Southern Fried (Kenni Lowry #2)

Southern Fried (Kenni Lowry #2) In The South, It S Better When The Food Is Fried And The Secrets Kept Buried After The Dead Body Of A Beloved Cottonwood Resident Is Found Tangled Up In An Electric Fence, Sheriff Kenni Lowry Has A Hunch That Somethin Ain T Right Her Investigation Heats Up With A Fierce Cook Off Competition, A Euchre Game Where The Intel Is Sweeter Than The Brownies, And A Decades Old Family Recipe That May Just Be The Proof In The Pudding The Icing On The Cake Kenni Is Fighting An Attraction To Her Recently Sworn In Deputy Sheriff, And Election Season Is Hot On Her Tail When The Killer Comes After Who She Holds Most Dear, Even Her Poppa S Ghostly Guidance Might Not Be Enough To Keep Her And Her Own Out Of The Frying Pan. Tonya Kappes had me laughing from the opening pages of Southern Fried, when Kenni Lowry is shushing her ghost.Kenni is the Sheriff of the small of Cottonwood and the ghost is her Grandfather It was no surprise that she carried a gun, but there were those who frowned on her being the Sheriff.Even though Cottonwood is a small town, the characters are far from being small.The story contains funny quotes and unique characters that will have you smiling and laughing, and shaking your head It s hotter than a prostitute s doorknob on pay day in here Murder, the supernatural and humor are the norm in a Tonya Kappes novel.There are plenty of suspects to keep me guessing, with some romance on the side and a lovable hound dog that, even though he s not a guard dog, acts like one.The small town of Cottonwood is like all small towns Even with all the personality conflicts and disagreements, the people come together in the end.I voluntarily reviewed an ARC
Dollycas s ThoughtsThis is my second trip to Cottonwood and not much has changed Sheriff Kenni Lowry is still trying to prove she can do her job even to her own mother When another dead body is found some of the residents blame her for the surge in crime and a retired officer throws his hat into the ring to run against her in the next election This doesn t sit well with Poppa, her grandfather, the former sheriff, a ghost, that strives to help her protect the community Time to use a little Southern wit and charm at a few local events to try to move her investigation along A cook off competition seems to connect her suspects but knowing this town it could be any little thing that caused one of the residents to turn on one of their own.I knew when I loaded this book onto my Kindle it was going to put a smile on my face and it did The story opens with Kenni and Finn on a Ferris wheel and I am thinking their relationship is about to take a big step but then they receive a call for assistance and the moment is totally lost When the sheriff arrives at Petal Pusher s Landscaping with her ghostly sidekick they find Owen Godbey dead in the greenhouse, face down in the owner s prize tomatoes Myrna Savage, the owner seems concerned about the smashed fruit than she is a dead employee Soon the investigation takes off and a certain amount of hilarity ensues.These characters are a pure treasure Kenni s relationship with her grandfather warms my heart and the man had me laughing out loud t
Last night I finished Tonya Kappes Southern Fried, the second book in her Kenni Lowery Mystery series I loved book two, this was a great story and this wonderful cozy mystery is filled with Southern charm, manners and absolutely addicting Southern sayings I really love the way Sheriff Kenni and the ghost of her grandfather work together in this one and I enjoy the new deputy as well.Tonya does a great job of giving the readers what they need, a bit of what they want and enough
A roller coaster fun cozy mystery set in a small town where everyone knows everyone else Once again Tonya has hit it out of the park This is book 2 in the author s Kenni Lowry series and it sure doesnt t disappoint With her dog Duke by her side and her newly sworn deputy she has to solve another murder mystery in the small town of Cottonwood, KY where every one knows everyone else Of course she is helped along by the ghost of her grandfather, who was the former sheriff, know to Kennis as Poppa With lots of laughs, red herrings, twists and turns you are guided through the mystery and
This fetching little cozy mystery is the second in a series, but I didn t read the first one, and I was able to keep up with it finer than frog hair You might could, too I am grateful to Net Galley and Henery Press for the DRC, which I received absolutely free of charge in exchange for this review But don t you worry none, cause you can buy it now Our protagonist is Sheriff Kendrick Lowry, and she tells us the whole story in the first person The problem starts when Myrna finds Owen in the greenhouse on top of her prize tomatoes Why did he have to go and die there She says it took her months to get them that plump, and if you ve ever grown great tomatoes an impossible feat in Seattle, I am sorry to admit you know it s true Sheriff Kendrick, locally known as Kenni , is assisted in her law enforcement activities by Poppa Poppa was the sheriff around these parts, but he s dead now, and his ghost can only appear when she has a case to crack, so in a strange sort of way, this murder is a blessing in disguise The local stigma against a woman as sheriff in this small Kentucky town is offset by the venerable family tradition Poppa cultivated before he departed I believe my favorite part is the day following the discovery of the body, when Lowry ar
I received this ARC from netgalley and am voluntarily posting a review This is the first I have read in the Kenni Lowry series It is number 2 in the series It is a rather fast read and doesn t drag I did
Sheriff Kenni Lowry is back Sitting on top of the Ferris wheel after dark, at the annual Cottonwood Festival, we are given insight into a developing relationship between Sheriff Kenni Lowry and State Reserve officer Finn Vincent As Finn begins to explain to Kenni the relationship of the pretty brunette in the picture in his wallet, the cozy moment was interrupted by a call for assistance at Myrna Savage s Petal Pusher s Landscaping greenhouse As they arrive upon the scene Sheriff Kenni Lowry with the ghost of her grandfather and former sheriff, Elmer Simms, find a body lying inside the greenhouse on top of Myrna s prized tomatoes The body belongs to Owen Godbey, an employee of Myrna s Owen is dead but his death doesn t readily exhibit how Sheriff Kenni as well as Deputy Finn and with the assistance of Poppa s ghost, who only Kenni can see, begin the process of determining the reason behind
I really liked this book Kenni is a great character and I loved the small town feelings and the dynamics with everyone in the town.When Kenni, the sheriff, is called to a crime scene, she spirals into a whirlwind of family secrets that will tear this case wide open.Trying to ignore her feelings for her new deputy,
Southern Fried by Tonya Kappes is the second book in A Kenni Lowry Mystery series Kenni Lowry is the sheriff in Cottonwood, Kentucky Kenni is enjoying time with Finn Vincent, her new deputy and romantic interest, when she is called out to a scene Kenni arrives at Myrna Savage s greenhouse to find a person face down on her prize tomatoes Myrna is not a happy camper since she needs those tomatoes for a food competition When the body is turned over, they discover it is Owen Godbey, Myrna s delivery driver Myrna owns Petal Pusher Landscaping she does flower arrangements as well Owen was a contestant in the food competition along with Myrna Is someone trying to wipe out the competition Upon further investigation, Kenni discovers that there is a secret family cookbook in Owen s family Everyone wants the cookbook, but no one knows where Owen hid it Kenni, with the help of her newly sworn in deputy, Finn along with Poppa, her ghostly grandfather, set out to get answers and round up the guilty party When Kenni gets a little too close to the killer, they take something that Kenni loves dearly Kenni will not stop until she catches the culprit and gets back what belongs to her.I found Southern Fried to be easy to read and to have a fast p
I love this series from Tonya Kappes for many reasons For one thing, it makes me laugh Kappes has got a small Kentucky town and all its quirks down pat From lines like, I wasn t sure, but I think she just blessed my heart without saying it to the Sweet Adelines a Baptist Women s church group , I spend a good deal of time chuckling between the pages of this series.But I also love these books because Kenni is such an endearing character She s tough sometimes not really as tough as everyone sees her and other times a lot tougher than she thinks she is But she s also a little quirky and a little insecure, and she is the only one who can see her Poppa s ghost the former sheriff who pops in and out to help her solve the murder mysteries she encounters Her budding relationship with her Deputy Sheriff Finn makes me smile and I m looking forward to seeing where it goes from here.And lastly I love these books because the whodunit isn t all that obvious Just when I think I ve figured it out, a new wrench is thrown into the mix and I m back to square one Twist

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