Entombed (Mortuary Book 1)

Entombed (Mortuary Book 1) They Say When You Lose A Loved One, Something Inside Of You Dies With Them I Never Wanted To Believe It, But It S The Truth When I Lost Rochelle, I Also Lost The Man I Once Was Gabe, The Sweet, Gentle Man Who Only Saw The Good In People He Was Buried Beside His Love, In A Pit Of Eternal Blackness The Worms Left To Feed On The Rotting Corpses Of The Innocent, Ripped Away From The World In A Senseless Act Of Violence Gabe Is Dead, And In His Place Stands The Angel Of Death The Avenging Darkness That Sweeps In Like A Silent Shadow, Preying On Those Who Wronged Him I Am The Darkness I Am Your Demise I Am Gabriel Montego And I Will Have My Revenge. Provided on behalf of the author for an honest review Review by Gayle from Bloggers From Down Under I have been waiting patiently for this novel, and when I say patiently I mean painfully patiently So when it hit my Kindle I was all kinds of excited.Now sitting here my thoughts are thisWhat in the actual hell did I just read Gabriel is one dark and twisted soul Losing his one love has broken him It has stripped him bare It has crushed his core So the only one thing he now strives for is revenge.He will seek the ultimate revenge.They will pay for what they did.They will pay for taking away his everything.He will seek them out, hunt them down and destroy them one by one.But a chance meeting with a beautiful woman will change everything.She will change his thinking.She will change his everything.She will be his ultimate game changer.Her nameShy.Guys this novel is nothing short of dark, r
Where do I begin with reviewing what I just read totally different from anything else I ve read from this author, I love, love, love the new direction she has taken This was dark, disturbing and totally captivating. I d
I went into this book totally blind of what to expect and as i d never read anything before by this author and so I was totally taken by surprise at how easily the story got me hooked from the very first page Gabe Motego s story is a sad tale of love, loss and of vengeful anger He is a good man who gets drawn into to the darkness by the evil acts of others for the things that were done to him and his wife Rochelle Gabe s character I really liked and even though he does bad things to those who hurt him he still just about manages to cling onto his good side when he shows a kinder side of himself to Shay I do absolutely sympathise with Gabe for all that he has been through but he does go down a path of destruction that is hard to return from Shay s character is still a bit of a mystery to me but I really do hope that she is than what she seems to be and that will be revealed about her in the next book.If you re looking for a story that is dark, dirty and very gritty thi
I was so excited to be able to read an ARC of Entombed I love Cherry Shephard s books and was eager to read from her new series The beginning was absolutely shocking and gut wrenching That jaw dropping first chapter completely sucked me into the story and I could not put this book down I had to see what would happen next and how Gabe would go about seeking his revenge Things took a bit of a turn that I hadn t seen coming, and yet I was dying to see where this new path would lead Shy was quite a character and brought an interesting dynamic to the story I loved all the excerpts and connections to classic literature They were a fabulous touch The scene in the wine cellar was hot, hot, hot The pages were practically on fire Gabriel s emotional struggle throughout Entombed was palpable As the end grew near, I was completely on edge wondering what he would ultimately decide to do That
Holy s t this book had me on the edge of my seat There were twists and turns that I didn t see coming and I m so excited to read This is the first Cherry Shephard book I ve read and I absolutely loved it The first chapter had me hooked right from the beginning and I couldn t wait to read the rest of it, loved the darkness this story had.I loved these characters they were mysterious and always kept me wondering what they were going to do next Shy was one twisted chick and I absolutely loved her and Gabriel, I thought their interactions were great and I loved how hot those two got when they were together Although there were a few times in the book that had me questioning some things and a little confused, I could not put it down and I can t wait to see what Cherry comes up with next for these two There were some unanswered questions for me some minor ones too that I m dying to find out and hoping some of them will be answered in the next book That ending had me ye
I like this author so I dove in unprepared I ll admit it s not a story line I d choose, I m a wuss with violence.Gabe Gabriel had his life turned upside down by this gang and now revenge is all he has to live for.Who is Shy Is she good or just a pl
ENTOMBED is the first book by Cherry Shephard that I have read, and it will definitely not be the last I thoroughly enjoyed this first book in the Mortuary series The first couple of chapters are pretty violen
This book is dark gritty intense and a disturbingly beautiful story of vengeance about the love Gabe lost He had one plan and that was to make those who took something precious from him pay no matter what the cost The only thing he didn t consider while making his plans was meeting Shy While his plans may have been somewhat sidelined he s still determined to seek revenge and maybe just maybe he can use her to his advantage Cherry will have you on the edge of your seat from the ve
Holy hell This book is intense Gabriel is a mortician hell bent on getting revenge on the gang that raped and killed his wife on their wedding day.Shyanne is blue haired, violet eyed hostage, who Gabe kidnapped for reasons he really doesn t understand, but he can t keep his hands of