Banking On Love

Banking On Love When Ethan Montgomery Is Forced To Return Home To Run The New York City Branch Of Montgomery International, The Last Thing He Expects Is To Find Is That The Board Of Directors Have Hired Forensic Accountant, Rachel Sullivan, To Review The Bank S Records Ethan Fell For Rachel Thirteen Years Ago, But She Chose Ryan, His Best Friend Since Childhood Now, After Ryan S Sudden And Tragic Death, Rachel Is Alone Again Seeing Her Brings Back Feelings Ethan Believed Died A Long Time Ago Worse, Giving In To Those Feelings Threatens To Expose A Secret Rachel Should Never Know, One That Involves Ryan And The Past And Might Endanger Her Life Rachel Sullivan Is Stunned When Ethan Montgomery Suddenly Returns To New York City After Years Away In Europe, And, Heaven Help Her, Those Feelings She Once Had For Him, Before She Had To Marry Ryan, Are Back And Stronger Than Ever But Being With Ethan Is A Conflict Of Interest And Threatens To Annihilate Everything She S Worked Toward Over The Last Few Years, Including Her Independence And Painstakingly Rebuilt Financial Security Destroyed By Ryan S Death Will Circumstances Force Them To Once Again Sacrifice Their True Feelings, Or Will Rachel And Ethan Conquer The Odds And Give Love A Second Chance A beautiful story about second chances.I loved that after than a decade, Rachel and Ethan finally have a shot at their Happily Ever After Thirteen years before mistakes were made, lies were told, and secrets were buried Both Ethan and Rachel made small and large blunders and their hearts paid the consequences But when the secrets and lies start to surface, and everything they ve worked for is put in jeopardy, the problems Ethan
I thought this your typical love story from the start but as I kept reading the story started to evolve and kept getting intersting and the suspense, oh my I received this book for free from eBook Discovery I voluntarily post this review This is my honest review. This is the first book I have read from this author It is primarily a love story between Ethan and Rachel who have reconnected after she is sent to investigate irregularities at his bank It is clear from the outset that these two are meant to be together and their story as it is revealed it starts the slow build towards
Wow what an amazing read Loved the romance and the mystery.The ending was superb It answers all the questions i had while reading the book.There was so many layers to the mystery and so many people involved I received this book free from ebook discovery I voluntarily review this book This is my h
Well worth reading.I am not a huge fan of contemporary romance but the blurb on this was interesting enough I thought I would give it a go.I will say this story was entertaining, intriguing and enjoyable The history and interaction between Rachel and Ethan was volatile, sad and satisfying.So many lies and hurts perpetrated by thos
Banking on Love is a very emotional book, so bring tissues when picking up this story Read full review in the I was provided a copy of Banking on Love from LibraryThing in exchange for my honest review Rachel and Ethan met while in college, but Rachel marries his best friend Through the years, Ethan has been involved in Rachel s life as a friend, until a devastating series of events changes everything Now, thirteen years later, Rachel and Ethan
Banking on Love has all the things I love about this author s books 1 A hero you fall in love with Ethan Montgomery is a thoroughly decent guy and a heroine you want to be friends with Rachel Sullivan is mature, responsible, adult 2 A fast paced, tightly plotted story with plot twists you don t see coming but that totall
I received a pdf copy of this book in exchange for a fair review I really enjoyed this book enough to read it twice A great second chance romance with some mystery Two friends get to rekindle their romance after both have suffered through some difficult times and bet
This is a well written second chance love story about Ethan and Rachel They meet in college and became friends after he becomes her protector As they start to fall for one another it ends suddenly as one previous night with another man turns Rachel s life upside down Rachel ends up marrying his best friend Ryan and this bad decision turns into many over the next 13 years Events occur and some are good and some pretty bad Ethan ends up walking away and Rachel has a hard time with the loss of his friendship They each have their resentment and anger about those years Rachel goes without for three years to provide for her daughter after the loss of her husband and one day during work she sees Ethan again and their meeting does not go well Rachel has had issues with her parents and in laws and it s been a battle for her Can Ethan a