Privacy We Live And Of Our Lives Online We Rely On The Internet As We Work, Correspond With Friends And Loved Ones, And Go Through A Multitude Of Mundane Activities Like Paying Bills, Streaming Videos, Reading The News, And Listening To Music Without Thinking Twice, We Operate With The Understanding That The Data That Traces These Activities Will Not Be Abused Now Or In The Future There Is An Abstract Idea Of Privacy That We Invoke, And, Concrete Rules About Our Privacy That We Can Point To If We Are Pressed Nonetheless, Too Often We Are Uneasily Reminded That Our Privacy Is Not Invulnerable The Data Tracks We Leave Through Our Health Information, The Internet And Social Media, Financial And Credit Information, Personal Relationships, And Public Lives Make Us Continuously Prey To Identity Theft, Hacking, And Even Government Surveillance.A Great Deal Is At Stake For Individuals, Groups, And Societies If Privacy Is Misunderstood, Misdirected, Or Misused Popular Understanding Of Privacy Doesn T Match The Heat The Concept Generates With A Host Of Cultural Differences As To How Privacy Is Understood Globally And In Different Religions, And With Ceaseless Technological Advancements, It Is An Increasingly Complex Topic In This Clear And Accessible Book, Leslie And John G Francis Guide Us To An Understanding Of What Privacy Can Mean And Why It Is So Important Drawing Upon Their Extensive Joint Expertise In Law, Philosophy, Political Science, Regulatory Policy, And Bioethics, They Parse The Consequences Of The Forfeiture, However Great Or Small, Of One S Privacy. An overview of a wide range of privacy topics, responding to common questions It s about privacy concepts, legislation, and history, with very few actionable steps to protecting your privacy Topics include privacy in individual and family life, health, education, finance, employment, national and international security, politics, and the Internet The book is well researched, presenting a mix of data and opinion, but opinions are questions to consider than demands that you agree.As you can see from the table of contents below, the book covers a wide range of privacy topics I read the chapters about Internet privacy and security chapters 8 and 9 , because that s what I m most interested in I read this because I m increasing my knowledge of Internet privacy for my website, Defending Digital.Throughout the book, the authors compare the US to the EU, which has tighter privacy laws and higher expectations.Table of Contents1 Conceptualizing Privacy2 Protecting Personal Information Basic Issues3 Privacy and Health Information4 Privacy and Educational Information5 Financial Information, Credit Information, and Information for Employers6 Law Enforcement Information Police, Victims, and Suspects 7 Privacy within and Beyond Families and Groups 8 Privacy on the Internet and in Social Media The Worldwide and Interactive Internet 9
A must read about privacy for anyone involved in technology, education, social media online life, security, policy and This is a pretty comprehensive guide that poses questions about privacy online, in our healthcare, and politics for those living in America It s a reminder that we tak

[Epub] Privacy  By Leslie P. Francis –
  • Paperback
  • 352 pages
  • Privacy
  • Leslie P. Francis
  • 25 March 2018
  • 9780190612252