Genesis Rising (Genesis Project, #1)

Genesis Rising (Genesis Project, #1) From USA Today Bestselling Author, S.M Schmitz, Comes Frankenstein Reimagined I Am Not A Man I Am Not Human When Drake Awakens In An Unfamiliar Room With No Memories, Dr Mike Parker Reveals The Answer To Drake S Puzzling Existence Through A Silent Directive Sent To The Microchips In His Brain Intended To Control His Thoughts And Behavior The Genesis Project Created Him To Be The Perfect Special Operations Soldier, But As The Product Of Advanced Genetic Engineering, The Lines Are Immediately Drawn In His Mind He Is Not Human He Is The Property Of The Project, Incapable Of Free Will, And He Shouldn T Have His Own Thoughts Or Reservations Five Years Later, Those Codes That Made Him Believe He S Not Really A Man And That He S Not Really Human Are Tested When He Meets Saige, The First Woman Who S Ever Made Him Reconsider What It Means To Be Human Not Only Will He Finally Begin To Question What He Is, But He Will Discover That The Transformative Powers Of Falling In Love Are Stronger Than The Fears That Have Kept Him Tethered To The Project For Years But His Love For Her Will Have Far Dangerous Consequences Than He Could Have Imagined, And Their Only Chance For Survival May Lie In Drake S Own Ability To Overcome The Beliefs That Have Been So Deeply Ingrained Within Him. I was very surprised by how much I loved this book First book I ve read from this author and I can t wait for book two to come out this spring Drake, a lab created human with computer chips integrated into his mind and body, has been programmed to obey any orders the scientist who created him give He has lived with no free will He also has a secret He has feelings and thoughts just like any other human, though, he can t tell anyone for fear that they will take his memories and reprogram him to be obedient He has never wanted anything to do with the opposite sex, or to even be touched That is until he meets Saige The one woman who makes him want to cut the strings to his puppet masters But will they survive the fight I absolutely LOVED Drake He was just so awkward and unsure of himself that is was adorable He had never had any interaction with a woman and didn t know the first thing about being normal I loved that even though he was not your typical alpha hero at all, he was a programmed killing machine, and would do anything to save Saige and his best frien
This book was okay, I liked that Drake falls in love, but not a lot of detail is really put into that aspect of the plot His beginning awkwardness was well fleshed out and I wouldn t have minded seeing of his developing humanity love but instead after getting to see about a month of dating, bam, the next four months are glossed over to get to the trying to overcome the big bad peop
Good, not great a lot of violence, and the romance that changes him is instaloveMy tastes in sci fi range from space opera all the way to sexy SFR, so although this wasn t quite what I d expected TBH, I thought it would probably be on the hokey side of romantic suspense , I did enjoy it The writing is above average, with few mistakes, and the premise plot is gripping Despite the shirtless cover, it s primarily an actioner, and I m not sure how I feel about the number of soldiers who become casualties in his escape, since most of them probably believed the company line that he was merely a malfunctioning, deadly machine His relationship with Saige, after its implausible first sight beginning, develops along mundane lines, although his abysmal self esteem and lack of experience certainly make him unusual among romantic heroes The book s not really much of a romance Once he finds his relationship footing, so to speak, we basically get just the book version of a movie montage for we had several months of blissful undetection by the project, bef
IT IS HALF A BOOK IT QUITS RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE OF THE ONLY DECENT ACTION SIGH AND IF YOU WANT TO KNOW HOW THE ONLY ACTION ENDS TOO BAD NO ENDING NO SECOND BOOK, OR SHOULD I SAY, NO CONCLUSSION FOR THE FIRST BOOK I thought the bickering kidding between our H and Cade was a too redundant and silly when inappropriately placed while they had no plan and were surrounded wit
First off, I have to say that this type of government conspiracy book is not usually something I would pick up and read voluntarilybut I am very, very glad I did S.M Scmitz writes about genetic engineering for the purpose of creating a controllable, superior fighterbasically, a human weapon.Drake is considered a tool for the government and nothing , but questions his very existence Without giving any of the story away, I will just say that the doubt and uncertainty he portrays is very human and believable This story had equal parts humour, action, romance and just general bad assery I empathised comoletely with the main character a
science fiction is my favorite genre so i thought the book was pretty cool I liked how a reader could follow the charters development and self preservation Drake might be a genetically modified computer but he still has his o
SM Schmitz dives into the pathos of a human created with selective DNA that makes him a perfect soldier, then improved with chips in his body and brain that allows Parker, the scientist who created him, to control his thoughts Drake is the first of his kind to survive the modifications and is now to be field tested Even upon waking for the first time, Drake gives hints of future non compliance as he objects to being chained to the table and Parker s declaration that he is not human However, the chips in his head leave him no choice to do whatever he s ordered to do, at least until the day he is ordered to do the unthinkable.The novel is written in Drakes POV, first person which is perfect for this story, since his emotions are new and fresh, and there has been no one who has ever experienced a life like his All of the three main characters are very different, well written and lovable in their own ways The character of Parker is a bit soulless, b