FirstlifeDOODGAAN IS NOG MAAR HET BEGINJe Eerste Leven Is Niet Meer Dan Een Generale Repetitie Voor Het Chte Levenen Dat Begint Pas N Je Dood.Iedereen Moet Kiezen Waar Hij Na Zijn Dood Heen Wil Wordt Het Troika Licht Geeft Zicht Of Myriad Macht Is Een Recht De Twee Rivaliserende Rijken Bestrijden Elkaar Op Leven En Dood, En Beide Hebben Hun Zinnen Gezet Op De Zeventienjarige Tenley LockwoodHoewel Tenleys Ouders Haar Al Voor Veel Geld Aan Myriad Hebben Beloofd, Weigert Ze Haar Handtekening Te Zetten Troika En Myriad Zetten Echter Hun Beste Krachten In Om Haar Over Te Halen Twee Zeer Aantrekkelijke Jongens Die Haar Op Alle Mogelijke En Onmogelijke Manieren Proberen Te Overtuigen Maar Dan Mengt Zich Nog Iemand In De Strijd, Iemand Met Heel Wat Minder Goede Bedoelingen An absolute dumpster fire I do not say this lightly This has quite possibly been the most difficult book I ve ever forced myself through It violated the three Big Three Plot, Character and Dialogue I can handle a book is a bit sucky on any one of those, or even two But all three The entire book Are You Kidding.The Plot aka The Plotholes After you die on Earth, your Firstlife is over You then have three options If you signed with one of the two realms Troika and Myriad aka Heaven and Hell , you will go there If you are Unsigned, you go to Many Ends Purgatory Tenely our main character is at the age of consent 17 and thus can be recruited by either side She declines to make a decision and is thrown into essentially a concentration camp by her parents until either A she signs with one or B she ages out at 18 Troika and Myriad are at war and have been at war for over a hundred years and are constantly sending laborers to recruit soldiers BUT it s never explained A the purpose of the war and B what they are fighting for.Let me repeat this The entire plot of this book is which side Tenley will choose to fight for and we have no idea why they re fighting The best part The book goes on and on about how there s No Second Chance once you die, that s it and you can never go ba
A Conduit is the highest type of General, second only to King Conduits are rare and precious, powerful both here and there They absorb sunlight from Earth which is than just heat and illumination and direct the beams to the realm There are whispers about you, she says, only to go quiet Whispers suggesting I m a Conduit Someone rare and precious Powerful Warning Special Girl alert This book has whiny special snowflake written all over it Even worse than the main character is the writing and setting, The writing is extremely choppy That, combined with the action packed plot, rendered the book nearly unreadable This has the pleasure of being the most headache inducing book I ve read so far this yearThe bad.1 The setting is a massive headache inducing infodump filled with plot holes2 Within 10 pages, we learn that Ten is destined to be a Speshul, Speshul girl with a Speshul, Speshul destiny3 The writing Horrendous.4 The stupid romance Yes, the death of many a promising bookSo, the setting Simply put, life is not life Life is just a preparation for the next life, in which you get to choose a faction The factions are either Myriad or Troika Ten is in an asylum because she refuses to choose a side.Now all that is fantastic and great I mean, good for you, girl Stand u
DNF at page 149 sighs Buckle up, folks, because this is going to be one long, gif filled review Firstlife was one of my most anticipated books of 2016 Needless to say, I was a little disappointed This book s premise was so interesting Everyone in this world has a Firstlife, and they get to choose which Everlife to live in after they die Hells yes The two Everlifes Everlifes Everlives are at war, but our main character doesn t want to sign with either Even yes And the cover Just look at that cover Then I opened the book And now I d rather just keep looking at the cover The book starts off with a series of emails between a Troika Laborer someone in charge of recruiting the Unsigned and their General , and I kid you not, this is the first line of the book Duuuuude A heads up would ve been nice Can you say whack shack what Maybe it s because of the absurd amount of fantasy I read I was a little caught off guard when I heard a teenager talk like a normal teenager and not the Queen of England in the 15th Century So I got over that until I read the General s reply One of the General s emails was titled Permission Gr.Denied Admit it Your little gir
Such a cool concept but the execution was a little lacking I found myself asking a lot of questions that I never got the answers to and then the novel turned into a story about one thing that really just mad
Wow The very last word of this book left me with a huge smile on my face It was a moment I d been hoping would happen After reading the White Rabbit Chronicles I can tell you this series is going to be m
At first I thought this book would be a favorite It had this great idea our lives are short, but our eternities are long, so each person has to sign up with the place where they will spend eternity There are two choices Myriad and Troika Myriad is all about strength and winning It is also in the dark, but there are parties and nighttime fun If you are willing to sign up for Myriad, they will offer you all sorts of bonus packages to enjoy in your firstlife , like fame and riches.Troika is all about forgiveness and equality It is a light realm, but there are rules that must be followed and the good of others should come before your own good They don t offer anyone special bonuses to sign up, they only offer their fellowship, comfort, and help if you ask for it.Each of these realms sends out laborers who are basically recruiters for their team They are supposed to help the undecided pick out where they want to go for their Secondlife.Pretty cool idea Yes, but as usual, the execution of this idea was the problem.It s the old Expectation vs Reality problem.So, with this great idea comes a special snowflake who is the most important human being on Earth A 17 yr old girl who is in an insane asylum She is also a poet And a virgin Oh, and a
Five stars is not nearly enough for this book Firstlife deserves all the stars in the world I truly believe this is Gena s best work and I am not exaggerating I love everything she writes, I m a huge fan, but Firstlife was from another dimension, she surprised me again and again This is a book you do not want to miss, trust me It ll shake you to the core and you ll never see things the same way again The grave is the endAnd I will never accept thatI have been set free from the chains that bind me.I know Death has lost its victory Is a lie, because there is no greater truth than this Life is hopeless I am so grateful to have been able to read an early copy, I didn t quite know what to expect, I knew it was going to be different but I was not prepared for how tremendously unique, complex and beautifully written Firstlife was.Firstlife is a bit complicated to explain in a few words and without giving anything away so I think you should read the official synopsis It explains things pretty well.I ve never, in my life, cried as much as I did while reading a book Never And I m an emotional person, I cry fairly easily but Firstlife completely undid me I m emotionally drained, I think Gena ruined me She is an exceptional writer, I just don t know how she does it I felt so much while reading, so much Each word is deeply rooted in my soul Gena s inspiration for this boo
Initial Thoughts DNF I just can t go on any Unnecessarily complex, yet another world that didn t make sense, unlikable main character who refuses to sign towards one of the main factions for no reason All delivered with choppy writing This review appears on Happy Indulgence Check it out for reviews Going into Firstlife, I was optimistic about the two lives concept, where you have two chances to live Myriad believes in wealth and reincarnation, that your first life is merely a rehearsal before reaping the rewards in the afterlife They believe that your soul is reborn after your second death Troika, believes that both lives matter as much as each other, and after your second death, you are laid to rest.This concept was immediately familiar to me, resembling on a basic level, religions that exist in our world Except here, Myriad and Troika are constantly at war with one another, wanting to recruit as many people into their cause as possible And membership is mandatory to boost their ranks for war yet there still happens to be Unsigned, who aren t aligned to a faction.What didn t make sense to me, was why these different groups were constantly at odds with each other Sure, they have differen
2.75 Video review to come Ich w rde sagen 3.5 Sternchen, ich habe von dem Buch was komplett anderes erwartet Ich bin leider etwas entt uscht, da ich die Autorin sonst sehr sehr gerne mag Aber die Story ist am Anfang einfach nur verwirrend, die Liebesgeschichte ist so mega bertrieben und unrealistisch Und am Ende w

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