Firefighter Sea Dragon

Firefighter Sea DragonA Lonely Woman Who Feels Like A Fish Out Of Water A Firefighter Sea Dragon Baffled By Human Ways A Forbidden Love That Will Shake The Whole Sea One Magical Romance Neridia Small Just Wants To Fit In But That S Hard When You Stand Six Foot Six In Your Bare Feet Maybe It Would Be Okay If She Was Supermodel Skinny To Go With Her Supermodel Height, But A Ridiculously Tall, Fat Black Woman She S Only Ever Attracted The Wrong Sort Of Attention She Longs To Find A Man Who Ll Look Past Her Size And See The Real Her A Nice, Normal ManJohn Doe Will Never Understand Humans A Sea Dragon Knight From The Hidden Underwater City Of Atlantis, He Reluctantly Took Human Form In Order To Search The Land For The Missing Pearl Emperor, Ruler Of All Sea Shifters Though John Has Found Unexpected Friendship As Part Of A Unique All Shifter Firefighting Team, His Heart Will Always Lie Under The Ocean Until He Rescues Neridia From A MuggingAs A Knight, John S Forbidden From Taking Any Mate Let Alone A Human And A Sea Dragon S Honor Is His Life But When A Decades Old Secret Rises To The Surface At Last, Only John Can Protect Neridia From A Deadly Foe Fate Binds John And Neridia Together, Honor Demands That They Stay Apart And Love Will Require One Of Them To Sacrifice Everything Can t beat this series The world building is brilliant and the action relentless, I don t want it to end Loved, loved, LOVED this book Amazing writing, fantastic world building, hilarious banter and two characters you could cheer for It had everything I want in a paranormal romance, plus fantastic cameos from the others There were moments I gasped and ones where I burst out into laughter It was so enjoyable and while it can be read as a standalone, I would really recommend reading the other books first This is easily one of my top favourite paranormal series I can t wait for the final two books, but part of me dreads the end. Gentle giantsI loved reading about John and Neridia both are gentle giants John is used to being large and therefore center strange, but Neridia has always had horrible experiences with being so big I felt horrible for her I think the past trauma affects her power as well Neridia comes from the Greek Nereides or sea sprites, which is completely appropriate I really enjoyed these guys. 3 stars.Our hero is John Doe, a 7 feet plus Poet Knight Sea Dragon who s spent the last 2 years on land trying to find their missing Emperor I think I liked him better when he was Griffin s roommate who kept burning food Here, I thought he was a bit too stubborn about taking the newly found Emperor s daughter, who s also his mate, back to Atlantis And yes, Atlantis is where the Sea Dragons sank into the sea to escape from the Fire Dragons centuries ago Our heroine Neridia Small is 6 6 and have had a lot of trouble looking for a suitable partner who s not horrified by her size I must admit being a fairly short person, the plight of tall people is not something I d thought much about, except gawking when I see someone especially tall walking past and thinking he she would make a great basketballer But now I do see that they have their set of issues just like those of us who are short There are some funny moments, like when John s sister asks Neridia for an air name that matches her brother and Neridia said the female equivalent would be Jane Doe I m not sure if it was ever specifically written who named him and why he owed Griffin his life Maybe I missed it in the previous books Anyway, it did have quite an epic battle in the end and a cute epilogue As this appears to be the last available audiobook for the series so far, I will be putting the next books in my TB listen pile for the time being. My Thoughts 5 out of 5 Unicorns I loved it I choose what I read and review based on what intrigues me Yes, I got a review copy of this book, and no one tells me what to think, feel, or write about any book I have bought this book because I loved it, and I own most of Zoe s books This cover matches the series This is the fourth book in the series, and it is for adults only due to the violence and steamy scenes I highly recommend reading the series in order to make it a much richer experience with the characters.John is already a character I love because his lack of comprehension or misunderstandings are at times hilarious Neridia is strong, but she has issues of feeling inadequate with the way people have treated her like she doesn t belong.As always with Zoe s books, there is the perfect combination of action, drama, treachery, and romance I love her style of HEAs Her books are easy to love if shifters and HEAs are your thing.I highly recommend this whole series to all shifter lovers especially if you love HEAs and Zoe already ABSOLUTELY CAPTIVATING Title Firefighter Sea DragonSeries Fire Rescue ShiftersAuthor Zoe ChantDesignation Book 4 of Series, Full Length 300 pages , Standalone Paranormal Romance, No CliffhangerReading Platform Kindle EditionMy Rating Five Captivating Stars Be still my heart I loved, loved, loved this book I adore paranormal romance and no one does it better than Zoe Chant I ve been a diehard fan for several years and I can truthfully say, I ve never read a Zoe Chant book I didn t enjoy Chant is an incredibly gifted storyteller, a talented wordsmith, and a true master of her trade Chant excels at creating unique storylines with vividly depicted worlds and beautifully detailed descriptions, then populating her creations with intriguing, larger than life characters who will surely capture your imagination along with your heart And Firefighter Sea Dragon was no exception Once I started reading, I could not stop I was riveted to my seat, white knuckling my ereader with my heart fluttering wildly in my chest as the hours flew as quickly as the pages and it was FABULOUS But let s talk details so you ll know why I love this story so much Firefighter Dragon is an imaginative, fast paced, easy to follow, full length, standalone paranormal romance liberally laced with elements of fantasy Fortunately for the reader, this story is somewhat longer than the majority of Chant s books coming in at approximately 300 pages, none of which is fluff or empty filler The narrative is beautifully written in the third person with his and her perspectives The dialogue is smart, well executed, at times hilarious, and flows effortlessly Firefighter Sea Dragon is exceptionally well crafted, developed and edited as are all of Chant s books I also feel compelled to mention, Chant s books have beautiful covers and artwork which always seem to capture the spirit of the story and its characters, and I truly love that about her work But I think my favorite component of every Chant story is the characters she creates to populate her fascinating worlds They are captivating, intriguing, engaging, and no matter how fantastical their alter form may be, whether it be shifter or creature of myth and legend, they are still relatable to the reader with the same challenges and heartaches we experience in our daily lives I was immediately smitten with the two protagonists of this story, beautiful but lonely conservationist Neredia Small who was anything but small, and handsome sea dragon John Doe aka Walker Above Water, Emissary to the Land from the Pearl Throne, Knight Poet of the First Water, Sworn Seeker of the Emperor In Absence, and firefighter for the East Sussex Fire and Rescue Service Wow, what a mouthful but sea dragons have two names, one for land in their human form and another for the sea in their dragon form which is proudly sung beneath the waves and is a compilation of their accomplishments and titles And sea dragons don t have inner dragons, they have inner humans since their dragon is their true form Sea dragons are not born as humans like most shifters, but are hatched from eggs as baby dragons See, I told you this was unique and imaginative, and this is just a small sampling of what to expect in this story I ve read a lot of Zoe Chant books and loved all the characters but John and Neredia quickly became my favorites and truly captured my heart Their story really played havoc with my emotions John and Neredia s story just ripped my heart right out of my chest My heart actually ached for these two characters I sniffled, sobbed and outright ugly cried through the entire book but, as in true Chant form, I also snickered, snorted and giggled my way to the end I ran the full gambit of emotions sadness, heartbreak, anger, and joy I laughed with these characters, empathized with them, cried for them, and shook my fists in anger at the injustice they suffered and loved every single minute Did I like this book No, I LOVED it In fact, I loved it so much, I bought it Please allow me to explain I have Kindle Unlimited so I could have read this story for free but after reading the sample, I knew this was a book I wanted as part of my permanent library so I could read it again Chant s books are all enrolled in the KU program but I still find myself buying them all What can I say Yes, they re that good and I always feel like I get my money s worth Would I recommend it You bet and I am but only for adult readers since it does include some steamy, dreamy love scenes If you love unique paranormal stories filled to the brim with danger, drama, action, adventure, lies, deceit, betrayal, angst, passion, romance and always a happy ending, then Firefighter Sea Dragon is calling your name There have been three releases in this series prior to this one and several of the characters from the previous books do cross over and appear in all the books, but you can still read them in any order Why am I telling you this Because I highly recommend this entire series They re all fabulous Will I read this author again Absolutely Just as soon as she releases her next book I can hardly wait for the fifth book of the series which will be Hugh s story I m dying to discover what kind of shifter he is So bring it on Zoe Chant inquiring minds want to know And finally, was I entertained Completely Fabulous entertainment and an awesome read Sea dragon John Doe would never understand humans No matter how much time he spends with his land walker friends and fellow firefighters from the East Sussex Fire and Rescue Atlantis, he longs to return to his underwater home in Atlantis Two years is too long to be away from the life he so loves under the sea He understands his mission is of utmost importance and has diligently searched the bays and harbors of England s coastlines as well as the nearby lakes and rivers to locate the missing sea dragon King of Atlantis, Pearl Emperor, Commander of the Waves, and ruler over all the shifters of the seas Sadly, John has found nothing in those two years just as he d found nothing when years earlier he d thrice circled the globe, scouring the oceans and seas singing for his mate, but his songs had been answered with nothing but silence And sea dragons only mated with other sea dragons so finding a mate on land was not even possible because sea dragons did not generally mix with other shifters or humans, and only lived in the sea He d finally admitted defeat and only then was he allowed to pledge his fealty to the Pearl Throne by swearing vows of service and celibacy, guaranteeing his loyalties could never be divided between love and duty He d long ago accepted his fate and now lived only to serve the Pearl Throne Having failed to find any trace of the missing Pearl Emperor, it was time to return home, just as soon as he fulfills his obligation to his oath brother by standing with him at his upcoming wedding which was to be held at a resort located on the shores of Loch Ness, one of the few bodies of water John has not checked, at least not yet So imagine his surprise when the waters of the Loch reply to his song, whispering secrets he could never have anticipated Yes, there s something nearby or rather someone but it isn t the Pearl Emperor Oh my It s a beautiful woman and she s his mate What He d searched and sang for her but she d never answered and she claims to be human one who can t even swim Not possible So what does a loyal sea dragon Knight, one sworn to celibacy and forbidden to take a mate, do now Neredia Small desperately longs to find love and acceptance but her dream of finding happiness seems and impossible with every passing day It s hard to fit in when you re six and a half feet tall with skins as dark as the night sky and literally tower above most men She loves her job as a conservationist but she s so tired of her lonely existence, and even so since the deaths of her mother and father, occurring only a few months apart Neredia has no other family which is why she s tried finding companionship through online dating sites and, yet again, felt the heart wrenching sting of rejection after another disastrous first date Once the men see bountiful curves, and towering height, they run for the hills, never to be seen or heard from again It s heartbreaking and futile As if this latest humiliation isn t enough, the universe seems to be conspiring against her, determined to bring her to her knees, literally, when she s mugged outside the tavern near Loch Ness The thieves try to steal her pearl pendant, the only thing of value she owns, not because of its monetary value but rather its sentimental importance since it was given to her by her father just before he died Thankfully, a dark and very large seven foot tall good Samaritan suddenly immerges from the waters of the Loch to rescue her Oh my This guy is not only insanely hot but he s also insane, like looney tunes crazy, because he declares he s a sea dragon Knight of Atlantis and she s not even human, but the daughter of the missing and now deceased Pearl Emperor which makes her the Empress in waiting Huh And if that s not enough, he also claims she s his mate but they can never be together because of his vows of fealty to the Pearl Throne Utterly and totally ridiculous, right But when old secrets come to light and an unknown enemy surfaces making deadly attempts on her life, Neredia realizes there may be truth to this Knight s claims than she originally thought, and knows she needs answers to her questions about her parents and herself But can John Doe, her Knight in shining armor, protect her from those who wish her dead so she can finally discover the truth We ll see It seems that is a good book and a very bad one in this series, after the last one, things were getting better, but this book was incredibly predictable and the character of John was beyond annoying It had so much potential, the description of his culture and the difference with the other shifters were very interesting, but from the introduction of the new characters, you could see who were the good guys and who the bad guys, again, even if the writer was trying to force you to suspect others, it just didn t add up Also, John s ideals get a little too much after a while, you just get and frustrated by him, especially when you find out that not everyone is like him So again, I didn t like the book, and I feel bad because it could have been so good if it wasn t so obvious and annoying view spoiler John is pretty honor bound, and he has very set ideas, he promised never to take a mate and his life is sworn to the crown s service The problem is he finds his mate, and at first he all angsty because he can t have her, but his friends push them together, and even if he is all torn up about wanting her, he can t help it He then finds out that she is the daughter of the lost emperor he has been looking for, and since he is dead, she is the empress, and he decides that since his first loyalty is to her as empress, then it s ok to be with her He then changes his mind after talking to his superior, and it becomes clear very fast that his boss is the bad guy, but he trusts him and listen to him, despite his own desires or Neridia s wishes He is so sure he knows what s right, and that his boss can help him when he is not, that he doesn t take anyone or anything else into account.The Sharks Master arrives and tells them that he is not the one trying to kill Neridia, and that he didn t kill her father, but that someone at the palace is behind everything and they shouldn t go there, but John doesn t trust him and ignores him, and when they arrive Neridia finally finds out that John s boss is the one behind everything, including her father s murder, but he threatens to kill John is she doesn t become his puppet Empress She tries to escape, but doesn t tell John because she knows his honor will force him to try to avenge her, and she is afraid his honor will kill him She doesn t make it to land before they caught up to her, and when John finds out what happened, he fights his boss, only it turns out that his time on land made John stronger, so his boss cheats, so he can win, and stabs John through the chest, that makes Neridia finally shift, and between her and the Shark Master they kill him John s friends arrive just in time to save him, and after that Neridia decides to fix relationships between sea and land shifters and decides to spend half a year at the sea, and half on land, so John can stay in contact with his friends hide spoiler I read romance because I strongly believe in soul mates, love at first sight, and loving the same person forever I also believe that a person s honor should only ever come second to their loved ones Why Because I would break any oath for my children and my Husband view spoiler Naridia could not have been John s true mate, because he didn t love her than his honor In fact he kept leaving her one way or another again and again, letting others talk him into rubbish decisions, so bad that I wanted to stop reading a few times, but held firm because normally I enjoy ZC s work Honestly, how the heck could she ever trust his feelings for her, he didn t respect any of her wishes, forced her into a situation that she did not want, took her to a place that made her miserable hide spoiler My review and an extended sample of the audiobook are posted at Doe has been a part of this series from the beginning He also had a large part in the previous book with Griffin, as he was an oath brother to Griffin But we still didn t know much about this shifter He goes by the name John Doe, because you can t say his name in human form Sea dragons are an elusive group of shifters They don t come out on land often They are big on honor, or at least that is what they say.Neridia Small just wants to be like every other woman But at six foot and six inches tall, she stands taller than most men and that has made dating difficult for her This story starts out with her going on date with someone from one of those matching sites She fudges just the one number on her profile people do that all the time, right She also arrived early, so that she could be sitting down when the man arrives Things start off pretty well, until she stands up and that s where things go all wrong for her.This was another great addition to the series I really enjoyed learning about John Doe and his species I really liked his sister Neridia was a great addition to this group as well She is a strong woman, who has had it hard with the loss of both of her parents recently There are quite a few things that happen to her in this book too.I continue to enjoy this series and look forward to books that follow these firefighters of Essex County.NarrationI continue to enjoy Lucy River s narration of this series I love all the different accents that she is forced to do for this series In this book, she had all the different sea creatures that must be voiced, many of which are speaking mind to mind It was very clear when they were talking mind to mind versus speaking out loud which can sometime be hard on audio, since in print they usually italicize those parts, but if the narrator doesn t change something, it can be hard for the listener, but that isn t the case here I like to thank the publisher for providing me with a copy of this audiobook in exchange for an honest review. Reviewed at Shifter HavenFirefighter Sea Dragon is an intricately woven tale of a lost leader, an honorable knight, a land of fable, an evil villain hiding in plain sight and a love that will be willing to make any sacrifice necessary for a mate s happiness or life Every story in the Fire Rescue Shifters series has been an amazing read, but John and Neridia s romance is simply riveting John has always been a man of honor, perhaps a deeper code of honor than his friends ever imagined, after all they were land walkers and he was of the sea So when John finally discovers his mate, his friends do not, cannot understand how his honor binds him to a certain protocol A Knight is nothing without his honor, and breaking his vows would mean setting aside his honor something he is incapable of doing.Neridia has been sheltered, protected by her family from the rest of the world Now after her father s passing she is truly alone in the world and her attempt at finding companionship has gone horribly wrong Neridia stands out among humans, striking, and tall she is often the brunt of giggles and pointing fingers When she meets John there is a spark between them, and possibilities that she is truly afraid of pursuing.The plot of Firefighter Sea Dragon is so finely woven it was a complete pleasure to read I ve enjoyed all of the stories in this series, but this one has a special feel to it that draws you in a bit deeper than you imagined possible I d love to talk about it, but to do so would give away spoilers so I ll simply say that this is a story that you ll want to read There may be times that you ll want to shake John for sticking to his honor, or comfort Neridia when she doubts herself but you will be engaged in their story.I would highly recommend this story and this series to any Paranormal Romance or Shifter Romance reader who enjoys an intricate plot, strong characters and revisiting with old friends who have already had their stories told or will soon This is a story well worth your time.I read this title through my Kindle Unlimited subscription.