End of The World (The Beginning, #1)

End of The World (The Beginning, #1) The Year Is 2050 The Order Of World Society Governs The Globe, The Weather, The Currency, And All Facets Of People S Lives The Peace For All Agenda Is Anything But Peaceful Scientist Gayle Conyers Life In This New Societal Structure Is Orderly, Routine, Focused, Safe Then It Isn T A Renowned Scientist Forces Her To Work On A Secret Project That Goes Against Her Ethics And The Order A Protester Warns Her About The Order S Web Of Deception And The Approaching End Of Days Gayle Soon Finds Herself With A Foot In Two Worlds A Scientific Realm That Intends To Alter Humanity For All Time, And A Spiritual One, Where She S Enmeshed In Stories Of Prophecy, Destruction, And The Apocalypse Gayle Remains Skeptical Until The Event That Stuns The World, One That Causes Her To Face The Realization That This May, Indeed, Be The Beginning Of The End. Gayle Conyers life was controlled by others the recipient of a chip in her brain meant the robotic KATE Kinetic Advanced Transitional Emissions was at her beck and call but Gayle was also under complete surveillance The majority of the people in Province One where Gayle and her twin daughters, plus housekeeper Sara lived had the chips inserted The ones who didn t struggled no food, no medical, and no jobs When Gayle was approached by a specialist scientist to join his team, it wasn t an offer it was an order And when she was warned by religious protesters people who completely disagreed and saw through the Order of World Society s evil intent about the danger she and her family were in, she was highly sceptical Gayle s ordered life had suddenly gone completely off kilter She was torn with no idea
Full review to follow Watch this space To whomever finds this journal, I swear two things My name is Gayle Conyers, Ph.D., and I am not insane And so begins this riveting, captivating story, with themes of science fiction, dystopian and spiritual elements I ve become a big fan of Nesly Clerge s works since reading his Starks Trilogy End of the World the Beginning is a short book that introduces readers to a scientist in a future society, Gayle Convers, who lives in the year 2050 and works under the thumb of the enigmatic and powerful Order of World Society She finds herself forced to work on a secretive, possibly quite dangerous and unethical project, which makes her question everything about her life, including who she can really trust Is the project she is working on something beyond science and logic Could it be something uncontrollable and unpredictable than anybody realizes Gayle is a truly amazing character There aren t a whole lot of women scientists in fiction, so it was really great to read about her Gayle has a strong voice as a character, she s original and admirable and easy to relate to The frightening yet incredible world she lives in is one that I think many readers will want to experience for themselves I loved the way this story had so many different themes, and how it mixed science and spirituality into one book It reminded me vaguely of a 1970 s sci fi film
We have been warned for decades, centuries, even and now it is upon us Our lifestyles and beliefs, our worship of the almighty megabyte and world of science instead of the Almighty Creator are about to scrutinized and the world may be seeing Armageddon in all of its wrathful glory One woman is about to straddle both worlds as she discovers her life s work, intended for the betterment of man is about to be used in a twisted and obscene manner that will go against her very core and her very soul.The year is 2050, and every facet of humanity s life is ruled by one governing body There is no privacy, no unaccounted for time, no true freedom and no freedom to express one s beliefs, yet there are those determined to share the word of Christianity, faith in a higher power and an eternal life for those who believe They are rebels, outcasts, refusing to have the chip implanted that could mean the difference between life and starvation.Gayle has dedicated her life to following the rules, her scientific work and her children, but one midnight intruder is about to begin to change the very fiber of her being with his words, his pleas and his warnings Still, it was one event of massive proportions that finally pushes her over the edge is it too late Has the END OF THE WORLD THE BEGINNING begun N
I was absolutely hooked in the first few pages The concept was intensely interesting to me immediately A belief in a higher power not a good one, but one that is the cause of all things bad in, and all suffering of, humankind The belief that humans needed to become powerful than this entity and replace it And one way to do that was to merge humankind with technology to eliminate the flaws and create true peace on earth via improved humans A chip, implanted first into mice for testing, then humans Once the bad side effects were worked out and people behaved as programmed through the chip, it was deemed a success Most were then persuaded, through very effective means, to have the chip implanted.Imagine never again needing a book, or a television, or a phone Never again having to go shopping, stand in line, or even use money The chip replaced all of it It sounds fantastic, until it s used against you, to control you I read this book in two sittings, it would have been one but apparently humans need sleep I couldn t get through it fast enough.The first half was some of the most interesting, absorbing, mind blowing stuff I ve ever read, the second half goes a little heavy into religion but was still an amazing read The only thing bad about this book is that it ended and now I have to wait for the next one to be written Dear Nesly Clerge, please never stop writing books for us, it would be a trag
When I first started reading this book I thought O no I don t think it will be fore me but I was WRONG..Its the year 2050 and Gayle has dedicated her life to following the rules she has a chip implanted that mostly controls everything to eating getting taxis even down to watching a movie, they ask Kate and she provides, there are rebels that will not have the chip and they are outcasts hiding and starving.One night Michael who can hide for a little while what they say and do breaks into her house and tells her things that
I am not a fan of dystopian or any type of book that shows a futuristic world Why It frightens me Just the years I have been on this earth myself , I watched this world change from the diplomacy of politics to the way
Gayle Conyers lives in a world where a chip is inserted into everyone s brain shortly after birth Every aspect of Gayle and everyone who has this chip which is called KATE an acronym for Kinetic Advanced Transitional Emissions is monitored by the Order of World Society Gayle is the mother of twin girls who at least has control over where she works although not everyone does there are people in lower sectors work where they are ordered But when Gayle is approached by another scientist to come work for him and she turns him down on his offer she learns that she is not in control of that aspect of her life either Gayle is a scientist living in the year 2050 and believes that her life and the world around her is safe and is kept that way by the Order of World Society But when she is approached by religious protestors Gayle starts to rethink her beliefs She is torn between what she has learnt as a scientist and what she reads in her mother s bible and by what the religious protestors are all telling her When a storm hits and everyone is order to stay inside Gayle has a few hours to ponder what she has learned and is beginning to wonder what is right and what is not Is science correct or is the bible Is there something or someone out there greater than we are What is the message that End of the World is trying to tell us What does End of the World tell you Is
Imagine a future where you are always connected and there is no need for TV or printed books or even the internet as we know it the chip inside you knows everything, keeps track of your finances and even orders taxis for you It knows when you need to order groceries, it knows when you are unwell It knows everything except what you re thinking This is the world scientist Gayle Conyers lives in with her two daughters and nanny home help In this world, those who are chipped are privileged Those who are not are hunted down by the Order and reformed or made into food a la Soylent Green, depending on who you ask Gayle is, for the most part, perfectly happy in this world She likes her job, she doesn t really question much the way things are, though she wishes she had resources for her research into HIVm, a mutation of the HIV virus After watching a debate between Dr Armstrong, a renowned, agnostic scientist who claims he s made a scientific breakthrough in successfully transplanting the brain intact to another body, and Dr Kingsley who believes that the end of the world is coming and is being brought on by those in power and those who are chipped who are unwittingly worshipping at the altar of Lucifer when they think they are the enlightened ones The next day, Gayle is contacted by Dr Armstrong, who makes her an offer she cannot refuse And then she is contacted by a rebel called Mich
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