Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason

Bridget Jones: The Edge of ReasonLurching From The Cappuccino Bars Of Notting Hill To The Blissed Out Shores Of Thailand, Bridget Jones Searches For The Truth In Spite Of Pathetically Unevolved Men, Insane Dating Theories, And Smug Married Advice I M Just Calling To Say In The Potty In The Potty Well, Do It In Daddy S Hand, Then She Experiences A Zeitgeist Esque Spiritual Epiphany Somewhere Between The Pages Of How To Find The Love You Want Without Seeking It Can Self Help Books Really Self Help , Protective Custody, And A Lightly Chilled Chardonnay. Funnier and accomplished than the original diary, and in fact takes recognition humor into a new dimension Bridget Jones The Edge of Reason is a glorious read, and there is a laugh on every page. Weight 867 lbs due to entire Chipotle burrito still sitting in belly , cigarettes 0 as don t smoke , alcohol units 1 responsible glass of red wine, for heart , calories 1557 if Chipotle nutrition calculator can be trusted Have just finished reading Bridget Jones s Diary The Edge of Reason, aka BJD 2 THE DARCY STRIKES BACK Still working out feelings re sequel, as original was pure perfection, part of identity, Pride Prejudice related so obviously superior to almost all other works of fiction , etc Am having trouble reckoning feelings for this novel, as trainwreck of a movie is hanging over head in manner of pinata filled with poo or old, stinky cheeses.Shall not dwell on turd of a movie, however, flawed as it is, because love the lovely book Like Bridget Jones s Diary, sequel is based on Jane Austen novel, this time Persuasion Had not read Persuasion until several years ago and ended up liking just as much if not blasphemy as PP Naturally, Persuasion suffers from clear lack of Darcy, however Wentworth equally swoon worthy, also Anne Elliot is obvious patron saint of Singletons everywhere, having been declared old spinster at virginal age of 27.Our little Bridget is still struggling with job, money, romance, family overbearing mother, drunken father , blah dee blah
The Colin Firth interview is hilarious You just want to scream at Bridget to shut up and stop putting her foot in every time she opens her mouth Just as wonderful as the first book Bridget Jones The Edge of Reason Bridget Jones 2 , Helen FieldingBridget Jones The Edge of Reason is a 1999 novel by Helen Fielding, a sequel to her popular Bridget Jones s Diary It chronicles Bridget Jones s adventures after she begins to suspect that her boyfriend, Mark Darcy, is falling for a rich young solicitor who works in the same firm as him, a woman called Rebecca The comic novel follows the characteristic ups and downs of the self proclaimed singleton s
This book should be retitled as Bridget Jones The Unnecessary Sequel Bridget returns as the hapless and can t get it together heroine with plenty of love, work and weight troubles The first book has a happy ending and I thought that was the end of it Since it s so successful, of course the author cannot resist conjuring contrived plot lines for Bridget s second adventure Bridget came across as charming and endearing in the first book but here she becomes annoying and irritating I or the readers love her int he first book because Bridget is not flawless This makes her a very accessible character However, the contrived plot lines of this book has managed to create a gratingly stupid Bridget which I cannot empathise with any.This is what ha
I hate say this but I hate this book , can be much better if Helen fielding just wrote bridge Jones s diary and stop I don t really know why I still had this book on my TBR because I didn t really like the first book. but oh well, I dove right into this one anyways.Okay, so in Bridget Jones Edge of Reason Bridget starts to suspect that her boyfriend Mark is starting to develop feelings for one of his coworkers, Rebecca Of course this was a huge misunderstanding on her part because he doesn t have any feelings for her at all However, it is Bridget and it wouldn t be a book if she found out that she was wrong right away Nope In the end, she felt foolish for even thinking that and all is right in the world because Rebecca started dating someone else Right Wrong I hated this book so much LE SIGH Like I said, I didn t like the first book. so I definitely didn t like this book either It wasn t funny at all to me It s like I was fake laughing just to get out of this book faster I just don t like Bridget at all She was so annoyi
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I desperately love Bridget, I really do, but the story just wasn t as funny the second time around I never thought I would tire of British humour, but while The Edge of Reason is still VERY FUNNY the plot line relies a lot on miscommunication stemming from the characters bumbling about and being unable to speak
What a fucking terrible book My god.

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