The librarian at play

The librarian at playThe Librarian At Play, By Edmund Lester Pearson Many Of The Earliest Books, Particularly Those Dating Back To The 1900s And Before, Are Now Extremely Scarce And Increasingly Expensive We Are Republishing These Classic Works In Affordable, High Quality, Modern Editions, Using The Original Text And Artwork. Edmund Lester Pearson was a librarian and author From 1906 to 1920 he wrote a column for a Boston newspaper, which is where these fourteen essays and sketches came from I do hope Project Gutenberg publishes his two other collected library column titles someday because these were hilarious I also would be interested in reading the books he wrote on true crime Supposedly he is most famous for his essay about Lizzie Borden at least that is what Wiki says.But back to The Librarian At Play Usually in a book like this there are a few duds, but I enjoyed each and every offering, from The Gardener s Guide what will our hero the librarian do with his exciting new book and all those packets of seeds to A Literary Meet Olympic Games for literary characters a fencing match between Cyrano de Bergerac and D Artagnan a football game with Achilles as captain on one side and Hamlet on the other Hamlet was constantly fretting whether to punt or not to punt There were two related pieces about collectors One man had a literary zoo, with many of the animals mentioned in certain books There were a number of tigers, including, of course, the ill natured Shere Khan The one in the second cage, said my guide, is one of those hunted by Mr Isaacs, when h
This lovely rare book by Edmund Lester Pearson is a compilation of his writing for a newspaper column called The Librarian printed in the Boston Evening Transcript These specific columns are of a fictional nature that reflect on the nature of librarians and librarianship One of my favorites is the first, called The Interest Gauge In this story a salesman comes to a small public library selling little gauges that can be attached to the back of books to show the interest and attention of the previous reader Naturally scholarly texts on German philosophy show low ratings and true crime stories show high ratings, despite the protestations of readers.Another of my favorite stories is By Telephone, which tells the story of a public library which gets its first telephone and therefore provides telephone reference service Hilarity ensues as librarian and patron alike struggle with the new technology a story not so different from today.This book also i
Many of the jokes didn t work for me, but those that did were good enough to salvage a 3 star ranking.Any American librarian or archivist would be all too familiar with the genealogists in hell featured in one of the stories As far as I know, there s no Grand Dames of the Pequot War , though we get plenty of people wanting ancestors for Daughters of the American Revolution chapter The long line for Pocahontas
From 1911, this book is a very humorous treatment of library life It is a collection of vignettes about librarians and patrons, including the introduction of telephone reference, working at branch library, and tour of Hell where people are grouped by the geneology issue
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