IlluminaeU Rukama Dr Ite Dosije O Tragi Nim Zbivanjima Nakon Invazije Na Kerenzu IV, Koji Je Hakerski Kolektiv ILLUMINAE Prikupio Po Nalogu XXXXX I BeiTek Korporacije.Unutra Su Detaljno Popisani I Analizirani Snimci I Prepiska Dobijeni Prismotrom Glavnih Osumnji Enih, Ezre Milera I Kejdi Grant, Kao I Fajlovi Koje Su XXXXXXX Izvukli Iz Jezgra Poludelog Sistema Ve Ta Ke Inteligencije VIKTOR, Tokom Izbijanja Zaraze Virusom XXXXXXXX.Ove Podatke Trenitrati Kao Strogo Poverljive I Nipo To Ne Dopustiti Da Padnu U Pogre Ne Ake.L Frobi ErIzvr Na DirektorkaBeiTek Odsek Za Nabavke Ambiciozno, Ganutljivo Odu Evljava Za Sve Pare Kirkus Reviews Na In Pripovedanja Op Injava, A Postupak Odlikuje Umetni Ka Ume Tnost Koja Od Re I Stvara Slike Ak I Doslovno U Putovanju Kroz Ovu Pri U Neuobi Ajena Forma Ponegde Tra I Od Itaoca Dodatni Napor, Ali Ono To Dobijate Savr Eno Je Vredno Tog Truda Publishers Weekly ILLUMINAE is the classic tale of Girl Meets Boy Girl Loses Boy And Parents And Planet and Ends Up on a Crippled Spaceship with a Mad Computer and a Deadly Virus Outbreak in the Middle of an Interstellar War It s without a doubt the coolest book I ve ever written I m pr
ILLUMINAE WAS SUCH A SPECTACULAR RIDE FANTASTICALLY UNIQUE STORY TELLING TECHNIQUE, CAPTIVATING STORY LOVED IT Here s my full discussion review HOLY CRAP. WOW THIS WAS GOOD It took me quite some time to really get into the story, but after around the 200 page mark I was hooked Visually, Illuminae is an extremely fun and unique kind of book It s a romantic space opera told through a collection of interview transcripts, diary entries, emails and gorgeous space images like this Sounds amazing, no If I was rating solely based on cool ideas, this would get a bajillion stars.A book this attractive should not be boring and yet the most exciting things about it by far were the unusual style and graphics The story itself of a planet being invaded in 2575 simply didn t hold my attention I found myself wanting to skim read many of the pages Maybe it was because the lovers at the centre of the novel were boring caricatures of teenagers.Maybe it was because of the detailed scientific descriptions and diagrams of spaceships Maybe it was the tiresome and dull Unipedia pages that made me feel like I was studying for an essay But mostly I think it was because of t
There is no way in hell that I could possibly describe what s going through my head right now I don t think I ll be functional for a little while.I ll get back to you on this, but just know it blew me away Far, far away.Review coming closer to August, MWAHAHAHH Wait, Oc
DNF at 30%This book is written in epistolary format, and it has the honor of being the most annoying book I ve read this year Some people love that stuff I ain t one of them I love space shit Firefly Star Wars yes, EVEN THE NEWER ONES Star Trek I loved Enterprise and I don t care who knows it This book was just terrible and terribly formatted.The first few chapters are entirely interviews It was annoying as shit It didn t endear me to the main characters, and it explain nothing Interviews are nigh on useless for building a memorable introduction, unless it is in the hands of an extremely skilled writer Not the case here.So right off we have an annoying girl who s thinking about her ex bf when the invasion occurred huh I have no idea where we are I have no idea what year it is I don t know what a Kerenza whatever is Interviewer Wait, you people had a subway system I thought this settlement was illegal Ezra Mason Chum, the Kerenza mine operated undetected for twenty years Whole families lived there You know how far from the Core we are, right WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON Bad start And it didn t get much better After what seems l
You picked a hell of a day to dump me, Kades I swear the interviews with those two at the beginning of the book are certainly among the best introductions to a new series I ever read I mean OMG THIS BOOK I m still not over it I swear when I started to read it I really didn t know a lot about Illuminae There were only three things I knew and I had absolutely no idea how it would work out for me.1 It s a sci fi series.2 The format is kinda weird and apparently the audio book is the shit 3 The hype around it is so real that it s almost a physical thing.Well, enough reasons to pick up the book and to give it a try, right If only I would have known what I was signing up to lol Nothing, really NOTHING prepared me for the things that were about to come I was totally swept away by this book and its events and yet yet there were many typical tropes I already read about a thousand times BUT tell you what It worked And damn did it work I dunno how Jay Kristoff and Amie Kaufmann did it but this was so, so, SO GOOD The suspense was killing me and whenever I had to stop to read all I wanted to do was to continue I mean a virus outbreak in one of the ships My first reaction was Been there, done that, g
Not to be dramatic but I feel like I ve just went through 9 different emotions within the last two minutes and at any given moment now, I m going to explode and become an entire fucking solar system.Anyway, I m sorry this review is a mess but since I can t even write bad poetry in an attempt to get my feelings outside of myself and until the universe sends me my next favorite person so I can unload all my emotional baggage on themthis hellsite will have to do The universe owes you nothing, Kady It has already given you everything, after all It was here long before you, and it will go on long after you The only way it will remember you is to do something worth remembrance First of all, I want you guys to know that the only thing that is constant in my life is my love for this series and my ability to fall back on sorry just got your text but anyway with that being said, I feel like we should collectively admit how scary it is reading this book when you have no skills and no passions and when you want to Do something but mainly, you really just want to lie down doing nothing like, I just realized that I m not really adding anything to the universe or anyone s individual experience, I m basically just racking up the water bill but these kids they know how to use missiles, fly rockets, hack computers and dezombie giant spaceships while also going through break ups and he
RE READ REVIEW Yes yes I am officially 100% Illuminae trash and I COULD CRY BECAUSE I LOVE THIS BOOK SO MUCH I literally.afjkdlasfd What am I even supposed to say here OKAY Just a few like reread thoughts in list format because that s who I am First off the audiobook is freaking amazing and I CANNOT RECOMMEND IT ENOUGH It s got tons of voices, it s basically dramatised, there is MUSIC and like beep booping shh, technical term there of machines and I lovelovelovelovelove it The emotion in the audiobook actually nearly made me CRY Actually all the intensely amazing plot twists still hit me HARD This is also because I never remember anything of what I read So like it was reading a completely new book almost And I m quite the auditory learning, so I absorbed a LOT this time afjdaksld the plot twists THE PLOT TWISTS THE PLOT TWISTS THE PLOT TWISTS Favourite character is AIDAN It actually concerns me how much I love the slightly psychotic computer But I also related to him a lot He predicts humans but he can t understand them He does his best but people don t understand him And just ajfdkslad I love AIDAN so much I actually don t really think he s so much a villain as an anti hero Still shipping him and Kady 3 Who is apparently said Kady like Katey Not caddie OKAY MY LIFE IS A LIFE Story of Cait s Life mispronounci