King Arthur, History and Legend

King Arthur, History and LegendKing Arthur And The Knights Of The Round Table Have Captured The World S Imagination Since Medieval Times The Tales Of King Arthur Are Rooted In History, But Over The Years The Facts Have Become Shrouded In Myth And Mystery In This Beautifully Illustrated Book Arthurian Expert John Matthews Explores The Legends That Have Grown Around The King And Uncovers The Mysteries Of Arthur S Britain The Numerous Characters Surrounding King Arthur Are Introduced And The Facts Behind The Epic Saga Are Revealed. This is a fine piece of historical work The author makes no attempt to say you towards his own opinions Indeed, they are completely unknown to the reader Instead he provides a full scale picture of the myths that surround Arthur he shows us all the possible theories and remarks on their academic merits and limitations in a completely objective way He doesn t divulge us with his own opinion or try to persuade, but just provides us with an unbiased account of all the possible lives of Arthur I say lives because it is quite possible that several different historical figures were in fact Arthur A roman centurion in the second century named Artorius looks like a probable candidate And there is also another figure in the dark ages that resembles some of the myth This is new information to me, and the author has described it in a comprehensive way I feel like I ve learned quite a bit about the legends surrounding the man However, my enthusiasm did begin to fade towards the end of the book as the author repeated himself a little bit The lovely illustrations made up for this however This was an interesting book, but I only recommend it to those who have a serious interest in history, and, specifically, Arthur himself I only came across this book by random it was sent as a mysetery gift from the Folio Society Whilst I enjoyed reading it, I wouldn t look for any books like this Well, at least not on this era of history I