Her Ex

Her Ex Finding Love In The Most Unlikely Place After Her Sister Died Tragically Jacqueline Found Comfort In A Mourner Who Seemed To Understand Her Beyond Words Dark And Mysterious, Jacqueline Spends A Night Of Passion With Him And Soon Realizes It Is Much Complicated Than She Thought That Hottie Turns Out To Be Her Niece S Father Who Now Wants Custody Plagued With Guilt Over The Loss Of Her Sister And The Desire To Protect What Has Been Entrusted To Her Jacqueline Knows This Is One Fight She Can T Bear To Lose In The End, This Battle Could Cause Her To Lose Everything Or It Could Be A Chance To Have It All Her Ex Is A Standalone HEA Short Story MATURE CONTENT 2.75This was a rushed romance with a lot of potential for being really good As a novella, it s contracted timeline to get to the end marred interesting characters What started and ended too quickly could have been something memorable. Lots of bonus material but I couldn t get past the main story