MUTINY IN THE ARK Mutiny In The Ark Is A Collection Of Thirteen Fascinating Stories Depicting Realities Of Everyday Life In The Indian Society Today Dealing Generally With The Life Of The Financially Well Off Whom Happiness Has Eluded, The Author Shows How They Seek, But Do Not Find And The Reasons Show Up In Misplaced Social Norms And Beliefs, Frustrated Personal Persuasions, And Sometimes In Simple Pressures Of Modern Life Receptive To Candour And Uprightness The Author Also Exposes In A Most Interesting And Witty Manner The Duplicitous And Hypocritical Side Of Human Behaviour Overall These Stories Are Believable Though Unrelenting.The Opening Story, The Artist Interestingly Depicts The Stark Reality Of The Life And Thought Of The Newly Acquired Power And Riches People While Exposing The Ostentation And Self Glorification Of A Politician It Also Underlines The Price An Artist Has To Pay For His Candour And Ingenuity The Sly Satire Hidden In Every Word Keeps One Smiling To The End The Other Class Narrates The Moving Dilemma Of A Young Prisoner Who Is Released Before Time As A Reward For His Good Conduct But Does Not Know Where To Go Mother Unveils The Misery Of An Aged Mother Who Has Just Lost Her Husband Her Emigrant Children Settled In The States Do Manage To Persuade Her To Accompany Them To Their Adopted Country, Out Of Love And Natural Concern, But Find It Difficult To Accommodate A Redundant Element In Their Set Routine Within A Month She Insists To Be Shifted To An Old Age Home Practical Piety Uncovers The Practice Of Making Money Behind The Pretext Of Social Service Ram Ratan Revolves Around The Life Of A Recently Widowed Wife Of A Senior Executive Who Maintains The Household As It Was Before She Lost Her Husband Same Style, Same Staff Only To Learn In A Most Crude Manner That Nothing Was Actually The Same It Also Lays Bare The Heart Of Her Old, Sincere Servant Who Could Not Suppress His Resentment Once The Master Was Gone, Misbehaves And Then Takes His Own Life In Remorse From Here On Shifting To The Plight Of Women Sealed Bottle Brings To The Fore The Defiant Assertiveness Of The Fast Emerging Trend Of Single Mothers, Burnt Alive Demonstrates How Clutches Of Outdated Traditions And Rituals Can Still Publicly Dishonour And, In A Mad Frenzy, Throw Alive An Educated Modern Rajput Girl On The Pyre Of Her Husband To Burn Alive In The Name Of Family Honour The Others Recounts The Experience Of A Young Wife Abandoned By Her Newly Married Husband On The Basis Of A Vicious Innuendo By A Stranger He Accidentally Meets In A Party The Possessed Treats The Theme Of The Male Ego, First, I Ll Kill Him Reveals The Bitterness In The Heart Of A Small Boy Who Was Tortured By His Father, And Who Saw His Mother Killed Right Under His Eyes Besides Saving His Own Life By Running Away He Could Do Nothing As He Grows Up A Nagging Wish To Take Revenge Keeps Smouldering In His Heart Accosted By Glory Is An Imaginative Treatment Of How Glory Comes Only After Death, And Visitation Is A Surrealist Tale Of How The Golden Glow Of Hope Keeps One Alive Even When Beyond Reach, And The Title Story, Mutiny In The Ark Boldly Puts Forward Man S Contemptible, Lowly, And Selfish Nature Compared To That Of The Animals.