Emotions & Essential Oils

Emotions & Essential Oils Updated Fifth Edition With New Oil Descriptions This Book Includes Emotional Descriptions For D TERRA S Entire Line Of Essential Oils, Including All New Oils Blends To Be Announced At The September 2016 Convention Now Fully DoTERRA Compliant Essential Oils Are Widely Used For Their Physical Health Benefits, But Few Have Understood The Scope Of Their Healing Capabilities In Emotions Essential Oils, Essential Oils Are Introduced As Powerful Emotional Healers This Groundbreaking Book Bridges The Gap Between The Physical And Emotional Aspects Of Essential Oils And Creates A User Friendly Guide For Taking Charge Of Your Emotional Health Each Oil Is Written About With Profound Insight And Understanding Of Its Innate Properties And Gifts, And The Result Is As Poetic As It Is Practical This Easy To Follow Spiral Bound Reference Guide Will Help You Come To Know The Oils In A New Way And Fully Appreciate Their Distinct Healing Qualities For Long Time Oil Enthusiasts And Beginners Alike, Emotions Essential Oils Will Inspire You With The Genius And Beauty Of One Of Mother Nature S Finest Gifts. A truly great reference guide complete with blend options There s a remedy for all ailments here Learning to use them in line with the chakras adds a new layer of healing. Great reference. This is a great resource for the uses of essential oils to help with moods, and for illness I am amazed at the healing powers of oils I am so conditioned to take pills for every condition, and it has been fascinating for me to discover and learn how the natural things in our world ca
Poetic, possibly to a fault Lots of information, but with no citations to speak of, it s just a guide to someone else s experience That s useful, but only as a starting point I ll have to see how it tracks with my own experience. FascinatingI am intrigued to learn about so many oils with overlapping but unique capacities to affect our emotions My instinct is to remain somewhat sceptical but I m keeping an open mind I m actually looking forward to trying some oils along with the free writing. One of the most valuable books in my collection Great book and emotions and essential oilsA list of doTerra oils and blends to help you choose what oils would be best suited to your personal situation. I love this book and use it daily The references and guidance feel spot on for me They help my family beyond words. Fascinating Not a book that is ever finished I refer to it frequently as a valuable reference. Very Interesting read I love the details in this book connecting the ties between emotions and the effect of essential oils Great resource