Surrender & Joy

Surrender & Joy In The Elliot Forbes Home, The Holidays Are A Bit Different Penny Handles A Threat Better Than She Thought, And Carter Helps Her Deal In Her Own Ways There Ll Be Gifts And Christmas Magic This Short Story Is A Sequel To The Surrender Trilogy Surrender Your Heart, Surrender To Me, And Surrender Forever. Here s two of my favorite characters, Penny and Carter I read this in September so it s like an early Christmas gift Raven, please and pretty please, give usof Penny and Carter. A feel good story that warms your heart.I love the tender and passionate moments between Carter and Penelope These moments are one of my favorite parts in this book I love and enjoyed the Surrender series and this is a perfect sequel and highlights the Christmas season A warm
5 STAR REVIEW Penny and Carter are getting ready for their Christmas season and as always this two will have an adventure like they know how to As always Raven Spencer delivers another amazing story, but only do we get to read about our favorite girls but the way she presents the story is fun, jovial, lovable yet it has the finesse and poise only Raven Spencer knows how to deliver.If you haven t had the opportunity to meet Penny and Carter then you must read The Surrender Tr
Penny and Carter are as hot and sexy as ever in this lovely Christmas story I so enjoyed being back with this amazing couple who spend their lives secretly helping abused women while running a business empire together Their love story has been quite unconventional as it started with Carter kidnapping Penny, but I won t give away any spoilers as to how that resolved itself I like how Raven J Spencer switches between each character and their point of view It
MoreI love the characters and their love for each other Please tell me there sadventure with Penny and Carter. Penny shows what she s made of in this short Christmastime installment As usual, I loved the chemistry between Carter and Penny. Continuation of Carter and Penny from the Surrender series.They re always hot together And sweet.Short, enjoyable read. Awesome I love Penny and Carter since book one, an amazing, spicy and romantic story I enjoyed, their life is very interesting, a little bit dangerous, but they learned to trust, work, help and love each other, because sometimes we had to let go and surrenderI definitely recommend it Well done Raven I still wantYou get a little bit of everything in this short I wish there wereadventures I could go on with these two Maybe a family in the future I miss them already