Tricked, Bewildered and Bitten (Assassin/Shifters, #25)

Tricked, Bewildered and Bitten (Assassin/Shifters, #25) THIS BOOK IS PART OF A SERIES, IT IS NOT MEANT TO BE READ AS A STANDALONE IT CONTAINS HOMOSEXUAL RELATIONS, COARSE LANGUAGE AND VIOLENCE Loki Kirkberry Hasn T Had It Easy Abandoned As A Newborn, Loki Has Had To Navigate Life Under Difficult And Shame Inducing Circumstances When Firefighters Cole Ryker And Chaz Savage Rescue Him From An Apartment Fire, Loki Is Embraced By All Of Their Friends And Welcomed As Family He Quickly Finds Out That Shifters And Vampires Do Exist And Then There S That Whole By The Way, You Re A Warlock Thing Sexy Vampire Hybrid Cezar Tarus Has Been Eyeing Sweet, Succulent Loki Since They Met A Recent Bloody Throw Down With The Evil Titans Showed Loki That Cezar Does Actually Care For Him But Can He Truly Believe Cezar Wont Hurt Him He S A Warlock But He IS Part Vampire, Too And Barely In Control Of That Side Cezar Has Tried For Months, Without Success, To Forget Blond Haired, Aquamarine Eyed Loki His Vampire Wants Loki Badly, But So Does His Human Side Since Cezar Has No Frame Of Reference, He Has Zero Idea How To Express Himself Emotionally When He Finds Out That Loki Had A Coffee Date With A Certain Sexy Hitman, He Flies Into Action And Asks The Smaller Warlock For A Date Both Men Are Surprised When Loki Agrees Sparks And Emotions Fly As The Men Realize That They Are Falling For One Another Remember The Titans Yep Those Pesky Gods And Their Despicable, Slobbery Rogue Minions Continue To Rain Hell Down On The Olympian Alliance, And Trust Is Hard Come By As Trouble Looms, Cezar And Loki Will Have To Fight To Nurse Those Sparks Into A Bonfire. Enjoyable as always but I wish the story would move onThe Assassin Shifters books are all a riot to read with the chaos and mayhem surrounding a bunch of hot alpha males but I do wish the main story would move on a bit faster.I mean this is book 25 now and we re still not really that m
hm hard to rate I liked Cezar and Loki, but Lokis development was sudden and somehow it did not really fit.but I still like the story and the characters of this series I have been waiting for Loki s story for than a year and Perhaps that s the reason I was expecting something amazing, for me, it wasn t but it was still enjoyable. I just wanna know about Loki and Cezar But there are so many characters in here I barely remember them And I haven t read the santorno series and the 12 olympians This series loosely connected with those series Okay, I need to step back. Have been eagerly awaiting Cesar Loki s story, and this book did not disappoint Love the way SGD is incorporating and such diverse mythology into this series As new characters are introduced, the stage is set for continuing the story of the Assassin Shifters, the Twelve Olympians, the Titans, the hybrid vampires and shifters, and the gods from Greek, Norse
I ll admit I was expecting from this one More emotion, hot smexingjust Was it good Yes, I really enjoyed it but still felt a bit let down Don t know why Loki and Cezar have been around through much of the series so I was glad to finally get their story It was
3.5 of 5 starsAs usual the magic and power finding is fun The stilted language and new to sex smexy times was pretty hysterical There are SO MANY names and people and all that even someone dedicated to this series needs a primer to keep track I wasn t always sur
Average Hmm, I enjoyed the general storyline of the book but I personally felt like it was rushed and the character development wasn t all that great I would of loved to of seen of a build up between cezar and Loki to
Another great add to the series I loved these two, Czar was a surprisingly adorable guy and we filling get to know Loki s secrets Loki has grown a lot from when we met him We get to see him start off scared and broken and turn into the badass he is now Only great things for him now New character
Loki is becoming confident and powerful with the help and support of the family and team therapist.Cezar is learning what it means to have emotions and trust those around him.The journey to a relationship between