Destinys Path

Destinys Path Destiny Hancock Has Had Vivid Dreams All Her Life Of A Brown Eyed Handsome Stranger Staring At Her With Menacing Intent Life In Rural Kansas Is Very Placid And Boring, And Destiny Hasn T A Clue As To Why This Stranger Keeps Invading Her Dreams She Suspects It Has Something To Do With A Meandering Path In The Woods That Beckons To Her And An Old Chest Her Mother Left Behind In Her Bedroom Closet Alone In The World, With An Uncertain Future Looming, Destiny Finds The Courage To Open The Chest To Seek The Meaning Of Her Dreams And The Call Of The Mysterious Path It S All Hallows Eve, The Night Anything Can Happen, And When The Handsome Man From Her Dreams Suddenly Appears From The Path, Her Mouth Soon Leads Her To Discover What That Menacing Look Means Daniel Ferguson Follows His Missing Milk Cow And Finds It In The Hands Of A Young Woman Indecently Dressed For The Year 1887 And Cursing A Blue Streak While Trying To Milk The Overloaded Udders Why She Would Steal His Cow, He Has No Idea, But A Firm Hand To Her Backside Should Work Wonders For Her Language And Her Bad Attitude The Fun Really Begins When Destiny Flees From Daniel, Using The Path, And Finds Herself A Hundred Years In The Past, With A Hard Handed Fianc E, A Father She Never Knew, And None Of The Modern Conveniences She Is Accustomed To Publisher S Disclaimer Old Fashioned Discipline By Way Of Spanking, Along With A Romance Over A Hundred Years Old Makes For A Mysterious, Delicious Story. I truly enjoyed this story about a young woman, Destiny Hancock, who is raised in a sheltered environment by a single mother The year is 1987 and Destiny is tragically left alone, her mother having lost the battle with cancer Destiny has always had strange dreams about a path near her house that leads to a meadow The day that Destiny confronts her fears and looks in her mother s trunk, her life will change forever as
IT WAS LOVE LOVE IS MAGICALThe story spans over a hundred years and back Destiny Hancock and her late mother, Abigail, lived a quiet and rather recluse life, in a small cottage near the woods on the Pritchard farm, and away from town Abigail has now died due to cancer and Destiny must deal with her mother s possessions, memories, and trying to cope she must figure out what she will be doing in her own life Dreams have haunted her for years of a handsome man, but who is the man that is in her dreams Not someone she has seen in town The story crosses timelines, and when Destiny finds herself face to face with the man in her dreams, his clothing and mannerism are not from this century What starts as an escape to her safe place in the woods to the meadow, then finds her path missing when she tries to return home to her cottage Finding herself catapulted from 1987 back to 1887 she meets her father, Jonathan Hancock and who is the owner of Walking Horse Ranch, a ranch that in her time was owned by the Pritchard family The story unfolds with memories, collaborated by her late m
This time travel story spans from 1887 1987 Destiny grew up in Kansas with her mother Abigail She was sheltered and always felt like something was missing Growing up, she dreamed of a man s eyes that she felt connected to but did not know who s they were As far as Destiny knew her father died but she didn t have any details After her mother died, of cancer, she found a locked chest that contained special items her mother hid from her as she was growing up When she opened it and found an adult as well as a child s old fashioned dress and a diary, her questions and confusion increased Then one day a cow appeared at her door and shortly after that a man also appeared, who s eyes she recognized, and was dressed in clothes from another time period At this point the story really kicks off and she winds up going back on time Before she knows what has happened she and this man, Daniel, are in 1887 This strange world is going to be a challenge for Destiny She is used to being able to do as she pleases, dress as she pleases, and talk as she pleases However, in 1
I search for Time Travel Romance Novels and this one was great Destiny has been brought up in a sheltered life by her mother Her mother has now passed on after a battle with cancer and has left Destiny on her own A mystery is revealed when Destiny opens her mother s chest and finds an diary with a date from a hundred years in the past and a couple of antique dresses Destiny knows that there is something or perhaps someone out there for her, but she doesn t realize that she will be transported back to the past by a strange, but handsome man that is chasing her in order to give her a spanking Destiny finds herself running down a path that leads to her past and to her father who she thought was dead, but now very much alive She is confused, frightened, and yet thrilled by the strong arms of Daniel Ferguson, who she used to chase after as a young child Will Destiny find out how she and her mother were sent to a lonely existence in the future She has indeed found a family in the
I loved this Destiny has always known something was calling to her on the path that was by her house.She walked it almost everyday When her mom passed she was finally going to leave their little house in the woods but then she ends up walking that path right into someone who was not from her time and he claims to be her fiance He says not only is he her fiance but he s also going to be the one to take her in hand and take care of her She doesn t know what to think when she finds out she
The story starts out with Destiny thinking about this path by their cottage that called out to her and also about her Mother who had died in the spring and now it was autumn Destiny Hancock was an intelligent woman, albeit young and naive at the start Daniel Ferguson, the other main character, is a farmer and Destiny was promised to him when they were children, he also believes in spankings as a form of disciplining his fiance or wife The s
This story is mainly about Destiny finding her real home, father, and future husband She slips back in time 100 years, and finds herself over her fiance s knee over and over, due to her stubborn character and spoiled up
I found this story interesting entertaining I ve read a number of time travel books they range between awful amazing this one definitely sits in the upper half The high points for me was the interaction between charact
I voluntarily reviewed an Advanced Reader Copy of this book I love a good time travel story and this one grabbed me in the beginning right until the end There was mystery, suspense, hints of danger and violence, spankin