Deploy The Missing, The Murder, The Cover Up, The Abuse, All Of It Should Ve Been Enough To Divide And Test The Love Between Declan And Justice, But It Was Nothing Compared To The Hell They Wreaked On Each Other S Hearts Fighting For What She Loves Is A War Justice Cannot Afford To Loseher Marine Told Her To Fight. 4.5 stars ARC kindly provided by Patchwork Press Cooperative via Netgalley in exchange of an honest review I really don t know from where to start with this book I am afraid that I ll be unfair This is the story of Justice and Declan Justice and Declan have feelings for each other already for years but for different reasons they don t take any action on them The plot was really beautiful and original There was this dark atmosphere during this book without being a dark story There was abuse, pain, death but still the book didn t mean to scare Ms Magee wrote a beautiful love story full of raw emotions passion, family love, brotherly love, friendship, patriotism and the list is long There was only one negative point and it was that the book is written in third person and sometimes I couldn t keep up Just a minor issue really.Justice has a difficult life but she knows how to hide it well She doesn t want to be a burden to anyone and her private life is hers only I really liked her She was so strong and weak at the same time She had faith in love and she didn t She really felt real to me During this book, she grew and she changed and she became such a great woman Declan is an honourable man than anything else He signed a contract for the Army and he did it He promised to keep a secret for his brother and
Ok so I m going to go with the emotional rating on this book Her Marine told her to fight and man did she I wasn t sure at first if I would like this book The characters were young and the book read like a teenager had written it and then it matured The characters and the writing style Not sure how Jamie Magee did it but the entire book changed as the characters changed If that was on purpose I applaud you, because it worked for me This book shadows Declan Rawlings and Justice Rose as they grow and become adults through the trials of their life Justice especially goes through hardships like no other Her life as a teen is hell and Declan doesn t want to leave her when he goes to boot camp, but as his Dad says Right girl wrong time Justice has an abusive father and the Rawlings family gathers around her to lend support as her Demons change throughout the years I loved the secondary characters and the way the story evolved Justice herself is complex and strong Stubborn to a fault a perfect match for her marine.Declan is a strong Alpha who is born with a warrior soul He cant give up his dream of being a Marine and Justice never asks it of him He also wont ask her to wait or to make promises which leads to issues through the story There are major problems in the m
4.5 stars Wow this book kept me wanting And I am not sure if there is another book coming out but I need I love all the brothers in this book Justice comes from a crappy life If you met her you wouldn t know it, this girl can hide it all and has a bigger plan Her whole family is just horrible, well her grandma is a gentle soul but she looks the opposite way too much The only thing that seems to be a light at the end of the tunnel is her forever crush, Declan Rowlings They have never quite got it right but of course it finally feels right and he is getting ready to leave to become a marine I can not tell you the whole story here but from that day coward nothing but hell occurs for this girl with bits of light hidden in the darkness Declan tells her one thing before he leaves and it is to fight The question is, is Justice fighting against the world or against Declan Declan sees everything in black and white There is no in between Therefore when he turns 18 and graduates he is going to ship straight off to training camp So Declan has
Ups, downs, twists and turns galoreHoly cow I could not put this one down for a minute All the twists and turns had me on the edge of my seat begging for Declan and Justice have been in love since day one, but since his brother Nolan called their family version of dibs , she s also been off limits After a horrible storm comes through and they re stuck together by her decision to wait for him to get a ride home , their feelings are known to each other and his family Unfortunately with her hat father in her life, there s not much she can do He leaves for the marines, Nolan leaves for adventure and she s stuck home with her drunk abusive father and a rotten sheriff and his son Nolan s disappearance is the icing on a messed up cake that has everyone in turmoil Questio
via netgalleya good read. This book is amazing I couldn t put it down Seriously My husband would wake up around 2am and tell me to put my kindle up and get some sleep I was living the story It was like I was right there in Bradyville with them I love how Ja
How is it, I have never heard of this author before That was the first question that came to mind when this book came on my radar I was intrigued by the blurb, which prompted me to sign up for the book tour I had no idea what I would be getting myself into but I went in with an open mind This book delivered all that I was expecting.The StoryThe story, which is told in the 3rd person alternate POV, started out slow but then by the second half of the book the pace increased In the first half of the book, the focus of the story was on the lives of Declan and Justice from their childhood to teen years It dealt with the issues they had faced in the past and the plans they had for the future This method worked for me, as it allowed me to establish a connection with them The story was well written, although there were a few editorial issues, which I suspect is due to the fact that this is not the final publication.The second half of the story was quite emotional The pain, joys, and sorrow that the characters experienced permeated the pages of the book It was gripping and it held my attention to the very end Although I was eager to see how the story unfolded, I didn t want it to end I just could not get enough of the brooding alpha male and his feisty and independent counterpart.The Cha
This book wasn t what I expected The cover and title drew me in and I was looking forward to some kind of military romance What I got in the end is something I m not sure about.I just didn t get this book I can t explain why, but I just didn t understand what it was meant to be Was it a military romance A suspense A murder story There was no clear theme that stood out It all felt a bit jumbled, and it made for a hard read I struggled constantly to engage with the characters and the plot.For me, I didn t buy into it Everything seemed so exaggerated and convoluted There wasn t a depth to the motives for most of the characters, and I didn t understand the reasons behind the family feuds Moreover, I didn t buy into the relationship.Everything happened too quickly or too slowly in this book Large chunks of time were missed out and I m not s