Lines in Shadow

Lines in ShadowBefore The Lights Went Out, Scott Keller Was Just Another Single Father, Working A Job He Liked And Spending Time As He Could With His Daughter, Isabella Sure, He Had His Share Of Nightmares, But He Went To Work And Did His Duty As Best He Knew How While Trying To Make The Memories Of The Green Hell Go Away,.Then The Lights Went Out, And Everything Changed His Family Fought To Save Who They Could, And What They Could, But With The Growing Hunger, The Forces Of Chaos And Disorder Threatened Everything He Held Dear Scott Keller Was Just A Man, And He Was Facing The Worst Odds Of His Life Just How Much Of His Humanity Was Scott Willing To Sacrifice To Insure The Survival Of His Family And The People He Loved Lines In Shadow Is The Latest Book In The Walking In The Rain Series With A Special Thanks From The Author To Sabrina Jean And Tina Watson For Bringing This Book To Life This Book Is Intended For Mature Audiences, With Scenes Unsuitable For Children. Scott Keller is working hard with the rest of his family and those who have joined them on the farm to survive in this post pulse dystopian world New threats to his humanity seem to keep coming no matter how well they try to protect themselves It seems that one faction of the remaining government has gone off the deep end and is in bed with the worst of mankind What horrors must the Keller s eradicate to stay alive and establish a new society Allen s sixth book in the Walking in the Rain series, Lines in Shadow, concentrates on the Keller farm and the area immediately impacting it The story is told from Scott s point of view and really brings out the depth of his character As he faces the spawns of Hell he must fight his own inner demons.While I loved the story and can t wait for the next installment, this book con
Love this seriesWrite faster These books are awesome I usually leave a rating but seldom write reviews but I ve really enjoyed this series These are definitely can t put down books I ve read each and every one strait through. Love itGreat characters with lots of emotions Could you survive Would you want to What would you be willing to do to survive This one was lest focused on how the people work to survive and on a chain of military para military operations A few homages to the absent super Luke thrown in I wanted to like Scott but he was awfully one dimensional with not a lot of good fuzzies even with his daughter. Well written We jump away from Luke Messner again to follow the events of the Keller group Scott Keller is a marine veteran who has been through hell He puts himself through to keep the people in his area of Arkansas safe More of the DHS plot is revealed and it s bad Great writing, but some
Another fantastic addition to the Walking In The Rain series by William Allen If you haven t started this series, get going If you have, then you ll remember our initial encounters with Scott Keller as he meets and helps Luke on his way home But his own story continues This is a book that expounds on Scott Keller s life, hopes, and fears. His daughter is his reason for existing and the now violent world holds threats to her survival than safety He will be asked and will do whatever he can to try to keep a safe environment for his only child A parent s determination is unfailing..but will it be enough The horrors are real and Scott Keller is
Page turner I felt like I was right there with them all, fighting to protect all those I cared about Pulled me in and kept me well entertained throughout Highly recommend.