A Lairds Promise (Highland Heartbeats #1)

A Lairds Promise (Highland Heartbeats #1) Some Promises Are Hard To Keep Phillip Promised He D Let Her Go Home He Promised, After She Completed Her Task, She D Be Free He Didn T Promise Her That He Wouldn T Capture Her Heart Before He Released Her For Sarah, Captive Of The Highland Laird, That These Promises Are Kept Is Paramount Phillip Never Expected To Fall In Love With The Woman Who Was Supposed To Save His Brother S Life He Also Never Expected To Break A Promise But Some Promises Are Hard To Keep, Especially When He Finds Out The Secrets She S Keeping. I m having a hard time finishing this It s all a bit silly with some very annoying I can t help but feel tingly all over when he s around feelings that the h has for her captor, I mean, the H.1.5 stars.Let s start with what I liked 1 This was a safe story Sure, there were mentions of the H being a bit of a manho, but we don t meet any of the OW and once he has the feelings for the h he s all about her.2 The dual povs If we only heard from the h, I would have probably dnfed this one 3 The clean content.4 How short this was.What didn t work for me 1 The repetitive nature of the storytelling The h is kidnapped by the H and doesn t want to like him, but she does She doesn t want to be attracted to him, but he s just so muscly and handsome that she can t help it He, on the other hand, can t believe he kidnapped someone It just goes to show how much he loves his brother He hopes the h will have feelings for him, but can t believe that she will since he, ya know, kidnapped her.2 The villain is completely one sided.3 I am not an expert on this time period whenever it happened to be , but it doesn t seem like the story was really that
A sweet story with some interesting detail on Scottish customs and the healing arts Just some kisses, no super passion but pleasant. I really liked the story Spoilers below But the heroine just made me crazy believing that stupid Ceana girl She knows that the girl tried to kill the brother but she still believes her Then her trying to escape was stupid and not telling him who beat her and she was just tstl I almost quit reading the book This was an okay book and if I had to guess I would say it s a new fledgling author too I was engaged with it and I liked the ending too Lots of plotlines left unfinished but I see there is another book coming up I will read the next book and hopefully I won t be another idiot heroine
Strange Way To Find LoveWell written tragedy, love, suspense some words pretty big for this type book, I liked the description of the scenery, did give up it for a couple of days , was hard getting interested, but I felt somewhere the story line would come together which it did, then I couldn t lay it down, good read once you get to the story line, I recommend it for people that likes this type of books suspense and how other countries do things Liked the ending, but not
Sweet highland romanceWhile I liked the characters and felt the hero and heroine were strong, sensitive characters, I found the story a bit simplistic More of a youth romance rather than an adult story I would have enjoyed learning about each character going deeper into thei
Good readInteresting highland story The captured my attention and did not release it until the very last page I enjoyed the scrappy healer and highland laird getting to know one another I did find it kind of lame that the healer would believe another healer who m
Not very authentic Scottish and the story bugged me I almost couldn t finish it She s kidnapped, but its okay because he s attractive. If I could I would give this 3 1 2 stars but it s either 3 or 4 and it s not quite 4 in my opinion I enjoyed this very much and will be reading the sequel However, I found myself rolling my eyes and even saying wait a minute a couple of times while reading this His brother is at death s door so he kidnaps her because she s a healer He doesn t tell her anything just takes her She s frantic to get back to save her sister from their stepfather who has a tendency to beat them Does he say I need you to save my brother will you come with me Nope Does she say will you get my sister Nope Even after he stumbles upon her fresh out of her bath and sees evidence she s been repeatedly beaten, he doesn t ask her anything He demands to know and she refuses him The constant back and forth got tiresome for me Then I felt the ending was just a bit too over the top His brother who was just at death s door is leading a group of warriors to search for his big brother Guy looks great, with just a little limp to show he was laid up with a festering wound in his thigh, poison running throughout his system and nearly dead just a few days before For crying out loud, she cut him open and drained the pus and poisons out of his wound Then used poultices to drain the rest Noting about
SENSUALITY RATING NO Profanity NO sexual encounters except seeing a person naked but no description other than, view of her hips, long legs, ample bosom Great book for an Adult that is looking for clean romance and not feel so YA GENRE Romance CLEAN Scottish HighlanderSETTING Village of Kirkcaldy and the Castle of Clan DuncanCENTRAL FEMALE CHARACTER SARAH MacDonald, a compassionate healer but with a fiery temper, a protector CENTRAL MALE CHARACTER PHILIP Duncan clan chief, warrior, persistent SYNOPSIS Her mother is gone Her step father is a big
Good use of tried and true formulaPretty much enjoyed the shaky premise even the fact that an on the edge of death warrior was able to ride horseback only a few days after being terribly wounded and knocking at death s door Characters were not clearly drawn, holding too much back in support of a hazy storyline However,