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Home TornDani S Survived A Lot Of Sh T Storms Her Mother Died Her Two Sisters Loathed Her One Aunt Hated Her The Other Was Strangely Distant, But The Worst Storm Being Dumped By Her Childhood Best Friend High School Boyfriend First Love For Her Younger Sister There Went The One Person Who Was Hers And With That, The Main Reason She Stuck Around So, She Left For Ten Years But Now She S Back, And Nothing S The Same With Help From Jonah Bannon, A Reformed Kind Of Bad Boy She Remembers From High School, Dani Uncovers Family Secrets That Have Spanned Generations And Along With Those, She S About To Face The Biggest Sh T Storm Of Her Life Only This Time, She May Not Survive. 3.5 Stars Home Tears was a good story and I did enjoy these characters I would have liked to see a bit of these characters on an emotional level since I didn t honestly see a connection between them, though I felt like we were being told a story in a completely emotionless way so it was hard for me to get into it
This book was a messy stew of family secrets, sibling in fighting, jilted lovers, epic storms and terrible tragedies and was filled to the very brim with flawed characters I m afraid there was just too much going on for my pea brain to handle because this book tired me out and not in that cathartic cry your heart out kind of way Were it not an excellently narrated audio, I likely wouldn t have finished it.Dani left her hometown and all of its bad memories a decade ago, after her best friend and the love of her life decided to fall in love with her younger sister Yeah, you read that right She didn t look back, even when she learned that the man stealing sister had died, and I really didn t blame her Seriously, there are some things you just don t do and stealing your sister s man is one of them Now, after a traumatizing event, she s run away from a perfectly nice man and has decided to return to her hometown, for some bizarre reason that is never sufficiently explained, and is forced to face the people she ran away from and, while she s at it, she also decides to ferret out all of the family secrets and find herself a new man See what I mean about a lot of stuff being jammed in here This story just wasn t meant for me I was attracted to
There was smth so off with the characters that i still can t shake it offThe story itself was in tipical Tijan s style, so there s no need for any further dwell upon it nor i wanna get into the storyline per seit s all one giant soap opera I just didn t like the characters, damn any of them, well apart from Jonah, but he alone couldn t save the story from being too much of a cheap soapy thrill nor he could give the rest of the crew some backbone to live up the set standards of the chara
I wanted to love this book I liked the main character Dani and her love interest Jonah But the rest of the characters sucked Mainly the main character s family and ex boyfriend I keep trying with this author and books outside the Fallen Crest Series But none of them have been as good This book was just bad soap opera Spoiler Alert Below Everyone in this small town loves Dani s ex Jake who breakup with her for her younger sister And than got engaged to the older sister Can I just say how much I HATE when authors try to make it okay to be betrayed by friends and or family How the one betrayed has to rise above and be so forgiving Everyone in Dani s family told her to either get over it, made excuses or said they were not sorry Dani s family is full of secrets and liars I felt like she should have left town after she learned of her family secrets and came to terms with her past Her loved interest was okay but you never got to really know him The book was so incomplete to me You only got a portion of what Dani did for ten years I wanted to know of that You don t get a clear picture of the ex Jake Nothing about his family Just that his likes all three of the O Hara s
This wasn t my fave Tijan book I really do Enjoy her books and her style of writing but Seriously the whole Jake drama was a HUGE W.T.FHow was EVERYONE okay with this Guy Not Only dating one sister not 2 sister but ALL 3 SISTERS W.T.F was wrong with this guy Seriously in
2.5 stars.Umm this book kinda started interesting but it went downhill for me For one how was this one guy able to bag all THREE sisters seems kinda like a douche to me And a lack of morals when it came to the sisters You telling me the town was that small that they all had to share the same guy Hell that seems to be the case with both of the two male leads Everybody literally dated everybod
4 Stars It is no secret that I am a HUGE fan of Tijan I love her writing and ALLLLL the Drama she dishes I have always been hesitant to read Home Tears because it was one of her lower rated books But I have made it a point recently to not give a damn about other peoples ratings and just to take a leap and go for it IM SO GLAD I DID This Book was literally like a Soap Opera We have Dani who is from a very small town She always felt like the black sheep in her family which included her mom, two sisters and two aunts Dani s boyfriend Jake ends up cheating on her with one of her sisters Dani does what she does best she leaves with out a word Fast Forward 10 years and Dani is back home visiting trying to get over a trauma she just went through She is dealing with a lot of emotions and trying to change her ways Her crazy Fam is not happy to see her They have issues with Dani leaving
Find This and Other Reviews At Craves The Angst.4.5 Stars Definitely a must read The Review This isn t just a romance I go into a Tijan read knowing I m going to hit the mother load for angsts and come out in the end swooning I love her books They are always filled with crazy out there drama and a romance that I can read time and again With Home Tears, I knew things were going to be a little different than her other books, but I had no idea just how different And I loved it Every Single Bit Of It Like I said, this is than a romance In fact, the romance sort of takes a backseat to the life of Dani O Hara, her family and the townspeople of Craigstown Of course, there is drama, there are buried secrets and the characters are incredibly lively all the things you d expect from a great Tijan read But there s There s so much , if you just dig a little deeper and really take in the story this author is trying to tell Story Characters Dani O Hara is a runner She s been running all her life She ran by building walls around herself as a child, she ran the night her boyfriend and her sister betrayed her, she ran the moment she might have found happiness with another and she ran when tragedy struck But now she s back home in Craigstown and her reappearance after ten long years has sent t
2.5 stars Home Tears is one of those books that should have been good In fact it could have been great but despite finishes it and hoping things would change, unfortunately, the execution of this story fell short for me and I m absolutely gutted Right from the start, I was left dazed and confused as I was assaulted by the introduction of a truck load of characters It didn t take long to forget who was who and how they were all linked and I had to keep going back and checking and double checking to make sure I was getting it right Then there was the plot, another plot, then another and then a gazillion sub plots with build ups that had me all worked up only to lead to the mother of all anti climax s Everything seemed to amount to not very much at all and even right up until the very end, I thought there may be some answers to questions that would leave me with that OMG feeling but it never happened The lies, the secrets and the betrayals weren t really all that in the end In terms of the characters, where do I even start Jake was just the biggest asshole and I truly hoped that at some point he would redeem himself I mean, he ended up dating all three sisters but for some unknown reason, it appeared that Danielle was the one in the wrong seriously Bloomin small town mentality Now Jonah is a character I did like but I don t feel like I was given the chance to l
Not a review but of a question to myselfWhat happened to Tijan s awesome writing Where did it go Why is everything so melodramatic Why so many cheaters Why soo depressing Why so much inner rambling Why does NOTHING make sense I use to love Tijan and up until Anti Step Brother I had read everything she wrote Now though..I just can t All characters are the same and nownow they re all cheaters From the blurb you see that th