The Houseguest

The Houseguest Sharing And Temptationand Sharing Temptation An Old Buddy Returns To Erik S Hometown, Down On His Luck And Getting A Divorce By Offering To Let Ethan Stay With Them, Erik Sees A Way To Get Closer To Making His Wife Sharing Fantasies A Reality To His Delight, Natalie Seems To Be Game For Something Far Adventurous Than Ever Before But As Things Heat Up, Erik Can T Help But Wonder Who S Seducing Whom Tons of emotional angst for the hubby Not sure the wife is playing him straight I m afraid she s using his kink for her own purpose I need a POV from her or conversations between hubby and wife to make me feel they re on the same pagecuz I m not sure they are Hot wife is not excused cheating and this feels like it s heading in that direction.While this is technically a standalone It truly just ends without real resolution.3 stars for writing and tension
Erik s marriage to Natalie has hit that lull she s a stay at home mom raising their kids he s a lawyer bored with his job They still have sex, but it s to the point where it s only the requisite once or twice a week and not very adventurous But Erik has a fantasyThis is my first time reading a hotwifing book, and I wasn t sure if I would like it or not The concept of a man getting off on being the cuckold is foreign to me, but I was curious how it would play out.Erik s friend Nathan played right into their hands Recently separated and in need of a place to stay, Ethan moved in with Erik and Natalie and quickly reverted back to his playboy ways It didn t take him long to start putting the moves on Natalie, and Natalie with Erik s encouragement and permission reciprocated As you can imagine, this was chock full of hot sex, not just between Ethan and Natalie, but also between Erik and Natalie as the fulfillment of Erik s lifelong fantasies had him constantly on edge
Erik and Natalie are a young married couple and parents of two kids, as the story begins they are in Chicago for Natalie s University re union, then they go to a party of Erik s old friend Ethan The way Natalie and Ethan interact sparks Erik s long held secret desire to be cuckolded, although he is deeply aware of the conflicting emotions such a situation would bring Things really start to take off when Erik gets a call from Ethan and tells him his marriage has broken down and asks to meet up for a beer, where Erik finds himself offering Ethan a place to stay while their kids are away at their grandparents for the summer holidays Erik is the classic conflicted husband torn in half by the desire to see his wife taken by another man and the normal convention of a man to protect his wife He is conflicted at every turn but his long held fantasy seems to keep pushing the boundaries with the help of a little teasing from his wife as she is left
This author is EXTREMELY talented and this book is not exception I d really prefer to give this novella 3 1 2 stars, but my X acto knife is tearing up the screen So I ll try to explain the downgrade Butler is a technically fine writer, but she s not a writer with whom I feel instantly in tune I tried to put my finger on why that is as I read The Houseguest, which isn t a bad novella at all I think where Butler falls short for me is a lack of polish in her writing style and narrative pace Erik the husband who invites an old friend from college into his home with the hope that something will happen between the friend and his wife irritated me for a lot of the book He s both pushy about what he wants and neurotic about what is happening That s not uncommon in hotwife cuckold stories, but Butler rushes the unfolding of Erik s angst as well as his wife s seduction And yet, in the middle of Chapter 8, Butler absolutely nails the angst in a two paragraph summation as Erik attempts to drown his neuroses in a dive bar Butler s work with Natalie, the heating up wife, is solid and fun However, Ethan, the house guest, is a casualty of Butler s too fast narrative He s just an outline of the cliche Southern swar