When Life Strikes the President

When Life Strikes the President What Happens When Life, So To Speak, Strikes The President Of The United States How Do Presidents And Their Families Cope With Illness, Personal Loss, And Scandal, And How Have Such Personal Crises Affected A President S Ability To Lead, Shaped Presidential Decision Making In Critical Moments, And Perhaps Even Altered The Course Of Events In Asking Such Questions, The Essays In This Volume Written By Twelve Leading Scholars Noted For Their Expertise On Their Respective Subjects Reveal Alternately The Frailty, The Humanity, And The Strength Of Character Of Some Of America S Most Controversial Presidents Three Of Them Deal With The Death Of Children The Impact Of The Loss Of A Young Son On Franklin Pierce, Abraham Lincoln, And Calvin Coolidge Another Shows How, When His Father Suffered A Stroke, John F Kennedy Lost His Most Important Adviser As The Crisis In Cuba Loomed Three Essays Tell Stories About Notorious, Self Inflicted Scandals During The Presidencies Of Andrew Jackson, Richard Nixon, And Bill Clinton Several Of Them Focus On The Effects Of Disability Or Illness In The Oval Office On Woodrow Wilson S Stroke At The End Of World War I Franklin Roosevelt S Paralysis While Leading The Country Through The Great Depression And World War II Ronald Reagan S Struggles And Changed Priorities In The Wake Of An Assassination Attempt And The Bearing Of Depression And Personality Disorders Of One Kind Or Another On The Actions Jackson, John Tyler, Lyndon Johnson, And Richard Nixon During Their Crucial Years In Office While Illuminating A Considerable Span Of American History And Providing New And Significant Analyses Of American Politics And Foreign Policy, These Fascinating Essays Remind Us About The Personal Side Of Presidential Leadership, And That Tomorrow Is Promised To No One. The format of this book makes it a good way to get a feel for a lot of different presidents rather quickly I d argue that about half the essays are only tangentially related to the topic, but they re all in

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  • Hardcover
  • 360 pages
  • When Life Strikes the President
  • Jeffrey A. Engel
  • 08 April 2018
  • 9780190650759