One Wicked Night

One Wicked NightThis Is An Alternate Cover Edition For B00FGKG59E For One Wicked Night Benedict Abernathy, An Untitled And Wealthy Gentleman Visiting London, Is Heartily Sick Of His Celibate Existence Determined To Leave His Shattered Heart Behind And Move On With His Life, He Accepts An Invitation For A Night Of Debauchery In The Arms Of London S Infamous Courtesan, Lottie Townsend She Will Indulge His Every Desire.Lady Charlotte Goodchild Has Fallen Far From Privilege And Longs For One Night Of Pleasure With The Man She Loves But Benedict Must Be Spared The Truth Of Her Ruin At All Costs Posing As Lottie Townsend, A Notoriously Discriminating Courtesan And Old Friend, She Disguises Her Identity And Invites Benedict To Share The Night Of Passion That Fate Denied Them. 3.75 Seductive Stars Benedict Abernathy gets an in invitation to spend one night with Lottie Townsend, the infamous courtesan He accepts but doesn t know the woman he beds is his ex fiancee who disappeared a year ago Huh a regency hero with food allergies view spoiler okay then the super in demand courtesan is Lottie, when his missing lady love is named Charlotte.She presumably kisses like his Charlotte, has the same eyes nose mouth etc, grabs his dick like his Charlotte, smells like his Charlotte he does notice that the NEXT day but a day late, dude And what She smells like herself the next day but didn t the night before when they were having sex, which gets smelly He doesn t notice that she knows of his food allergies.They have an amazing emotional connection and he never works out that it was HER His sister recognises
This is a first ebook from Noble Romance, ONE WICKED NIGHT by Heather Boyd Not only a sensual and romantic erotic historical romance, but so emotional Took me by surprise in so much that happened between Benedict Abernathy and Lady Charlotte Goodchild Lady Charlotte is under a disguise so that she can hide herself as Lottie, a famous courtesan, so that she could have one last night with Benedict Both have loved before, but Lady Charlotte s ruin and Benedict s trying to give himself some joy without the fear of being harmed So with both the h h in an deep love for one another, are so far apart even tho they are together this night Gosh, it was so beautiful to read and feel
Sweet and steamy, another discovery thanks to a freebie As one might surmise from the cover of this short story, this is supposed to be an erotic romance story it even says so, right there on the left Knowing full well how dangerous self published porn could potentially be, I decided I d give this one a shot after reading the little excerpt and finding a very interesting setup.The story is very much what it says on the tin Benedict has decided to throw off the confines of his self imposed celibacy in the wake of his fiancee to be mysteriously deserting him, and he s garnered an invitation from one of the most sought after courtesans in the city They have their one night of passion and part ways, though each of them in quite sad about it Benedict wants to extend his one night liaison, and Charlotte said missing fiancee mourns the loss of her love as she prepares to head to a housekeeping position in Wales.There is a resolution to the plot, and a HEA, as Benedict discovers who Lottie really is by an interesting happenstance his sister randomly spotting her on the street , and his mother encourages him to go after her even though she has a strong suspicion about what her son was doing the night before his sister s wedding He does go after her and they are reunited and all is well It s really quite sweet, for erotica.That being said, I wouldn t really classify this as an erotic story There s a lot of sex, yes, but it s pretty
Charlotte Lottie Townsend is a London courtesan of the highest quality Her expensive favors are distributed by invitation only She is admired for than just her exceptional good looks and manners, but also for the strict confidentiality she keeps with her numerous clients A rendezvous with Lottie is an evening with an impure goddess of the night The facts that she excels in her chosen profession and actually enjoys the act, makes her special She is frequented by numerous Earls, Dukes, and Viscounts her guest tonight expels all of the others from her mind This evening, however, holds special meaning for Lottie She spent the last few weeks thinking about and planning what she hoped would be unforgettable Benedict Abernathy is a blast from her past when Lottie Townsend was universally known as just Charlotte Townsend Along with this revelation, deep dark secrets begin to ebb their way out of the hitherto safely locked closet Will they destroy her and rob her of the one person that could her happiness This historical romance is set in
This is the second book i have read from Noble publishing and this one is just as wonderfull as the previous one i have read.Their books are sizzling Benedict Abernathy is honored when he gets to spend one night with the famous courtesan Lottie Townsend to leave his shattered heart.Not knowing that the woman he loves so much, but left him without a word, Lady Charlotte Goodchild poses as the infamous Lottie to have one night with her beloved Benedict I really loved this book
Lady you know how to write a short story love itWhat can I say this was the best short story I have read up to date I m hooked and you will definitely be seeing of my reviews Can t wait to see what other goodies y
Quick read which shows us Benedict Abernathy s story, who I first saw in Chills There was story here that could have been written rather than just touched on but the author chose to just focus on and isolate climax of this couples story. This story has all the makings for a great 5 star book, but it was just too short and too rushed It would have read a lot better as a full length book At the very least some resolution to what drove the characters apart in the first place Otherwise, it was a good and enjoyable story.