Meet Me at Beachcomber Bay

Meet Me at Beachcomber BayClemency Is Niet Op Zoek Naar De Liefde Als Ze Sam Ontmoet In Het Vliegtuig Maar Aan Het Eind Van De Vlucht Hebben Ze Een Echte Klik Dit Voelt Als Iets Heel Speciaals Maar Hij Verdwijnt Helaas Uit Haar Leven.Drie Jaar Later Woont Clem Weer In Haar Geboortedorp In Cornwall Als Haar Stiefzus Belle Uit Londen Overkomt, Verwaander Dan Ooit Nu Ze De Perfecte Man Heeft Gevonden, Is Clem Blij Voor Haar, Echt Waar Tot Ze Ontdekt Wie Belles Perfecte Man Is Sam Meet me at beachcomber bay was your stereotypical chick lit upbeat, light hearted, and a bit of an emotional rollercoaster.You re instantly rooting for the likeable and highly relatable protagonist Clemency, but for me it is the other relationships and character developments in the book that really set the bar high with this novel Whereas other chick lit novels will focus solely on one character journey, possibly branching out into another one of two character plot lines, Jill Mansell has somehow managed to expertly curate an entire small town of individuals into one storyline Everyone is connected, but everyone has their secrets.Of course, it wouldn t be a true chick lit without a happy ending and I definitely was not left disappointed with this ending I would spoiler alert this but come on, when have you ever actually read a chick lit where she DOESN T get the guy One element of the novel that I wasn t immediately keen on at first was Belle her character seemed too demanding, too immature to be anywhere near realistic in comparison to her step sister Clemency However, about three quarters of the way through the book, where Belle s personal development climaxes, my opinion on her completely changed Her actions suddenly made sense and were in fact, I realised, completely and utterly believable.Overall, if you re after an easy page turner that will make you chuckle and near cr
Such a great summer book, Jill Mansell never disappoints I was going to make a general statement about how much I loved a part of this book, but I fear it may be a spoiler, so I ll just say one of the themes of this book is The only good thing about being sick lots of reading time. It s been way too long since I ve read a Jill Mansell book And I have no excuses for this Loved everything about this book Probably one of my favorites by Mansell If you are a fan of Sophie Kinsella, then I highly recommend choosing a book by Jill It will make you happy Trust me This is a terrific book I really enjoyed it and almost gave it 5 stars I loved the characters, especially Clemency and Sam and I wish I could visit Beachcomber Bay Captivating, warm, lighthearted and funny This is an engaging, romantic story that reminds us that sometimes things happen for a reason and happy ever afters really do exist.The prose is polished and beautifully descriptive The setting is charming and quaint The characters are sweet, lovable and real And the plot is a wonderful mix of humour, heart, emotion and courage.This is, ultimately, a story about life, love, loss, heartbreak, family, acceptance, happiness and discovering one s true self, and once again Mansell has proven when in comes to writing moving, heartf
Fantastic book, I loved it St.Carys would be the perfect place to live. I have to say that I really enjoyed this book At first I hard cringed when I started reading and the premise was that one woman Clem had a meet cute with a man who has now come back to her life in a surprising way This leads Clem to faking a relationship with her best friend Ronan who has his own reasons for agreeing to go along with things Clem s stepsister, Belle, doesn t know what is going on with Clem, but the two of them seem to be constantly battling each other with Belle refusing to let Clem get the upper hand Since this is a Mansell book there are some other characters we follow too, Ronan s mother Josephine, a woman named Kate, and another woman named Marina I honestly loved Belle s story line the most It was beautifully done and I loved the ending that happened there And I have to say, that I was glad that Belle confronted Clem about her behavior and things she said I was hard cringing anytime these two characters had scenes together Clem believed the worst in Belle and was nasty IMHO to Belle as much as Belle was rude and nasty to her I do wonder how these two parents were not
Dit boek was zo leuk Ik heb er echt enorm van genoten, ook al irriteerde ik mij soms aan Belle, de personages waren onwijs leuk Daarbij vond ik de setting ook echt super leuk en zomers Echt zeker een aanrader, ook al is het niet per se een heel realistisch verhaal. Hmmm I m awfully sorry to say this didn t live up to expectations Enjoyable but predictable and a touch ho hum. I tend to read so many crime books that reading this book was a total breath of fresh air.Jill Mansell has yet again created a heart warming and feel good book with a great setting and even greater characters.The story starts off with Clem meeting her perfect man when she is seated next to him on a plane Fast forward three years and the perfect man walks back into her life but with another woman in toe.I felt so sorry for Clem She is such a fun and lovely person and she has never quite got over her brief meeting on the plane Then to have him turn back up in her life is just pure torture.Clem s work colleague and good friend, Ronan, is another one who doesn t seem to be having much luck in the love department He to has met the perfect woman for him but has messed it all up and doesn t know how best he can win her over.Belle is very much all about herself Her and Clem don t have the best of sisterly relationships and it all seems to be about getting one up on each other Even though Belle is a very selfish individua