The Starks Trilogy Box Set (The Starks Trilogy, #1 - 2)

The Starks Trilogy Box Set (The Starks Trilogy, #1 - 2) FREE With KINDLE UNLIMITED The Starks Trilogy Enjoy Two Full Length Books In One Convenient, Discounted Bundle BOOK 1 When The Serpent Bites Downright Amazing Bobbie Grob, Readers Favorite A Fascinating Read John Murray, Pacific Book Review A Plethora Of Twisted And Suspenseful Events San Francisco Book Review An Arresting Prison Tale About Penance Kirkus Reviews Frederick Starks Has It All A Gorgeous Wife Who Was His High School Sweetheart, Three Beautiful Children, A Mansion And Cars Others Envy, Millions In The Bank, Respected In His Community, Admired By His Employees, Loved And Respected By Loyal Friends He Revels In The Hard Earned Power And Control He S Acquired As The Saying Goes, All That Glitters Is Not Gold, Which Starks Discovers When Gut Wrenching Betrayal By His Wife Sends Him Over The Edge And Into A Maximum Security Prison There, Starks Is A New Fish, Stripped Of Nearly Everything He S Always Relied On In That Place, Where Inmates And Guards Have Their Own Rules And Codes Of Conduct, Starks Is Forced To Face The Darker Side Of Life, And His Own Darker Side, Especially When The Betrayals, Both Inside And Outside The Prison, Don T Stop He Must Choose Which Path To Follow When The Line Between Right And Wrong Becomes Blurred One That Leads To Getting Out Of The Physical And Emotional Hellhole He Finds Himself In Or One That Keeps Him Alive BOOK 2 When The Dragon Roars When The Dragon Roars Is An Absolutely Riveting Read, Full Of Surprising Twists And Turns And Brilliant Writing The Chapters Are Short The Dialogue Realistic The Characters Believable And The Plot Gripping Viga Boland, Readers Favorite With Tight, Crisp Prose And Realistic Dialogue, The Author Keeps The Pace Of His Tome Moving At Highway Speed His Characters Are Finely Etched Both Physically And Emotionally Clerge Knows The Story He Wants To Tell, And He Tells It In A Way That Is Both Involving And Entertaining Joe Kilgore, Pacific Book Review Brimming With Twists, Turns, And Non Stop Drama, When The Dragon Roars By Nesly Clerge Is A Thriller Ideal For Any Fan Of Prison Noir Veronica Alvarado, Bestseller S World Secrets And Lies Force Their Way To The Surface In Nesly Clerge S Newest Novel Of Deception, Crime, And Buried History Frederick Starks Thought He D Already Lost As Much As One Man Could A Beautiful Family, The Luxurious Life Wealth Provides, Success, Admiration All Stripped From Him In One Moment Of Madness That Resulted In A Fifteen Year Sentence In A Maximum Security Prison Certain That Life Has Gotten As Bad As It Can Get, Starks Contrives A Way To Rise To The Top Of The Inmate Hierarchy But His Assumption Is Wrong Amid Stunning Revelations, Betrayals, And Violence, Starks Faces One Challenge After Another, Until A Life Altering Event Forces Him Into The Most Brutal Confrontation Of All The Truth About Himself. This is one wild trilogy, powerful and so full of twists it leaves you guessing all the way to the end Starks is a complex character, fascinating even if not always likeable Watching him persevere through a self inflicted nightmare of betrayal, regret, and simmering rage has been an absolute blast.Nesly Clerge writes skillfully, blending gritty realism and thoughtfu
When The Serpents Bites Book 1 This is the tale of entrepreneur Fredrick Starks early years of a 15 year sentence at Sands Correctional Facility It showcases his rise to power while serving time in a maximum security prison It s a very good novel 7 13 15.When The Dragon Roars Book 2 Fredrick Starks was stabbed up by his cellmate, Jackson, with a gang led by Beon Bo Jones One by one, his enemies were picked off and killed Charges were never pressed against Starks by Investigative Officer Spenser of the Council He had it in for the inmate Though, many oth
Interesting Tale NOT what I expected and, I m not sure what to make of the book s series plot Stark is a conceited, self righteous egomaniac who has been thrown in jail Unfortunately, he is also a rich prick
WowThe twist and turns just kept coming Could not stop reading and looking forward to the next book in this series. This is an amazing series by a new author Starkes commits a crime of passion OCD depending on your point of view and life goes down hill from there Like the Biblical Lott, it s as though the devil is purposely toying with him I can t wait for book three Hope it doesn t take a year to write.