The voice of a broken heart

The voice of a broken heart Have You Had A Broken Relationship, Broken Family, And Have You Just Been Broken Inside Well Inside This Book You Will Find The Answer To Fix Your Brokenness Healing Is Only One Page Away Inside This As A Humans, We Become So Busy With Everyday Living That We Forget To Deal With The Brokenness As An Issue In The Natural And Mental Realm So Allow Healing To Begin In Your Mind, Body, And Spirit So That Your Current And Future Relationships With Your Everyone Around You Can Be Saved From Being Broken Through The Information Your Capture From This Book Personally, The Separation Segregation Within The Church In A Place Where We Should Be Under The Do Not Judge Rule That Jesus So Clearly Taught, Modern Day Christians Tend To Be The Most Spiteful And Judgmental People On The Planet We Judge Non Christians, We Judge Other Beliefs And Doctrines, And Most Worryingly, We Judge The Mess Out Of Each Other There S A Huge Reason Why There Are Literally Thousands Upon Thousands Of Different Christian Denominations In The World It S Because We Find The Littlest Thing Wrong With One System, Spite Them, And Create Another One And So On, And So On The Church Is Not A Building It Is Us If The Church Can T Stand To Be Together, How Do We Expect To Stand At All We Need Much, Much Unity, And Much, Much Less Separation.