The Devil, the Witch and the Whore (The Deal #1)

The Devil, the Witch and the Whore (The Deal #1) Leave The Forest Alone Whatever S Out There, Just Let It Be Don T Make It Angry When A Horrific Discovery Is Made At The Edge Of Town, Sheriff James Kopperud Realizes The Answers He Seeks Might Be Waiting Beyond In The Vast Forest But Everybody In The Town Of Deal Knows That There S Something Out There In The Forest, Something That Should Never Be Disturbed A Deal Was Made Long Ago, A Deal That Was Supposed To Keep The Town Safe And If He Insists On Investigating The Murder Of A Local Girl, James Is Going To Have To Break That Deal And Head Out Into The Wilderness Meanwhile, James Has No Idea That His Estranged Daughter Ramsey Has Returned To Town Ramsey Is Running From Something, And She Thinks She Can Find Safety In The Vast Tunnel System That Runs Beneath The Forest Before Long, However, Ramsey Finds Herself Coming Face To Face With Creatures That Hide In The Shadows One Of These Creatures Is Known As The Devil, And Another Is Known As The Witch They Re Both Waiting For The Whore To Arrive, But For Very Different Reasons And Soon Ramsey Is Offered A Terrible Deal, One That Could Save Or Destroy The Entire Town, And Maybe Even The World The Devil, The Witch And The Whore Is The First Book In A Trilogy About A Town And Its Demons, And About The Consequences Of Making A Deal With The Devil Contains Scenes Of Horror And Violence. A Good Read, Definitely GraphicThis was my first Amy Cross read and I really enjoyed it It wasn t all that scary but the nasty and graphic depictions in the story made my skin crawl and that s a good thing I ll definitely pick up another Amy Cross book soon. 1 StarThe Devil, the Witch, and the Whore by Amy Cross sounded interesting and up my alley and being a free Kindle Unlimited book I thought I have nothing to lose Unfortunately, I was wrong I had plenty of things to lose My time My patience My attention I
The lack of proper editing made this book hard to read at times It is not that the mistakes were once in a while but at least every page or two I didn t want to give it a 1 star because the story hooked me I would have given itexcept for the editing issue It looks like all she did was run it through spellcheck This author has written a lot of books so I think she could afford an editor or at least have a friend read it before publishing it I will not be reading anyof her nove The lack of proper editing made this book hard to read at times It is not that the mistakes were once in a while but at least every page or two I didn t
I really enjoyed this book It is told from the perspective of each of the characters and weaves a good but gory story that started many ears ago This is not a book for those with a weak stomach It has elements of human ho
Amy Cross was a new author to me I took a chance on her work on the basis of a recommendation from Patrick Logan I ve really enjoyed her work I now have about 23 of her books on my kindle She is a fun read. I ve read Amy Cross before and enjoyed her work I did not enjoy this novel The narrative jumps around from perspective to perspective and the timeline constantly shifts between past events and current days For me, it just didn t work, I honestly struggled to even finish the novel as it s congested with numerous typo errors and towards the end I had a difficult time imagining how a character would be able to run constantly through the last 10% of the book with an ankle injury T
A really enjoyable read, something quite different The story was unique and enthralling The characters could have been written in a better way, maybedetail and depth This has a lot of potential Although i had to skip the spelling and gramma
I purchased this book as an e book download for 1 I loved the story, it kept me gripped throughout, although it did go a little weird at one point but i battled on through and it all made sense in the end.Admittedly there are many spelling errors and misuse of words, overlooking th
If I could give this novel six stars, I would This book is such a conglomeration of terror, it boggles my mind There s no hope in the novel s plot twists, except one with a price Parts of the book are introduced that seem to me
A Great TitleA great title for a great book I have enjoyed every book I ve read by Amy Cross but I think this was one of my absolute favorites It kept my attention from beginning to end I can t wait for the second book to come out.