A Beautiful Heartbreak (a NYC series, #1)

A Beautiful Heartbreak (a NYC series, #1) FREE On All Platforms.Genre Romantic SuspenseA Plain Jane Process Server And Private Investigator A Complicated, High Powered Lawyer No One Said That Life In New York City Was Going To Be Easy So, When Ki S Life Gets Completely Flipped Upside Down, She Seeks The Safety Of A Disorganized Man Of Few Words Is He The Hero Ki Needs, Or Will He Push Her Away This Is The First Book In The NYC Series, And Must Be Read In Order Get Ready For Alora Kate S Newest RomCom Romantic Suspense Series. FREE on today 12 13 2017 Burb Genre Romantic SuspenseA plain Jane process server and private investigator A complicated, high powered lawyer No one said that life in New York City was going to be easy So, when Ki s life gets completely flipped upside
DNF what the heck did I start to read Main character too stupid to breathe O2 A beautiful heartbreak is a very enjoyable read I fell for the characters right off the bat they just had that quality I find very endearing and hope to see of them in the future This would be my second book read by Alora Kate and it has a semi lighter tone then A flaw so beautiful talk about a emotional driving story you should check it out while you are one clicking the first in a NYC series As I said before really liked the characters especially the hero and heroine they are so unique in their own little quirks and as a couple they are so different but make since when they are mixed together , the way they KI and Prescott meet had me dying it s always awesome to read about a meet cute not knowing the end result and unable to look away Ki is hilarious love her awkwardness and OCD the way she s not afraid to show that side of herself and just embrace it what you see is what you get This is mainly in the heroines point of view but at times we get Prescotts and I really loved the fact that the author wrote those in and we got to see his way of thinking very drawn to him as a hero and to see the way he grew along with Ki Can t wait to read Alexis and Tapper s story and by this author copy provided for honest review hero 10 heroine 10 secondary characters 10Chemistry 10 steam 7 romance 7 humor 5darkness level 6 enjoyment 10 angst 3 action 5 mystery 5 story line 10 Story ending 10character development 10 pacing 10 Pl
This was an enjoyable story to read with a complex mix of characters with an engaging story Ki and Alexa are best friends both completely different but as close as sisters I loved that their occupation was different than what we usually see and let me tell you there is nothing ordinary about these two They are hilarious together, their witty banter back and forth made me giggle, it s something that only comes from a deep friendship.Ki meets Prescott through her work
This is the second book by Alora Kate that I have read and it s another great 4.5 Stars I found it easy to get attached and fall in love with these characters There are some tense and heartbreaking moments as well as some sweet, sexy, loveable and even funny scenes, with this oddly perfect couple Ki s quirky, chatty a bit awkward at times Prescot s complicated, spends a lot of time inside his head and is very quiet on the outside She s a private investigator process server and he s a lawyer that yes, she serves not just once but twice I enjoyed the story of their growing relationship from the beginning the moment she stepped into his office through all of their struggles I was looking forward to reading .There s just so much to this story there are twists and turns that have left me with some unanswered questions, not in a stressful cliffhanger way bu
Ki and Alexa were two best friend since college, with harsh background and opposite when it came to personalities and looks They joined and opened a private investigation company, mostly tracking down cheating spouse Apart from that, they re also process server.On that very day when Alexa had to help her mom, Ki went alone to serve Prescot She was mistook as his new secretary but, stayed on when he offered 1K for a few hours job which include organizing his calendar planner and interrupted him when his soon to be ex wife showed up She did so good at her job, that he personally went looking for her to hand out her cheque.Ki couldn t believe the amount of unreliable secretary sent to Prescot by an agency and decided to snoop around And there, she found out that Prescot s soon to be ex wife made a plan with the agency owner to screw Prescot so that she can cash in money from the divorce Ki, who was attracted to Preston, decided to interfere with that plan.While all that was happening, Ki and Alexa took on a job trying to locate a missing son Instead of finding him, he was the one who found Ki And Ki was told to stay away from him while he also revealed that he was protecting her because he liked her.From miles away, I could see a disaster about to happen when Ki got attracted to Lucas, the lost or maybe not lost and yet mysterious son I did not blamed her because she was confused too At least she managed to establish that Lucas liked her and that she liked Pre
A Beautiful Heartbreak by Alora Kate A Beautiful Heartbreak is the first in the NYC series by Alora Kate.I enjoyed this story enormously It was told in dual POV Ki is a spunky woman trying to get her PI business off the ground when she runs across the brooding Prescot They have instant chemistry even though they both resist it initially The dual POV is wonderfully done The way that Alora Kate wrote Prescot s parts gives the reader a great insight into how his mind is working In contrast, Ki s POV is light and humorous As mentioned before, they have a great chemistry that just flows off the pages It is hilarious the lengths they go to avoid it, but they end up finding out that they need each other.Besides the story being a romance, there is unexpected suspense as someone starts stalking Ki and Prescot gets into accident Can their budding relationship handle the stress Or will they go their separate ways This story was fu
Not your regular romance book I loved that the girls are private investigators such a refreshing change Alora Kate pulls you into the story with her real characters and great scene setting.This book had giggles and plenty of suspense, I can see this being an addictive s
A Beautiful Heartbreak is book one in the NYC series and it was so good The story flowed well, it was suspenseful and even had some funny moments The characters are great There are so many twists and turns that kept me
A bit of ramble to start ya ll with here.Alora comes up with interesting names for her characters I mean look at the 4 seasons trilogy, then other characters in her books, Ashton, Rawson as well as Madi To me, the name of a character adds a bit of strength to them Now with Ki and Prescott, such beautiful and strong names that really reflect on them personally I find myself wanting to give them a couple name like KiScott or PreKi I know, I know.so typically weird But not for me So back to my review before I got distracted here As someone who never felt like I was seen for who I was, I identify with Ki in many ways She s a P.I along with her best friend Alexa She meets Prescott on a routine run to serve an envelope to someone What she didn t expect was to be thrown into Prescott s world In the heat of the moment he reaches out to her to pull her into helping him with a difficult person and an even unfortunate moment Even though she s wary of helping in any way, she does and ends up feeling drawn to him on this charismatic level She feels protective over him and needs to figure out a way to change the inevitable for him The problem is, in all of that her life is turned upside down and sideways dramatically Holy COW Prescott is a brilliant lawyer who has pulled himself out of the ashes of a traumatic time in his life He s been so focused on helping others and hiding the scars that have shamed him for so long His mind works on a different level that nearly every person he encou