The Little Book of Hygge: The Danish Way to Live Well

The Little Book of Hygge: The Danish Way to Live WellHet Deense Woord Hygge Is Zo N Woord Dat Niet Direct Te Vertalen Is, Maar Iets Betekent Als Comfort, Warmte, Saamhorigheid.Hygge Is Het Gevoel Dat Je Krijgt Als Je Met Warme Gebreide Sokken Aan Met Je Partner Op De Bank Knuffelt, Voor Het Haardvuur Terwijl Het Buiten Donker, Koud En Stormachtig Weer Is Of Dat Gevoel Wanneer Je Met Je Beste Vrienden Samen Thuis Eet En Een Goed Gesprek Hebt Bij Kaarslicht Het Is Dat Niet Te Beschrijven Gevoel Dat Je Ervaart Als Het Licht Dat S Ochtend Door Je Slaapkamerraam Valt Precies Goed Is.Denemarken Is Het Gelukkigste Land Ter Wereld Meik Wiking Dicht Dit Grotendeels Toe Aan Hygge, De Deense Mentaliteit Voor Het Leven Denen Focussen Zich Op De Dingen Die Er Echt Toe Doen, Zoals Quality Time Met Vrienden En Familie, En Genieten Van De Goede Dingen In Het Leven In Zijn Boek Hygge Vind Je Praktische Stappen En Tips Om Zelf Meer Hygge Te Leven, Ondersteund Door Meik Wikings Onderzoek Aan Het Happiness Research Institute Omarm Hygge En Word Gelukkiger Vertaald Door Barbara Lampe Lifecycle of an idea 1 hear about it on NPR2 identify with it tell friends about it.3 buy book about it.4 begin reading book.5 realise there are suddenly a lot of books on this topic.6 start to suspect book is just a big advertisement put out by one of those agencies that determines what will be trendy for next season.7 book seems to really want you to buy woolen socks.8 book is poorly written and repeats itself.9 see a new twee danish crap store in your big mall.10 reach p
I think someone else may have pinched the title but I think this book could be called The Little Book of Bollocks.We start of with a Danish concept of Hygge I think it is pronounced hoo gah or something Essentially it seems to be the notion of having comfortable spaces at home and work, feeling happy and safe and at peace All good so far Well yes of course, it doesn t take a genus to work out that having a favourite blanket is comforting It makes the obvious connection that having a good home work balance and having a strong social network is good for you Yep, still with you.But what underpins this is a load of consumerist crap pages and pages of what expensive lighting, candles and furniture you should buy Lots of stating the bloody obvious if you are cold put some nice woollen socks on The book is terribly middle class it reeks of get away to your cabin at the weekend and enjoy some hygge Yes, millions of us have weekend retreats on tapI get that you can do hygge on the cheap and I agree totally that allowing yourself in the modern world to make time for your self and to do special things and have comfort in your life is good I don t buy that eating lots of cake is hygge or lighting a candle will transform your life My problem with this book is that it takes some pretty universal notions and translates them into a lifestyle or a fashion This book gets two stars because it
4.5 stars This book made me so incredibly happy while reading it The phenomenon and idea of hygge is something that appeals to my very soul, and it is something that I want to try and implement far in my life than I already am As my main resolution for this year is to stay happy, it seems inevitable that I would work towards the hygge lifestyle This book is much better than the previous hygge book that I read last year it is written by Meik Wiking who is the CEO of the Happiness Research Institute in Copenhagen, so it feels inevitable that he would know exactly what he is talking about An element of this book that really made me geek out and fall in love were all the statistics from various surveys that the Institute had carried out, which showed people s general opinions on various aspects of hygge I liked seeing the evidence of people s feelings and how they implemented hygge in their lives.The book itself is absolutely beautiful, full of gorgeous photographs and illustrations, and is a joy to read through I felt a genuine sense of happiness and cosiness as I read through this, curled up on my sofa with plenty of cushions and a mug of tea by my side I tried to space out my reading and savour the book, but unfortunately I was far too involved to do so My only issue with this book, and thus the r
5, NBD just making my house hygge AF right now stars Full review featured on my blog Recipe a Read So, what even is hygge pronounced hoo ga Well, it s not something that can be completely translated into the English language but the most laymen definition of it is coziness However, that doesn t really capture the essence of what hygge means to the Danish culture It s a integral part of the way they live and one of the many reasons why the Danish top the charts on the UN s happiest countries list Hygge is also deeply personal, and anything that brings you quiet contentment can likely fall into the realm of hygge.Hygge is about an atmosphere and an experience, rather than about things It is about being with the people we love A feeling of home A feeling that we are safe, that we are shielded from the world and allow ourselves to let our guard down.Now look, if that quote alone doesn t get you going and feeling all the feels about life and joy, then I m not sure this book is going to be the one for you However, if connection, ambiance and the simple joys of being with people you love, who love you in return is something that makes
This Little Book of Hygge , written by the CEO of the Happiness Research Institute in Copenhagen, sets out to explore the Danish phenomenon hygge What it is and how you can achieve it It s always fascinating to read about your own people, but to me this petite book was even fascinating because it explores something that I consider a constant and a necessity in my everyday life The question is Do I agree with everything in this book Does it give you an honest impression of Danes lives, happiness and how we hygge The answer is Yes I couldn t find any faults with this book, and I was so impressed with how it defined hygge spot on that I ve been inspired to do a video on just this ph
Everything you need to know to about hygge and how to experience in your life Inspires you to look for the small, simple things that bring joy to your life. The Little Book of Hygge is a small collection of everything that is right in the world Hygge is a term that doesn t have a literal translation in many languages, but it is a concept that everyone is familiar with that sense of warmth, comfort, cosiness, belonging, safety Something which the Danish have turned into a proper art form In this little book, you will discover everything about hygge How to hygge in summer, in winter, on a budget, in Copenhagen Hygge is a reading nook by the fireplace with a good book and a comfortable blanket Hygge is a cup of hot chocolate Hygge is an intimate dinner party with board games We should all learn how to incorporate hygge into our lives there is a reason why the Danish are among the happiest people in the world.As someone with anxiety and depression, I made it my personal mission to learn about happiness and positivity Because these things don t come naturally to me any, but I can train myself I keep a gratitude journal apparently this is very hygge I read books about happiness I spend a lot of time on self care, even the unpleasant aspects of it e.g doctor s appointments So when I found out about hygge, I was than excited to learn about it I ordered a Buddy Box, which is a self care subscription box The Little Book of Hygge came with it, which was so perfect.I read this book in my reading nook, with cups of tea, cookies, and sev
If 2016 was all about throwing things away a la Marie Kondo The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing , then 2017 seems to be all about getting cozy This is a beautifully designed little book which extolls the benefits of coziness homebodyness and good friends good food as the way to happiness The Danes generally rank at the top or near top of woldwide happiness rankings Large social safety net programs probably play a key role in this, but since that s not easily or quickly replicated, the author advises that h
This book is beautifully presented, nice cover, quality paper, modern typeface, and beautiful photography Looks like cross between an Ikea catalogue and a Waitrose food magazine I found the content fluffy, repetitive and patronising I m not danish and have not previously heard of Hygge but am aware that candles, real fires, friends and sharing food you have cooked yourself is good fun an
The whole idea of Hygge is really lovely Actually, I think that everybody follows it, having no idea that it has a name Well, who doesn t enjoy the winter evening with a cup of cocoa or the fragnance of just baked cake It is quite a nice book in terms of appreciating life s little pleasures, but it lacks actual content The majority of the book is filled with photographs or some really boring statistics and

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