Bonnie & Clyde - Clydes Story

Bonnie & Clyde - Clydes Story Chapter One Bonnie Clyde S Early History I Am Clyde Chestnut Barrow, Born The Fifth Child Of Henry Belson And Cumie Walker Barrow, March 24, 1909, In Trumbull, Texas That Everyone Concluded To Be Certain Was, Telico, Texas Where We Lived Not So, It Was A Fact We Lived In Trumbull, Texas A Part Of Ellis Country Note Census Taken In 1910 910 Ellis County, Texas Census, ED 126, Sheet 4B, Enumerated 11 Apr 1910 Trumbull, Texas Note It Is Not Telico This Census Shows We Are Renting This Farm Henry And Cumie Have Been Married For 17 Years Cumie Is The Mother Of 5 Children All Of Whom Are Living At The Time Of This Census It Has Been Said Over And Over Again That Henry Lived In Telico, TX In 1910 This Census Was Enumerated In TRUMBULL, TX Dispelling That Fact The House Clyde Was Born, In Trumbull, TX Trumbull Baptist Church Where Cumie Insisted We All Attended Every Sunday I Did Attend The Telico School Located Nearby They Were Claimed To Have Had Seven Children, But Again Not True They Did Raise Seven Children, But After Marie Was Born This Was To Be All The Children Born To Cumie Dave, Who Was Counted As The Seventh Child Came To Live With Us When He Was Sixteen Years Old He Was A Cousin To Henry My Father The Other Children Were In Order Of Their Birth, Artie W Barrow, Born, March 1894, Texas Elvin W Born, June 1899, Texas Nellie M Born 1904, Hughes Springs, Texas Ivan Marvin Buck Born, March 14, 1903, Hughes Springs, Texas L.C Barrow Born In 1915, Trumbull, Texas And Then Marie Barrow, Was Born In, 1919, Trumbull, Texas Trumbull Like Telico Was A Very Small Community Town Just East Of Waxahachie And South Of Dallas I Was The Fifth Of Six Children Of Henry Belson Barrow 1874 1957 And Cumie T Walker 1874 1943 , A Poor Farming Family That Emigrated, To Dallas In 1922 As Part Of A Wave Of Resettlement From The Impoverished Nearby Farms To The Urban Slum Known As West Dallas We Barrows Spent Our First Months In West Dallas Living Under Our Wagon When Father Henry Used Some Of His Inheritance Money To Buy A Tent, It Was A Major Step Up For The Rest Of Us Henry, Elvin And Cumie Barrow Old Girlfriend Annie, Clyde, Sisters, Artie And Nell I Met Anne Whose Last Name I Will Not Give To The Public To Protect Her Family By Her Association With Me I Truly Loved This Girl Enough I Had Her Name Tattooed On My Left Arm She Wasn T The Only Girl I Had Marked On My Arms I Also Had Grace On My Right Arm A Heart Dagger With The Initials EBW , Outer Right Arm This Was For A Girl Named Eleanor B Williams Who I Stayed With For A While I Had Sex With All Of Them And What Lies They Claimed About Me Was Truly False About Being Homosexual I Guess This Story Originated For The Rape I Endured While At Eastman Prison A Rose Leaves On My Left Shoulder, A Shield Anchor For My Love For The Navy If Only I Had Kept My Record Clean It Would Have Changed My Short Life S History For I Wished To Enlist, But Was Turned Down For The Felony Charges I Had Accumulated Anyhow I Got, USN Tattooed On My Left Arm And A Girl S Face Under This On My Forearm Anne Had Left Dallas And Returned To Her Home Outside Hillsboro, Texas This Is What Later Would Prove My First Conflict With The Law Bonnie Has A Tattoo Above Her Right Knee On Her Thigh, Of Double Hearts And Arrow Which Contained The Names Bonnie Roy I Told Her She Ought To Get Then Removed But, She Said, I Need To Get The Money To Pay For A Divorce First Then I Will Have It Removed As Soon As You Remove Those Slut S Names On You. there were a few things that were never told that were in this book but the down side of it was it repeated a lot of the same information over and over again most of it we have heard before but some was new like the fact that bonnie was 2 months pregnant at the time of her death and that clyde died with the first shot and there was no reason for them to shoot bonnie and they shot her several times because she was still alive and moaning to me that is so wrong of was still a good boo