DaneclerePamela Hill, One Of The Masters Of Gothic Romance, Has Turned Her Pen To A Long, Tumultuous Novel Of Three Families In Seventeenth Century England And Scotland At The Center Of Her Wide And Colorful Canvas Stands Honor Sawtrey Wise, Kind And Steady, A Good Wife, Suffering Mother, Enduring Widow, And Then, Late In Life, Wife And Mother Again Ms Hill Paints Unforgettably The Special Cruelties Of The Civil War, And The Hardships And Satisfaction Of Manor Life Three Hundred Years Ago We See Too The Bizarre Passions And Sexuality Of The Time An Era Of Child Abuse, Open Prostitution, And Covert Affairs Among The Gentry It Is A Tale Spread Over Sixty Absorbing Years, And By Its Last Page We Feel We Know The Sawtreys, The Thwaites, And The Farmiloes With The Same Intimacy, Attraction And Anguish We Feel Fore Families Of Our Own. 2 Stars 1 For the story1 For the coverOnly on page 7, I knew I wouldnt like the characters nor their stories.Honor who is supposedly wise, kind and steady, a good wife A suffering mother She turned her eyes back to the child, with a fuzz of light brown hair on it s scalp, looking like Richard s Suddenly she knew that she had no love for it, any than she had for it s father I m suppose to feel sympathetic for this woman Well never mind. the rest of the players here are just as bad.Cruelties, hardships, bizarre passions and sex,child abuse, open prostitution, covert affairsdid I leave anything out Probably, but if the above mentioned isn t your cuppa nothing else in this book will be either.I just hope the other books by this author aren t like this one..otherwise they too will end up donated. Bleh I don t mind the darkness of the story, but the prose is annoying Distant characters, confusing dialogue e.g., switching speakers mid paragraph whut , an army of barely described faces with too similar names, history that is vague yet uber important to the bland characters reactions And did I mention the time gaps Irregular, random gaps of hours or months in the middle of chapters, with years between Parts 1 2 Even worse, they re years which create significant change in personality circumstance Nope DNF. Honor Thwaite is of ordinary stock, but her father has enough money to get her married up to Richard Sawtrey of Daneclere Not exactly a happy marriage, it isn t a terrible one either and she does her duty seeing to the family manor and raising her children Honor s story begins at the time of England s Civil Wars, and continues through those of Cromwell well, he wasn t exactly king but you know what I mean , Charles II, brother Jamie, the glorious revolution and That s a very brief run down, but this is one of those hard to put into words kind of books Honor is good, steadfast and honest, but her children and others around her don t always play according to Hoyle and there s plenty of bad deeds, rapes, betrayals, theft, dirty dealings and Sounds like wicked good fun and it almost was BUT the book is unfortunately not long enough nor is it fleshed out enough to fully satisfy the reader I really didn t find myself emotionally attached with any of the characters, I should have been rooting for Honor and Maude and loathing the baddies, but in the end I was rather meh about them all While tame on the descriptions, there is a lot of sex and rape, but again I thought it would have come off better if written in a bawdy, tongue in cheek manner instead of the dry just the facts ma am rendition I got here Not great, but not bad either. Dark and depressing No happy endings for anyone I really hate it when I pick up a book that looks interesting, read the whole darned thing, and then wish I could have that time back Are we supposed to believe that the majority of people back then were that awful Including Honor Sawtrey Since I ve marked this as containing spoilers, here we goHonor Sawtrey is described as good kind, a good wife motherreally She privately despised her husband, and as soon as she gave birth to her first child, decided she didn t love him because he looked like his father s family Wow As a mom I found that bit hard to swallow Of course she had no problem accepting Ned, her husband s illegitimate oldest child, who of course resembles him Was rape the only way to have enjoyable sex back in Merry Ole England Well according to this book, it was.excepting Gwenllian, the maid, and her daughter, Gwenny, coincidentally also a maid They did not enjoy it They were also the only 2 characters in this awful story that I felt any compassion for.Barbary Mountchurch, Honor s cousin in law, that girl was a mess Orphaned, penniless, and sent to live with her hateful Aunt Anna Honor s mother in law , I at first did feel sorry for her She was madly in love with Ned, but they are separated by the sneaky, snake y bailiff, who manipulates Barbary into sleeping with him She hates him and is unwilling, but she decides she really likes sex with him Ugh I kept seeing Piper Laurie from Carrie saying maniacally, I liked it, I liked it Her story, along with the others, only gets worse from there Big Hint It does not end well for any of these people.There is one high point to this book I bought it at a thrift store for a quarter But I really wish I could have my quarter back I love the concept of many lives under one roof, and seeing how they all branch out in different directions This book has some uncomfortable and disturbing parts to it, but I still like it because it represents real issues I have read this book about 5 times and I love it each time. This book was not what I expected I thought it would be historical fiction and in a few small ways, it was However, almost all of the female characters get raped Barbary gets raped seduced and is forced into prostitution which kills her Gwenllian gets raped and later is hung Her daughter, Gwenny, gets raped and becomes pregnant at 11 the baby is born dead Gwenny s brother is raped by Sophia s brothers Sophia is an evil slut and her brothers are psychopaths Lady Maud is raped and then has her nose and ear cut off Lady Maud s daughter, Maud, is nearly raped, then marries her rescuer whom she does not love Molly is sold to a man by her father which amounts to rape There are very few upstanding characters in this book Honor is upstanding but terribly naive Honor is forced by her father to marry a man she hates and has two sons one son she loves and the other she does not The one she loves the most is murdered and the one she doesn t becomes a priest This book is just chock full of debauchery It s a short read a little over 200 pages and it s a page turner because you just want to get through it so you can start another book one with some historical content But considering the times the 1600s, I suppose all this and actually occurred to people back then I don t know much about this author, but her books are not that compelling But considering that I only paid ten cents for the book, I shouldn t complain too much.

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