The Compleat Meadmaker : Home Production of Honey Wine From Your First Batch to Award-winning Fruit and Herb Variations

The Compleat Meadmaker : Home Production of Honey Wine From Your First Batch to Award-winning Fruit and Herb VariationsAs One Of The Most Ancient Of Human Beverages, Mead Arose In Part Because It Was Easy To Make Today S Hobbyists Rediscover The Simplicity Of Making Mead While Reveling In The Range Of Flavors That Can Result In The Compleat Meadmaker, Veteran Beverage Hobbyist Ken Schramm Introduces The Novice To The Wonders Of Mead With Easy To Follow Procedures And Simple Recipes, He Shows How You Can Quickly And Painlessly Make Your Own Mead At Home In Later Chapters He Introduces Flavorful Variations On The Basic Theme That Lead To Mead Flavored With Spice, Fruits, Grapes And Even Malt From The Book S Back Cover If you ve never made mead before, this will get you into your first batch and beyond with confidence If you like me muddled through your first couple of batches with marginal success, this will help get you over the hump from good to great mead.Schramm demystifies the art of mead making while still acknowle
As leveduras n o utilizam oxig nio para produ o de energia, afinal de contas, s o fermentadores, mas afinal, por que se deve oxigenar a mistura antes de armazenar para a fermenta o Abelhas colhem o n ctar apenas de flores O hidromel mesmo a bebida mais antiga do mundo e se sim, o que pode provar isso Como funciona o processo de produ o do mel pelas abelhas e como ocorre a fermenta o do mel misturado a gua Essas e outras perguntas voc consegue responder lendo esse divertido livro.Essa foi minha primeira obra em ingl s e confesso que tive uma dificuldade maior do que eu esperava, talvez deixei passar muita coisa, mas me pareceu o suficiente O livro, como todo bom livro de fa a voc mesmo DIY , tenta te incentivar a colocar a m o na massa antes de partir pra teoria Ent o antes de voc entender muito bem os conceitos, o autor te desafia a fazer seu primeiro hidromel coisa que fiz, embora n o seja o primeiro, e espero provar ainda esse ano logo nos primeiros cap tulos, ap s te introduzir muito bem a hist ria dessa bebida dourada, apreciada por deuses e servos por milhares de anos.H muito aprofundamento e detalhamento de processos, seja culin rios e ou qu micos As expli
This book was given to me I doubt I would have bought it I liked Ken s writing style, but this book lacks everything in terms of mead making and beer making in a traditional or fun or free or easy or Sacred and Herbal Healing Beers was just so much better Fermenting honey is effortless You don t need PH s or three types of yeast or even one type of yeast If this had been my first go at mead making I would have quit right there and never made mead Very glad I started with Sacred and Herbal Healing beers Not sure I will ever go to the lengths this book wants me to go to sterilizing everything all the time, buying all that fancy equipment when I know how easy it can be I make beer out of everything I make traditionally fermented root beer and ginger beer and lemon beer and apple beer and yes, honey beer and it s fun, and I make 5 bottles at a time because I like to play with flavors I have zero equipment except for my rotating 24 bottles that always have something fermenting at a time Maybe one day I will want to make 5 gallon batches and get a real operation going but right now I make enough for me and my husband and our son so why go to all this trouble What bugs me about this book the reason it gets 2 stars is that Ken is a very authoritative writer, but he doesn t even touch on the other way to make mead The way it was made all the along It s like the
I now know how to make mead First batches are going into the fermenter tonight I found the history sections a little off, based on what I have read elsewhere, but the info on mead and honey is quite thorough I hope to not need the parts on how to fix mead when it goes wrong, but I expect I will be glad it s there later.Schramm s writing is light enough that despite being a book on yeast and honey, I did snicker quite a few times while rea
Unbelievable amount of knowledge, from beekeeping and the chemical properties of honey to recipes for mead and suggestions Hugely recommended, even for just beer makers. Ken has one hell of a sweet tooth I picked this book up as I am giving a talk on meadmaking next month and wanted to read the modern foundational text for the practice to round out the weird technical knowledge I ve picked up over the years.I ve produced fermented beverages as a hobby and professionally for seven and a half years now, and I am somewhat shocked that virtually every recipe in an introductory book about meadmaking has an original gravity above 1.08 meaning every mead, pyment, cyser, melomel, metheglyn and braggot in this book comes in somewhere north of 8 V, oftentimes north of 11%.My problems with this are two fold First, any mead made at the strength indicated would need north of 6 months of aging, often much longer this is alluded to several times in the text , which is total bullshit Hobby fermentation, at the beginning, should be entirely about rapid prototyping learn the basics, try something out, see if it s good, iterate on what you learned Making products that are only palatable after half a damn year at a minimum is not only discouraging, it makes learning go
This is the definitive book on mead I read a few others before getting to this one, and this was the most informative, practical and readable I read it front to back There s a great section on the lifecycle of the yeast during the fermentation process It s not only interesting but provides practical methods to nurture the natural process There s not a lot of recipes but additional sections on honey, fruit, spices and other ingredients provide the background necessary to experiment and craft personal recipes As a backyard orchardist, I enjoyed the section on fruit and fruit varietals, with emphasis given to apple varieties for cyser, and grapes for pyment Schramm pulls back the curtain a bit on the practices and theory of winemaking, which, of course, meadmaking shares an affinity People coming from the beer brewing side of things will find themselves in familiar territory in the section on braggot So while I come at the hobby from a gardening and beekeeping angle, this book succ
I have one carboy clearing and one happily bubbling away A perfect introduction to making your own mead From the history of mead to necessary equipment to mead varieties and recipes, this book will have you making mead within the week Schramm also adds some personality here and there to kee
Excellent resource The author covers everything from honey quality, methods, history to sample recipes The sections on types of honey, mead types and their adjuncts sorry I am a brewer are helpful to any beginner His sense of humor though is a bit odd.Meads can be a bit pricey to make though. Always enjoy reading brewing books, this one gives a great overview of both the brewing process for mead, one in which enough is given that I feel comfortable giving it a try, and of the expansion of mead brewing with fruit and spices as well