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Grimms MärchenIn The Early 19th Century Jacob And Wilhelm Grimm Brought Together A Collection Of Ancient Folk Tales That Had Been Passed From Generation To Generation Throughout Northern Europe There Are 60 In This Edition Rapunzel , Red Riding Hood , Hansel And Gretel Among Them Which Features The Exquisite Illustrations Of Arthur Rackham.It Is Curious To Think That We Owe So Many Of Our Best Loved Fairy Tales From The Frog Prince To Rapunzel To The Scholarship Of Two German Brothers In The 19th Century.The Brothers Grimm Collected Some 200 Traditional Tales Of Northern Europe That Might Very Well Otherwise Have Been Lost To Us This Folio Edition Contains Sixty Of The Most Famous, Including Snow White , Hansel And Gretel And Red Riding Hood.Their Influence Cannot Be Overstated W H Auden Considered Them Founding Texts Of Western Culture It Is Hardly Too Much To Say That These Tales Rank Next To The Bible In Importance Illustrated With Arthur Rackham S Exquisite Pictures, These Stories Will Forever Be Associated With Fairy Magic. I m thrilled that this book contains the nasty version of Cinderella, where the stepsisters not only cut off parts of their feet in an attempt to wear the slipper, but also get their eyes pecked out by birds during the royal wedding That ll learn em.These children s classics are fairly dripping with blood particularly the evil blood of those who seek to keep true love from running its natural, ho hum course.These were dark and scary times to be a stepmother Even though Snow White is stupid enough to fall for the wicked queen dressed as a peddler woman bearing poisoned goodies on THREE SEPARATE OCCASIONS, it s the queen who s forced to don red hot iron shoes and dance until she drops dead Then there is the wicked stepmother in The Twelve Brothers She is put to death in a barrel filled with boiling oil and venomous snakes boiling oil resistant serpents, one must presume , where she died an evil death Reading than 50 of these stories in a row tends to get a bit monotonous In fact, many seem to be the SAME story re told with only slight changes Here are the fairy tale rules 1 Share your food and drink with tiny forest folk Kindness to animals is always rewarded.2 Teeny tiny men seem to have trouble staying out of cows stomachs.3 A multitude of tasks must be completed before one is allowed to marry royalty.4 When three siblings set out on quests, it s always the y
Overall quite enjoyable Some tales I loved, some were just kind of meh, but it was fun I was originally was going to give this a 3 because it is uneven strange, and sometimes surprisingly amoral, but then i realized how much I acutally had to say about it, and just how much I enjoyed reading these goofy stories So bear with me while i recount some of the best and worst stories and some of the strange themes of grimm s fairy tales I have to admit, I write these reviews almost entirely for myself Some themes things you should know If you are an evil stepmother or witch, and you are looking for a brother and sister or pair of lovers, they ve probably turned themselves into a duck and a lake, respectively people or animals geting released from wolf s stomaches and then placing stones in their place if you kill a dragon, giant or other fearsome creature, always cut out the tongue and hang onto in case you are betrayed by someone who claims to have killed the beast himself when confronted, the deceiver will always claim that the beast had no tongue, but no one will believe him if you rescue someone a fair maden, of course fro
Hessen Landskunde 51 .. A very good read Reminds me of my childhood days when my Grandma used to read these fairy tales to me They are pretty graphic however I recommend this book to all Read to your children folks It will create a love of reading and a thirst for knowledge Enjoy and Be Blessed.Diamond . . Grimm s Fairy Tales, the apostrophe is as it is printed on the book s title page and cover is Richard Adams s personal selection of nineteen tales, which he made in 1981 This is a large format book with illustrations by Pauline Ellison Pauline Ellison is a prolific illustrator of books, producing meticulous detailed watercolour images with use of natural colour tones These paintings are quite busy, and the characters and interiors have a Germanic or East European feel They are very attractive, and the book displays this art well using glossy paper and printing to a high standard.As I have often found with illustrated books of folk and fairy tales, the actual text is very much the poor relation Here at least there is one illustration per story, inserted in the story itself, rather than randomly Yet the size of the book, and the cramped feel of the text does not invite one to read each story The font size is very small, and the translators are not credited It seems as if this is a book produced primarily for the artworks.Richard Adams has written a brief essay as an introduction Presumably he was asked to make this selection because he was at the peak of his popularity in 1981 I was struck by the synchronicity of an editor who originally conceived his most famous book Watership Down as a story to tell his daughters on long car journeys, just as the stories here were an oral tradition, which were passed down and develo
Kinder und Hausm rchen is a key German contribution to world literature It comprises about 250 traditional tales, which were collected by Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm, and first published in 1812, with a second volume dated 1815 Although the most accurate translation of this title would be Children s and Household Tales , most English readers know these stories as Grimms Fairy Tales, sadly often with the apostrophe misplaced, as Grimm s Fairy Tales.Between 1824 and 1839, Edgar Taylor had translated these tales into English, again in two volumes In 1870, Wilhelm s eldest son, Hermann, edited what has come to be known as the definitive edition of Kinder und Hausm rchen In 1901, Marian Edwardes made a selection of these tales, and it is on her selection which most modern collections are now based There is a typical English Grimm , which always comprises around fifty stories not always the same fifty, but all chosen from a list of around half of the original number of 250 in the 1870 edition Charles Folkard H
I m glad to have read this, simply because fairy tale plots and themes are used so often in modern literature that it felt good to become acquainted with old versions of the tales and get closer to the original folklore I also enjoyed picking up on some of the values of the time that come across in the stories That said, most of them are terribly boring The method of storytelling is something I just could not get comfortable with rapid, perfunctory, repetitive, bizarrely irrational It was often disturbingly amoral as well, even so than stories that try to be realistic about how life goes There are plenty of the happy endings that have come to characterise fairy tales today, but happy endings were certainly not the standard for these tales some are incredibly violent and or downright depressing.I

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