Bridget Jones's Baby: The Diaries

Bridget Jones's Baby: The DiariesGoed Nieuws Voor Alle Fans Bridget Jones Is Terug Met Een Nieuw Avontuur, En Hoe Haar Biologische Klok Tikt En Na Een Reeks Typische Bridget Scenario S Blijkt Ze Uiteindelijk Zwanger Te Zijn Maar Dat Verloopt Niet Helemaal Volgens Plan Ongevraagd Krijgt Ze De Bizarste Adviezen Van Dronken Singles En Zelfgenoegzame Moeders, Belandt Ze In Echo S Die Eindigen In Totale Chaos En Verliest Ze Haar Kalmte In De Hectiek Van Zwangerschapscursussen Romantiek, Vreugde En Wanhoop Gaan Hand In Hand, En Dat Allemaal Overschaduwd Door De Ongemakkelijkste Vraag Ooit Wie Is Eigenlijk De Vader Van Het Kind The book has the same funny, lovable, self deprecating voice as the first Bridget Jones book Bridget s views of pregnancy veer from moving and tender, i.e,, when she refuses amniocentesis for fear of harming her baby to hilarious, i.e., when she tells people the baby is actually an elephant One criticism The scenes where she is working in th
Who doesn t love Bridget Jones She s just one of those characters that seems to have endeared herself to readers because we can all see traces of ourselves in her And then there are the film adaptations which have made her a global icon of sorts So book one and book two in the Bridget Jones series correspond with film one and film two there are some plot and character differences between the two but for the most part the story is the same.Then there was the third book Mad About the BoyLess we say about THAT one the better And now we are on to book four called Bridget Jones Baby which pretty much corresponds with film three also entitled Bridget Jones Baby It s hard not to compare the two when reviewing the book as the plot is similar but the characters are different Daniel Cleaver, played by Hugh Grant, doesn t appear in the film and is instead replaced by a character called Jack Qwant, played by none other than McDreamy himself Patrick Dempsey sigh FOCUS EMER So the basic plot is that we now meet a slightly older Bridget who is single once again and after sleeping with two diffe
Bridget Jones s Baby The Diaries Bridget Jones 4 , Helen FieldingIn this gloriously funny, touching story of baby deadline panic, maternal bliss, and social, professional, technological, culinary and childbirth chaos, Bridget Jones global phenomenon and the world s favorite Singleton is b
Confession time I am a HUGE fan of Bridget the books and the movies I just love that she is a really good person, but so far from perfect it s not even funny, well actually it is I listened to the audio on a day I knew was going to be a really bad day, and it helped so much I was giggling and laughing out loud, and it felt like I was surrounded by old friends There is nothing deep or very new to this 2.5
Bridget, ko Bridget Tko ju voli biti e zadovoljan Simpati no smu ena, neodlu na, duhovita na svoj specifi an na in Iako sam prije itanja pogledala film, svidjele su mi se obe verzije ka em obe jer ima jedan di
3.5 starsThis book has the unlucky distinction of following a pretty perfect movie and an even perfect script seriously, go read the script It suffers as a result.I ve been dying to read Bridget Jones s Baby The Diaries for ages, since before the latest movie debuted It finally arrived this morning I finished it about 30 minutes ago My feelings about this book are a little complicated I ll try to explain.This book is different from the movie in a few ways The movie s like they took the book and threw it in a blender, poured out some of the backstory and details, and added some new details plus chocolate to make it delicious The movie is pretty damn delicious The book is not as great, but it s also not bad This sounds like damning with faint praise, but I promise it s not BJB features our lovable cad Daniel Cleaver in place of Jack Qwant, which is not terrible We know Daniel Clea
I am going to keep this review short and sweet, just like this novella.If you have read the Bridget books or seen the movies and liked it then you wont be disappointed in this novella that falls between book 2 and 3
I don t understand why this was written It feels like a waste of my time. I give up You win, Fielding, you win I did not want to read this I was certain I was going to hate it, falling as it did between The Edge of Reason and Mad about the Boy Particularly as it was going to show a distinct break in Bridget and Mark s relationship BUT But I remembered that I thought the same about Mad about the Boy and ended up loving that book so I grudgingly ordered it from the library there have to be some perks as a librarian, right It arrived today and I read it in a couple if hours So funny I think I ruptured something There is no jumping the shark here Instead another bit of the story just slots effortlessly i
I m a massive fan of the Bridget Jones series and this one did not disappoint I was howling with laughter and crying with sadness all in one sitting.If you need a pick me up that s not too heavy, this is definitely the book for you.

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