1894 A Collection Of Three Stories, All Faithful To The Original Style Of Conan Doyle, And All Narrated By Watson Sherlock Holmes Must Use All His Powers Of Observation, Deduction And Reasoning In These Adventures Set At Home And Abroad, All Of Which Take Place During The Eventful Year Of 1894 In Sherlock Holmes And The York Minster Mystery, Holmes And Watson Help A Troubled Businessman Who Is Hearing A Mysterious Whispered Voice Is The Ancient City Of York Living Up To Its Reputation As One Of The UK S Most Haunted Places In Sherlock Holmes And The Prague Castle Mystery, Holmes Is Summoned To The Heart Of Europe To Investigate The Odd Behavior Of A Royal Employee Events Take A Sinister Turn When A Body Is Found In The Snow Outside The Castle Walls In Sherlock Holmes And The Great Orme Mystery, Holmes And Watson Explore The Bleak And Windswept Mass Of Rock On The North Wales Coast Why Would Anybody Want To Kill The Seemingly Harmless Old Man Whose Body Was Discovered On The Orme Pedestrian and dull, with a remarkably inept Holmes.