Art, the Arts, and the Great Ideas

Art, the Arts, and the Great IdeasContinuing His Exploration Of The Substance Of A Basic Education, Mortimer J Adler Examines The Inherent Values Of Various Art Forms And Considers Their Significance Within A Well Rounded Curriculum He Maintains That Imaginative Literature And Works Of Science, Philosophy, Theology, And History Act Upon Our Intellects And Stimulate The Discussion Of Ideas The Non Verbal Arts, Which Act Directly And Powerfully On Our Emotions And Sentiments Without The Intermediation Of Thought, Are To Be Valued For Their Beauty, Their Workmanship, And The Pleasure They Give Rather Than Their Contributions To A Body Of Ideas Elucidating His Ideas Through The Discussion Of Specific Works, Adler Concludes That An Appreciation Of All The Human Arts Is Essential To The Development Of A Fully Cultivated And Well Educated Person. This is an expansion of Adler s thoughts about arts education as outlined in his Paideia Proposal He argues that music and visual art cannot, by their nature, contribute to the great ideas In some ways I
What do the arts have to say about the Great Ideas the 102 ideas Adler named in the Great Books of the Western World as being the topics the greatest thinkers have discussed It s an important question as people will be moved by artwork and music than those w

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  • Art, the Arts, and the Great Ideas
  • Mortimer J. Adler
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  • 03 August 2017
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