A Passel of Trouble

A Passel of Trouble A Passel Of Trouble Is A Fact Based Historical Novel About One Of The Most Unique Characters On Either Side Of The American Revolutionary War David Fanning, A 19 Year Old Loyalist Sergeant, Fought In The First Battle Of The Revolution N The South In November 1775, And Before Then The War Ends Seven Years Later, He Is Commissioned A Colonel By The British And Considered The Most Feared Man In North Carolina Told From The Loyalist S Perspective, This Meticulously Researched Saga Describes How Two Young Men, Fanning And His Quaker Friend, Josh, Find Themselves At Philosophical Odds, Yet Allies To Preserve The King S Rule In The Carolinas Over The First Three Years Of The War, Fanning Was Captured Fourteen Times With Gutsy Ingenuity, He Escapes His Captors, Including Bodacious Breakouts From The Brick Jail At Ninety Six, South Carolina Between Captures, He Survives By His Wits, Subsisting On Grubs And Plants In The Carolina Wilderness Backcountry, Constantly On The Move While Evading A Determined Enemy In 1780, Josh S Uncle Is Killed In A Senseless Act Of Mayhem By Drunken Whigs, Causing Josh To Abandon His Quaker Faith Of Non Violence He Joins With David To Seek Vengeance Fanning And His Friend Move To Central North Carolina Where They Organize Tory Guerrillas And Lead Them In Three Dozen Firefights Fanning Exploits Inspire Admiration In His Followers And Dread In His Enemies A Master In Raids And Ambushes, He Moves Great Distances By Horseback And Striking Without Warning, Often With Brutal Effectiveness British Army Commanders Marveled At His Ability To Capture Political And Military Leaders And Make Him A Militia Colonel Fanning S Boldest Action Comes In A Spectacular Raid On Hillsborough, The Acting Capital Of The State Where He Captures The Governor, Several Senior Officers, And Than One Hundred Continental Soldiers While Marching The Captives 200 Miles To Wilmington And British Prison Ships, He Is Wounded As His Loyalists Militia Successfully Fight Off Determined Patriot Forces Trying To Rescue The Governor In Addition To Demonstrating How Fanning Grows From A Naive Backwoods Militia Sergeant To A Highly Skilled Partisan Leader, A Passel Of Trouble Provides Insight Into The Significant Role A Prominent Quaker Played During The War And Influenced Fanning S Career The Lindley Brothers Fought Each Other As They Resisted The Admonitions Of A Pious Father And Sibling To Adhere To The Strict Non Violence Tenets Of Their Faith After The British Army Abandon Him In Late 1781, Fanning S Aggressiveness, Vindictiveness, And Brutal Actions Increase In The Meantime, Josh Regains His Faith And Tests His Loyalty To Fanning As They Search For Ways To Extricate From A War Now Lost Fanning Continues As A Thorn In The Side Of The Newly Independent Nation For A Year After Cornwallis Surrendered His British Army His Goal Is To Get Fair Treatment For The Tories Who Fought For Him As He Seeks Ways For Him And His Young Bride To Slip Through Enemy Lines And Escape On One Of The Last Ships Leaving British Occupied Chares Town. MWSA ReviewWhen Americans recall their first brush with the history of the American Revolution for most of us way back in elementary school one of the lessons remembered is likely to be that the country was divided into thirds One third of Americans supported independence, a third opposed it, and the final third was undecided or uncommitted Most scholars now agree that although this bit of historical common knowledge was based on a letter President John Adams wrote in 1815 it appears that Adams was referring to the French Revolution and not the American one Even if less than a third of Americans were on the side of the British, and given our understandable focus on the winning side, it s easy to forget that there were tens of thousands of Americans who sided with England before, during and after the Revolution The Loyalist perspective is not normally the focus of historical fiction covering the period.Joe Epley s Passel of Trouble takes this relatively untraveled road by concentrating on the life of an actual Loyalist soldier named Da

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  • Paperback
  • 434 pages
  • A Passel of Trouble
  • Joe Epley
  • 15 September 2017
  • 9781535188821