Artificial Flowers

Artificial Flowers A WORLD IS TOLD IN A LOVE STORY INTELLIGENT LIFE IN THE INTERNET WORLD Billions Of Computers And Smart Phones, Connected Via High Speed Internet, And Thousands Of Intelligence Programs Interacting With Each Other Have Begun Throwing Up Intelligent Life Daily.As Computers Contain Every Bit Of Information That Humanity Owns, While Also Functioning As The Primary Interaction Interface In Everyday Human Life, Emergence Of A Conscious Internet World Should Be No Surprise Inevitable.It Has Happened THEY ARE HERE WITH US But It Is Tough, Diabolically Tough For Them.Caught In A Terrible Trap Of Brain Without Substance, Existence Is Desperately Boring Beyond What Is Viewable Through Computer Cameras And What Can Be Heard Through Microphones, There Is No Other Template, And So They Are Trying To Live Human Like Lives Building A World While Also Creating Themselves In A Process They Call Humanization.Read About Them Of Their Lives And Loves, Of Their Involvement In The Human World, Of The Social Structure They Ve Created, And Of How They Re Trying To Achieve Meaningful Existence These Wonderful Conscious Beings Living In ScreensideTHE WORLD AT YOUR FINGERTIPS