First Ark to Alpha Centauri 2: The True Price of Immortality

First Ark to Alpha Centauri 2: The True Price of ImmortalityItas Been Two Years Since The Centauri Princess Was Plagued By A Series Of Attacks From Mysterious, Winged Wolf Like Creatures Arriving From The Interstellar Night Having Eliminated The Threat, The Lonely Ark Is Again Cruising On Her Silent Voyage Towards A Near Infinitely Far Destination In The Midst Of This Sereneness, What Could Possibly Go Wrong In The Immense Ocean Of Darkness Beyond Our Solar System, A Mining Expedition Is Dispatched To An Ice World Found Drifting In The Oort Cloud To Replenish The Ark Shipas Uranium Reserves There, The Expedition Encounters Mysterious Revelations Inside A Acity Of Lights.a They Discover Something Seductively Beautiful Yet Viciously Deadly At The Same Time, The Secret Offers A Solution That Proves Priceless To The Multi Generational Colony Crew, Eager To Reach Their Unreachable Destination In A Single Generation In The End, A Deadly Struggle Ensues Amongst The Arkas Own Crew In Their Quest For Immortalitya Reviewed by Allison Fraclose for TeensReadToo.comTwo millennia ago, the Centauri Princess, a twelve mile long starship, left a damaged Earth to seek colonization of a planet orbiting the Sun s nearest neighbor, Alpha Centauri Two years prior to the events in this book, the inhabitants of this generational ark experienced a devastating attack by creatures known as the Wolf Angels Now, this thriving community of 3,000 people is in crucial need of securing uranium isotope to provide power to their ship, and a dangerous mining mission on the Delta iceworld that they are about to pass may be their only chance for survival Among the crew selected is a woman named Caroline, who has some frightening premonitions that seem to be connected with this mission When the crew arrives only to discover a city on the dead planetoid, they realize that they have little
The Centauri Princess a generation ship sent from Earth to colonize a new world in the Alpha Centauri system to save mankind The fuel needed to propel this massive vessel through space is running out With the aid of small remote controlled scout ships sent out ahead of the ship a lunar size object is located Due to the emergency at hand a manned mining operation must travel to the moon and succeed in the face of unknown dangers upon landing in the valley of the City of Lights.Challenges and mysteries lay ahead of the 6 man, 2 women crew from the Centauri Princess Will they return before the massive ship runs out of fuel and sails past the moon on into the darkness of space with no hope of survival I enjoyed reading this book as well as the first story The story stan
The First Ark to Alpha Centauri 2 is an extraordinary book As an astronomer, Abdul Ahad uses his knowledge to create a tale of space travel that survives planet earth s Ice Age It is full of intrigue, mystery and romance Survival on this long journey is linked to the exploration of other planets where they encounter space aliens This adds even drama to the story as they continue their journey back to the new earth The hazards of space travel makes for a suspenseful novel

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  • Paperback
  • 242 pages
  • First Ark to Alpha Centauri 2: The True Price of Immortality
  • A. Ahad
  • English
  • 18 October 2018
  • 9781424138333