TV Appearances, She Was No Stranger To High Stakes And Dirty Opponents, And The Longtime Democratic Strategist Had A Reputation In Washington As A One Stop Shop For Fixing Sticky Problems What Brazile Found At The DNC Was Unlike Anything She Had Experienced Before And Much Worse Than Is Commonly Known The Party Was Beset By Infighting, Scandal, And Hubris, While Reeling From A Brazen And Wholly Unprecedented Attempt By A Foreign Power To Influence The Presidential Election Plus, Its Candidate, Hillary Clinton, Faced An Opponent Who Broke Every Rule In The Political Playbook Packed With Never Before Reported Revelations About What Went Down In 2016, Hacks Is Equal Parts Campaign Thriller, Memoir, And Roadmap For The Future With Democrats Now In The Wilderness After This Historic Defeat, Hacks Argues That Staying Silent About What Went Wrong Helps No One Only By Laying Bare The Missteps, Miscalculations, And Crimes Of 2016, Brazile Contends, Will Americans Be Able To Salvage Their Democracy. I said I wasn t going to review this book I meant that But the Epilogue has a phrase in it that I believe we all need to hear Page 234 This electionbroke all the rules and destroyed all the traditions of civility but after a firestorm what comes up first is hearty and strong As a country we are back down to the fundamental questions Who are we What do we value Can we find a way to trust again and not just seeing each other as partisan enemies Can we remember that we have in common as Americans than the issues that divide us I m pretty much firmly rooted in the nope, I m holding a grudge against you shitholes for doing this to the rest of us camp But Brazile s question is a good one to consider our answer to, and a very good one to ponder the implications of The primary appeal of this book is the clarity and completeness of Brazile s insider account of dealing with the fallout from the DNC hacking The primary lack of appeal for me was Brazile s use of flyover country code Brooklyn fo
Drawing up the curtain Donna Brazile takes us backstage as the DNC tries to regain election equilibrium even as Debbie Wasserman Schultz resigns The events that unfold have Donna Brazile putting out fires even as she stands in a pool of gasoline The main take away from this book is that electi
Someone asked me a question about Donna Brazile and I suddenly realized that I haven t read her book yet, although I had it for a while So it was time to meet an amazing woman in politics on her terms.I m not going into the details of the book since it received so many reviews already and stayed on the New York Times bestseller list for quite a while So many interviews went down with Ms Brazile about her controversial book.According to the author this was her version of what happened and she did not keep it light and playful in recalling the events of the 2016 election year There was a lot she did not say in the book, and other times she was a straight shooter, especially when her alter ego, Dolores kicked in She made me cringe and laugh with her comments on The Trump and his shenanigans, which had everybody s horses turning back and rewriting the rules of the rodeo She was frustrated with the Millennials in the election team, who treated her like an ancient relic from the past She addressed the issues the DNC had to deal with and her own role in the events I don t know Donna Brazile, but I can imagine that if Napoleon was a women, his name would be Donna Brazile A small person with a big dream, and she knew where she wanted to go with
Whenever a nation stands at a crossroads, it is easy to believe that this one is somehow meaningful or challenging than those we stood at before Seldom in our history, however, have we stood at so many crossroads all at one time Globalism, immigration, economic inequity, the threat of nuclear war, racial injustice, the treatment of women, sexual identity rights, gun control, and, of course, the recent horrors rained down on innocent people just going about their lives, all seem to have come together in a perfect storm of fear, agony, and disillusionment.There is little that our national leaders can say at this juncture that will not be both praised and pilloried by the opposing camps And this book, one can assume, will suffer a similar fate It will be extolled by some and vilified by others It is no wonder, as a result, that those authors of the familiarity and prominence of Donna Brazile might be inclined to parse their words, hedge their opinions for maximum effectiveness among their core supporters, and generally posture their prose to burnish their own image.That is not, however, what Donna Brazile has done here This is a candid, no punch pulled eyewitness account of the 2016 election and the events surrounding it from one of the main
Please, no political discussion, especially not on the debate leaks nor on Trump Clinton generally I happen to believe the leaks happened, but Brazile makes a case for how it could have been another part of the DNC computer hack The primary campaign revelations from the book are already in the news much of the rest of this book reads like a tech horror story.The juiciest and most startling parts of Donna Brazile s story of helming the Democratic party during July November of the 2016 election have been highlighted on commentary sho
The double entendre in the title promises some witty insight, but it s all downhill from there There s way too much info about Donna Brazile and her dog, and her favorite colors and foods and whatever The juiciest computer hack is about her giving debate questions unfairly to Hillary, but she turns that into a self pity party, and thinks we should believe she s innocent despite the evidence because she cannot prove she is huh So why even give the book 2 Because you can learn something from looking at a plane crash, and admit it, wrecks are fascinating Hacks is a largely unwitting document of what s wrong with the Democratic Party and American politics in general Brazile describes in detail how Hillary Clinton took over the Democratic Party and not just influenced it but micromanaged it during the p
InterrestingI m a pretty strong conservative, but I found this to provide an insight into a presidential campaign Ms Brazile is certainly not objective but she shouldn t be expected to be She treats Hillary very gently, but it seems to me that the candidate herself is respo
Teaser excerpt on Politico, where knives are stuck into several important or formerly important political figures.Inside Hillary Clinton s Secret Takeover of the DNCBrazile has always struck me as very capable I m fairly confident that what she
I m no expert on politics In fact, I hate politics and generally avoid books about it I picked up Donna Brazile s book because I hoped her writing style would be as engaging and candid as her public speaking and because, despite my aversion to politics, I find the Presidential election of 2016 to be an intriguing mysterious mess In the lead up to the election, I thought the Republicans nominated the only candidate who could lose to HRC and the Democrats nominated the only candidate who could lose to Trump Turned out I was right Trump lost the popular vote and HRC lost the electoral college I hoped Brazile might explain how this happened Her book didn t disappoint on that score It s well written with her unique style, a blend of intelligent, academic analysis and down home, grass roots common sense She says HRC lost the electoral college because Robby Mook s computer models and analysis didn t understand the value of enthusiasm for a candidate and the difference between polling and voter turnout Mook s polls said HRC was ahead by 5 to 10 points in the key rust belt states when Brazile s gut told her HRC was in trouble Mook s team wouldn t listen to her and wouldn t fund her efforts to stimulate passion among the minority community To some degree, this book is a venting of her frustration, but overall,
Donna Brazile needs to provide herself cover on what went wrong in the Hillary campaign and why it wasn t her fault Apparently she had absolutely no control over anything Based on the book I don t know what her job even was because nothing, absolutely nothing was her fault or under her control She knew the entire time the campaign was failing but had no way to impact it I found the book not very interesting or helpful in understanding what happened And apparently she had no

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