Jane Addams and the Dream of American Democracy: A Life

Jane Addams and the Dream of American Democracy: A LifeIn This Eagerly Anticipated Interpretation Of The Life And Work Of Quintessential Public Intellectual Jane Addams 1860 1935 , Jean Bethke Elshtain Explores Addams S Legacy Thematically And Chronologically, Recounting Her Embrace Of Social Feminism, Her Challenge To The Usual Cleavage Between Conservative And Liberal, And The Growth Of Chicago S Famed Hull House Into A Thriving Cultural And Intellectual Center Jane Addams And The Dream Of American Democracy Is A Rich And Revealing Portrait Of One Of The Most Extraordinary Figures In American History. A fascinating read about a fascinating woman. This was of a review and interpretation of Jane Addams life as seen through her writings Written in a scholarly manner, it was interesting, but required some time and thought It was interesting to think about
Jane who I only learned about Jane Addams the first American woman to win the Nobel Peace Prize by reading another book The Metaphysical Club about famous men who shaped the post Civil War intellectual climate in the US Jane made it in there as an associate sparring partner of John Dewey Does t that seem strange Shouldn t I have heard of her Maybe just me.Anyway, I was intrigued and resolved to find a book by about her Several years laterI checked out this intellectual biography an account of her thought and her philosophy than of her life This meant that sometimes I felt a bit at sea about the basic facts of her life and how she got Hull House her settlement house her translation of her philosophy of sympathetic understanding into action started in the first place Where did the money come from How did she recruit people to work there What has become of Hull House today Ironically, given Addams predeliction for the pragmatic the author left a lot of these practical details out.B
An intellectual history of Addams s thinking rather than biography I hadn t realized how much Addams had written Elshtain lists all of her works in the opening chapters and expressed her hope readers would followup the book with Addams s orignal writings Elshtain also has an Addams reader published I found Addams s critique of Socialism and Class analysis worth while given the current occupy outbur
When Jane Addams visited Toynbee Hall in London and saw how philanthropy should be linked to social reform, the idea was quite new in the USA She set up Hull House based on the model of Toynbee Hall and it in turn influenced other establishments She also became a peace campaigner and civil rights campaigner on behalf of both women and immigrants.This biography of her life is concerned with her intellectual development through the years than her personal circumstanc
This is a meticulously researched biography of Jane Addams the founder of Hull House It is not light reading and leans toward being a bit too academic but I enjoyed learning about her and was especially interested in the interviews with those who knew her perso
Still readingElshtain examines the ethical and moral development of Addams Fascinating look at immigrant history in Chicago and the earnestness with which Addams seeks to use her privilege to live among and for the immigrant poor. Out of my norm I m not such a biography person But I really enjoyed this one Good book, I d recommend it Definitely. Waaay too academic Ground this amazing woman s story down to a boring halt. So far I m disappointed because this is of an intellectual history of Addams than a biography, which is what I was wanted for a fun read

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  • Jane Addams and the Dream of American Democracy: A Life
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