Mia A Blind Date Has Never Been So Deadly Mia Rowland Is Happy In Her Quiet, Comfortable, And Highly Predictable Life In Washington DC Her Work As An Accountant For Professional Athletes Is All The Excitement She Can Stand Her Peace Is Destroyed When The Suspicious Death Of A Colleague Reveals Secrets Involving Mia S Firm And A Terrorist Organization Navy SEAL Ben Wells Is In DC Transitioning From His Team In San Diego To A Deeply Covert Military Unit, The Existence Of Which Is Known Only By The Highest Level Government Officials Set Up On A Blind Date With Mia By Wolf And Caroline, Ben Has No Way Of Knowing That Dinner With The Beautiful Young Woman Will Thrust Him Into The Middle Of A Terrorist Plot Targeting A Highly Respected Senator, One Whose Sole Ambition Is To Destroy Terrorist Cells In The U.S As Mia And Ben Grow Closer, The Terrorists Realize Mia Has Information Against Them, And They Want It Back At Any Cost Once She Goes M.I.A., It S Up To Ben To Rescue Her But Saving Mia Could Be The Ultimate Sacrifice For Ben, One That Could Lead To Than Just The Death Of Their Promising Relationship It Could Cost Them Their Lives. Favorite Quotes Do you always drink vodka like it should come in a plastic bottle and rehydrate you she half expected to find the file she had brought home was gone Still there She placed it on the top of the desk cautiously, and peered at it It seemed to have a life of its own If only she knew the magic words to reveal it s dark secrets Where was Harry Potter when you needed him Yes, well, the life of a CPA is quite exotic and interesting Don t spread that around We try to come off as very dependable, stable people but you d be amazed at some of the parties we ve thrown.Sex, burgers, and killing terrorists nothing better in the world.This man supervisor, if Ben was reading the patch on his uniform correctly was tall and skinny, and sported the same wimpy ass stache Were men in Colombia unable to grow anything other than a worm ove
Plot 4 5Characterisation 3 5Prose 3 5How much I enjoyed it 3 5 I am new to Anne L Parks, Kindle World I keep meaning to looking into what Kindle World is I have a kindle but I am clueless on what that is any who I loved this action pack, quick for me thrilling read So glad I got the chance to read this ARC for an honest review I love a strong, determined, not gonna back down, don t mess with me kind of woman, in my reads and Mia doesn t disappoint I enjoy reading book that take place in Virginia my home
Book Review Special Forces Operation Alpha MiaI am an independent reviewer This book is the 1st in the 13 series and ends with an HEA This book introduces some of the characters that will make up the next books, all with tons of action thrown in Mia is an accountant who finds a file that isn t hers Anyone attached to this file seems to be in danger She is talked in to a blind date with Navy SEAL, Ben, who gets immediately alpha and protective of her as the danger around her escalates.There are a few different ideas of who the bad guys are Ben seems to be targeted by a femme fatale and Mia is also fighting off a serious stalker, along with men taking shots at both Ben and Mia, while others are trying to drive them off of the road Mia is not a damsel in distress, though She is smart and savy, trying to understand all that is happening, while trying to help The other men helping Ben, Lance and Tink, are awesome secondary characters, bringing brawn and humor to
M.I.A by Anne L Parks is a suspense filled adrenaline roller coaster ride of dead bodies, hidden files, terrorists and a Navy Seal and and accountant who have to escape it all and find their HEA Mia is an accountant and people start dying after she finds a file in her office that isn t hers Ben is a Navy Seal who is set up on a blind date by Wolf and Caroline and never has a blind date been so deadly This action packed story is the 1st book in the new 13 series and it is a perfect introduction to some of the continuing characters Ben, Tink love him The chemistry is off the chart and if you are not a fan of insta protective alpha love this might be the wrong book for you As Ben realizes that Mia is being targeted as well as himself they go into hiding to solve the mystery Mia is an independent heroine who keeps her wits about her She is witty, resourceful, and no shrinking violet She works just as hard as the guys to solve the mystery I loved this
This book is about Mia an accountant who ends up stuck in the middle of a dangerous situation when a colleague gives her a file that could lead to illegal dealings Lucky for her a friend of hers has set her up on a date with a Navy Seal named Ben who helps Mia figure out what is happening and who is responsible and slowly falling in love with her This book had romance and mystery and hot Navy Seals This was a really fun book to read I haven t read any of the books in Susan Stoker s series so I w
This is a first for me as a UK reader, I don t get access to the Kindle World s books so when I saw Anne was adding her talent to a story, I couldn t help but get excited I mean, what s not to love about a hot navy seal to rescue a woman he lovesall with some danger and suspense thrown in I m pretty sure if I had read any of Susan Stokers books prior to this, some of the characters would have been familiar to me but, to be honest, Anne has done a fan
First of all I love when the females in this type of book aren t wimps and Mia truly isn t An accountant who gets plopped right down in the midst of a whole lotta mess but doesn t hide in a corner Nope Mia and her blind date get thrust smack dab in the middle of a whole buncha crap and old girl doesn t falter She takes it with the best, And of course the best of the best have her flanks A great fun and exciting story by th
This is my first book from Anne L Parks that I ve read and I really enjoyed it It s a fast paced novella where Mia, a friend of Caroline and Wolf from Susan Stokers Seal team sets Mia up on blind date with Ben Ben just moved to the area for a new assignment and gets brought into a dangerous situation that Mia colleague gets her into whe
Mia by Anne L Parks is a fast moving, steamy novella set in the Susan Stoker s Special Forces Kindle World Ben Humps Well and his fearless friends meet Mia Rowland and are determined to protect her as she unravels the evil plans of Senator Hutton to fund his terrorist allies Danger and adventure lurk arou