The Glove Slinger

The Glove Slinger On His Eighteenth Birthday, Sam Grady Won A Golden Gloves Boxing Championship By This Twenty Third, He Was A Combat Veteran Fighting On The Battlefields Of World War II The Glove Slinger Chronicles The Life Of A Young Boxer, Following Him From Golden Gloves Champion To Undefeated Army Boxer We Then See The Horrors Of War Through His Eyes As A Platoon Sergeant Fighting For His Life And The Lives Of The Men He Leads He Could Have Sat Out The War As An Army Boxing Champion, But This Is Not What Sam Grady Wanted He Didn T Join To Fight Other Soldiers He Joined To Fight The Enemy Once Shipped Overseas, Leaving The Love Of His Life Behind, He Ventures Into The Dangers And Unknowns Of War The Story Is Much Than About Boxing And War It Is The Story Of Transition From Boyhood To Manhood, And The Many Life Changing Decisions Grady Is Forced To Make Along The Way The Glove Slinger Is A Work Of Historical Fiction, Partly Based On True Events.