The Toybreaker (Dr Hannah Nightingale, #1)

The Toybreaker (Dr Hannah Nightingale, #1) A GRIPPING CRIME THRILLER WITH A STUNNING ENDING Dr Hannah Nightingale Faces A Race Against Time To Stop The Evil Serial Killer Known As The Toybreaker Someone Is Snatching Small Children From Their Beds In The Middle Of The Night They Leave A Sinister Calling Card Behind A Broken Handmade Puppet On The Child S Pillow The Press Nickname The Kidnapper The Toybreaker In A Desperate Move, Superintendent David Mallory Calls In Criminal Profiler Dr Hannah Nightingale To Help With An Investigation That Is Going Nowhere More Children Disappear And The City Of Garton Is On The Edge Of Panic A Very Dark Mind Is At Work, But Why Does The Toybreaker Suddenly Change His Method, Adding A Lock Of Hair To The Crime Scene When A Prime Suspect Escapes, The Police Appear To Have Reached Another Dead End Will The Toybreaker Be Stopped Before Families Are Destroyed This Is A Fast Paced Thriller That Will Have You Turning The Pages Till The Action Packed Ending THE DETECTIVES David Mallory Is An Old School Policeman Who Has Made Some Powerful Enemies Within His Own Department DCI Gary Falcon Is An Ambitious Young Man On The Rise, But His Father S Legal Work For The City S Criminals Does Not Play Well With His Fellow Officers THE PROFILER Dr Hannah Nightingale Is An Up And Coming Forensic Psychiatrist Who Is Employed As A Consultant Profiler By The Toybreaker Team The Nightingale Family Are Prominent In The Garton Social Scene And Hannah Has To Fight Hard To Be Accepted By A Sceptical Police Force THE SETTING Garton Is A Fictional Port City In The North Of England It S Faced Years Of Industrial Decline, But A Strong Community Spirit And Sense Of Humour Give Hope For Revival But There Are Still Pockets Of Rundown Inner City Criminality THE TOYBREAKER Is The First In A New Series Of Crime Thrillers Great For Fans Of Sarah Flint, Paul Finch Kathy Reichs, Angela Marsons, And Patricia Cornwell OUT NOW The Next Book In The Series ANGER MAN Can The Team Stop A Killer Full Of Rage And Guilt PRAISE FOR ROY CHESTER Intriguing, Compelling, And Thoroughly Entertaining Chorley Guardian THE TOYBREAKER by Roy Chester is a face paced, well written, dark and disturbing police procedural serial killer crime thriller This book has everything in it I loved it The Toybreaker is every parent s nightmare The worst of all evils A serial kidnapper on the loose who snatches young children from their homes And always at night A phantom that seems to come and go as it pleases FACTS In 6 months 5 children have gone missing No bodies found no ransom The children do not come from rich families, so it appears that the reason for abduction is not for financial gain Always one or two year olds from a single family.A wooden toy, clown puppet , a calling card, was left behind and a lock of the child s hair.Chief Superintendent David Mallory and DCI Gary Falcon have been assigned to the case to catch this serial killer named The Toy Breaker Mallory and Falcon have four weeks to show progress on the case or they will both be replaced.Dr Hannah Nightingale, a forensic psychologist has been employed as a consultant profiler by the team, as the investigation is going nowhere Hannah has to fight hard to be accepted by the police, as they are from the old school and have little faith in a profiler Dr Hann
This is a 3.5 star read.The first of a series of books my friend bought me, this immediately drew me in with it s creepy title and cover The plot is every parents worst nightmare, a serial abductor of small children, always in the dead of night, with no clues left behind save for a smashed clown toy What is it with creepy clowns The investigation is headed by DSupt David Mallory and DCI Gary Falcon When no headway is made in the case Dr Hannah Nightingale, a forensic psychiatrist, is brought in to try and profile the Toybreaker Well written and tightly paced, it made for an exceptionally quick read after the first few chapters which were really story building of the characters The psychological viewpoint was fascinating and it made for an interesting, if initially confusing, variance on the standard police procedura
THE TOYBREAKER a gripping serial killer crime thrillerby Roy ChesterThis is my fifth attempt to post this review I am starting to feel very superstitious, thinking the universe doesn t want to hear from me about this book I just got a new computer and a couple of days ago I threw out my disc for word 2013 My husband said that our brother in law who works in IT could transfer my University 365 word document, excel, and power point and one note onto my new computer from my old one Wrong, again I will have to replace those programs that make life so much easier Each time I retype this review it changes because I am unable to save it in a word document.Here is a good time to tell you that this is a thriller about a serial killer It is dark and disturbing so stop reading this if the subject matter is not for you I really didn t like the book I was uncomfortable reading it and reviewing it I did like all the characters beside the husband and wife that are the serial killers I understand if you stop reading my review I take one hundred percent
DIS David Mallory and DCI Gary Falcon have teamed up to catch the monstrous serial killer named The Toy Breaker.The Toy Breaker abducts very young children from one parent homes leaving nothing behind except a lock of the child s hair and a broken clown puppet There are no ransom notes, no clues, no witnesses The children are never seen again.At a standstill in the case and with a last gasp effort to stop the killer, Mallory calls in a criminal profiler, Dr Hannah Nightingale.More children disappear, the city is panicking and the higher ups have given the detectives little time to get this solved or they will be replaced.The tension is mounting and the desperation evident Who is the Toy Breaker And why very young children, the most innocent of all This is a fast paced thriller that will have you turning the pages until the explosive ending I
I have to say the cover and the description for this book really drew me in and I knew I had to read it for myself.The start of the story starts of with a young man and his son which had me hooked right from that point I was desperate to know what part they played in this story and what happens to them I was not disappointed.I love criminal profiler themes in books For anyone who is fascinated with murderers and crimes, it s great to be able to see how their minds work so I for one loved Hannah s character in this book Her work is quite crucial in the discovery of the Toybreaker which
Quick and creepy Very dialogue heavy with short and snappy chapters and likeable characters A great read for October Easily read in one sitting Set aside some time and prepare to be creeped out Dr Hannah Nightingale is a forensic psychiatrist that s been brought in as a profiler on a very disturbing case A total of five children have been taken from their bedrooms at night The kidnapper leaves behind only a lock of their hair and a broken clown doll The police have no witnesses and no leads The town is terrified Are the children dead or alive And what kind of person would steal an innocent child away from a loving home The doctor is working with two detectives, Mallory and Falcon They are at first reluctant to work with a profiler and dubious of her skill but soon realize they need all the help the
Not happy at all I ve got as far as 53% into this putting up with errors throughout but it had reached the stage of one per page pretty much so I had to give init wore me down in the end A great pity because I was really enjoying the story But to be constantly distracted by mistakes just spoils the whole experience for me I m so fed up This author is by no means the only offender We see this in e books time and time again Authors need to realise that those of us reading on devices are still READERS and customers and ought to be afforded a little respect Print books were never in the mess that e books are in and from bestselling authors as well.Firstly, we have there was a suggestion it that might have been which makes no sense at all.We had missing words a LOT and also words thrown in where they re not neededlike she would just to sit and look out a door at the end of corridor opened a man he d picked in the town centre he does not have answer any question he hadn t shown any sign emotion the incredible the lengths that woman was prepared to go and finally, the belief that XX s the Toybreaker is.There were lots of fullstops missed, commas t
KIND OF BLAND TO ME AND CONFUSING AT TIMES, NOT VERY THRILLING AT ALL MORE LIKE BORING, This story moves along at a niec pace that hooked me from the start The characters are very well introduced and developed throughout the book In fact, they are still being developed towards the conclusion, which sets up Dr Hannah Nightingale and her fellow protagonists for the sequel.There is the classic line that the seasoned police officers are very skeptical, at first, about the introduction of a psychological profiler, but gradually become convinced of her value to their investigations By the end, of course, she proves to be absolutely vital That storyline is hardly original, but the author manages to make it convincing.The pace is maintained by good, strong dialogue and the dilemmas that face at least two of the main characters.There are a few twists and turns and surprises throughout, although the main surprise was not a shock to me, even though it seemed to leap out of the blue at the two detectives and the profiler I was expecting one major twist at the end that didn t actually happen, so I lost my personal bet with myself.The tension in the end play was expertly managed and I was swept along by it A very good conclusion.The only element that grated slightly with me was the infusion of Americanisms Most of the narrative is in British English, and there is even a Glossary of English Slang for US Readers at the end of the book to help our trans Atlantic friends If I were Ameri
Good..But..This is a great story I really cannot say enough for the creativity and suspense of this book However, the editor should be fired I have never read a book with so many grammatical errors Spelling and sentence structure errors are on almost every page It s extremely distracting, and there were times when I had difficulty deciphering what was being said Yes I know, I m American and proper English is different This is far than differences in speech patterns It seemed like the author typ