A Texan's Luck

A Texan's LuckCaptain Walker Larson Received The Shock Of His Life When A Beautiful Stranger Boldly Walked Into His Office Claiming To Be His Wife His Father May Have Bought Lacy Larson For Him In A Wife Lottery, But Walker Had No Desire For A Bride Even One As Captivating As The One Standing Before Him So He Promptly Sent Lacy Back To Cedar Point.Nearly Three Years Later, Lacy Is Shocked When Walker Shows Up On Her Doorstep Ordered By The Military To Protect His Wife From A Killer Lacy Wants Nothing To Do With The Gruff Soldier Who Once Drove Her Away.But Despite Their Different Lifestyles And Expectations, She Finds Herself Wondering If Their Marriage Was A Far Better Gamble Than Either Of Them Had Imaginedand What It Would Feel Like To Be In His Arms. What a delightful read I was wondering if Ms Thomas was going to turn this one around from its disastrous beginning, and she did Making it worthy of its place in the Wife Lottery saga, one of the best western series I ve read.Lacy Larson is the youngest of the brides, the one wearing rose colored glasses so it is no surprise that she is confronted with the harsh realities of frontier life, some at her own insistence But she can put up with anything, as long as she knows when it will end.Captain Walker Larson is a cool, in control, career army man who follows the rules the perfect solider with no need for a wife, let alone one he believes to be a jail bird his misguided father rescued Called back to Cedar Point, a small Texas town he long ago left behind, in order to be Lacy s unwanted bodyguard, Walker swears he will be leaving in a month.I love how these two go from dislike and distrust to finally trying to be just friends But, in this author s deft hand we see love blossom, even in the snowy dead of winter You don t mind this He moved his hand over her flesh No, she answered, closing her eyes and letting the pure pleasure of his touch wash over her Because I m your husband Because it feels good to have you touch me like this, she answered Me, or would any man do He watched her as if testing the waters Well, the doctor s too thin, the ranger s too dirty, and the sheriff s too old I guess that only leaves my husband You And, the
Treasures of time can t be put in the pocket, they have to be stored in the heartWow Once again I must mention how surprised I have been to find myself loving this sub genre Thank you to all my GR friends Jill, Denise, Lisa Kay Lady D who recommended not only this series but many other Western Romance novels.Jodi Thomas Wife Lottery Series contains three books that I devoured I was drawn by the plot of three women who are auctioned off to avoid a jail sentence for killing a man in self defense Each book contains one of their stories and revolves around a simple plot, a villain and a great cast of secondary characters With each journey I experienced a tender, poignant love story that builds slowly There are also many moments that had me laughing and I loved the warm, fuzzy feel good endings This book is Lacy Larson s story The las
4.5 starsI m happy to say I liked this book than When a Texan Gambles It s a great addition to the series I liked both Lacy and Walker, but Carter remains my favorite From a rocky beginning Three years after Walker and Lacy married by proxy, Lacy decides it s finally time for her absent husband to come home But the Captain begs to differ He doesn t want a wife, any wife, and he manages to alienate Lacy Going back home, Lacy decides to stay away from her husband for good To the Countdown, getting Two years later, the dreadful Zeb is back and Lacy is in danger Thanks to the sheriff, Walker is forced to come back for a month to keep Lacy safe Since neither of them likes it, they are very eager for their 24 days to be over Now, they re forced to live together in the tiny apartment They fight, Walker orders, Lacy yells, but they co exist.While living together Lacy sees, the Captain, shockingly, has a heart and can be charming, too They get to know each other, all the while facing danger, and eventually they get To love They truly work together for me Walker melts around her and she finally gets her dream with him They re very sweet together I found a spot on you I must have missed He ran his tongue over her shoulder, nibbled alo
I really liked this book I think, because Carter was one of the first I read of her heroes, it made it harder for anyone else to live up to his standard Jodi Thomas has to be one of the best western authors ever If there is anyone else who does it better, I have yet to come across them.Walker was a great hero because he didn t hate Lacy In fact, he came into the picture with a lot of emotion due to their first encounter so he wasn t as cold as he wanted to be I thought the reason for his leaving town was done with pretty quickly, but I loved how Lacy handled it I was cracking up when Susannah came in trying to make Lacy jealous.I liked Lacy a lot, but there were times when she was a little unpredictable for no apparent reason Sometimes when she got angry, I honestly was as lost as Walker But that was over pretty quickly so I did
DNFI started directly with A Texan s Luck, the third in the series I didn t like Lacy and Walker at all From the beginning, it was a no go When Lacy walks into her husband, until then unknown to her and demands he bed
1.5 starsPretty much one sweet moment in the epilogue and the hero Walker are the only things I managed to like about this book, the rest of the story and Lacy s histrionics just drove me up the wall The number and frequency of mood swings this girl goes through puts any kind of bad PMS days I have to shame OyI swear This was pure torture to get through Same problem with The Texan s Wager I had with this one as well, it lacked oomph, passion, true emotion The author spends very little time giving her characters real POVs, emotions, inner dialogue other than stating the obvious It just comes off very dry and matter of fact rather than engaging dialogue In some cases this style of writing works, but this is a Western Romance, give me some meat The world building in this I found a little lacking as well I was very surprised with how Lacy was written in this, I found it very incongruous to how she was portrayed in the beginning of the series What happened to the sweet sassy girl in the first book She morphed into a extremely selfish, short tempered, inconsiderate, shrill, overly judgmental drama queen in this I didn t find her bickering and screaming at Walker at every turn entertaining or fun It bogged down the story and made it hard to finish I honestly felt sorry for Walker at times and found it ridiculous how he had to walk on egg shells around her through the entire book scared he would rouse her temper and having to apologize at
After reading the first two books in Jodi Thomas fantastic Wife Lottery series, The Texan s Wager and When a Texan Gambles, I was definitely looking forward to reading the third book in this series called A Texan s Luck and man, was I in for an enjoyable ride The story starts off when Captain Walker Larson discovers a shocking revelation when a young and beautiful woman named Lacy Larson walks into his office and tells him that she is his wife Unfortunately, Walker has no intentions of having a wife and he sends Lacy away back to Cedar Point Three years later however, when Lacy thought that she got over her disappointment in meeting Walker Larson, Walker ends up back in her life again when he received word that Zeb Whitaker might be after her and he was stationed to protect her at all costs Unfortunately, Lacy, still upset over Walker shunning her years ago, wants nothing to do with Walker and wants him to leave in the next few days However, both Walker and Lacy will soon discover that they might have some feelings for each other despite their differences.Wow I never thought that Jodi Thomas W
3.5 stars I think Honestly it was a four star book until I stopped reading it for the night and then I ran into a reading slump where I had no desire to pick up a book So really its my fault its not a 4 star really So if you read this in one wop It s probably a 4 star book.Lacey, I thought she was okay She had ONE moment where she irritated me and almost caused me to hate her She told him to make her his real wife and sleep with him, so he stuck it in and told her to leave When they met again he said to stop lookin at him like that and she said how am I looking at you like a man who raped me HE DID NOT RAPE HER YALL I thought that was a stretch and distasteful That s my only problem A couple chapters later she apologizes for saying that But I m like, don t lie about something as serious as that SHE FORCED HIM She refused to leave until he bedded her So he did a couple quick pumps and then escorted her out That s what happened Also another thing, she was so quick to keep inviting people along, like bitch your life is in danger You re bringing other people in that mess.Walker, he was okay too He didn t cheat on our heroine while he was married to her, although, honestly I wouldn t have faulted him if he did Hear me out They are married by proxy Which mean his father married him to her on paper He never saw this girl, didn t know her, only knew that his dad did this without his permission Like Lacey said, she wouldn t have faulted him for bei
SIGH , this book was MAGIC, Perfection in it s imperfection I seriously have no words to describe how much I adored it Definitely the best installment of the series I can t believe this but I just can t stop sighing, LOL I don t even remember the last time I felt so much with one of my reads Oh boy, I don t even know where to start I m seriously speechless right now, something that doesn t happen to me often I just will say that even though westerns are not my usual genre, this book is a must read I just realize that if a book is well written it doesn t matter the genre After reading 3 books by this author I really can say that she knows how to write Her style is flawless and smooth, and it will trap you fast, make you wanna read and Don t ever doubt about reading her work, you ll never regret it.Captain Walker Larson is one of the most intriguing characters I have read about in a while Not only is he an incredibly complex man but one with many, many different layers We see he wants things although he doesn t fully comprehend what they are What I loved the most was to see him change throughout the story, he begun as one man and ended up bei
This was a good, but not remarkable, Western Romance If I was not comparing it to other reads by the same author and others I might have graded it higher, but it did fall short for me in some areas.The good Jodi Thomas is a great writer and the story flowed smoothly from start to finish I was engaged and entertained throughout and while I didn t stay up till 3 00 a.m to see what would happen next, I certainly never considered the book boring or thought of abandoning it And I do abandon books if they bore me I definitely recommend this light, sweet, western romance if you enjoy this genre.The lacking I never understand why the characters did some of the bizarre things they did At the very beginning Lacy goes to where her husband, who she s yet to meet, is and DEMANDS he bed her Immediately OK, that s weird enough, but he actually does it then sends her away for her safety Huh Lacy was humiliated by this and that set us up for her pissy, bi polar behavior throughout the rest of the story I just didn t GET it why did she demand he sleep with her What was she thinking hoping to accomplish If the author had set that up a little or explained it better later, I think that would have helped.So then Lacy is paranoid afraid of him for much of the rest of the book due to having been attacked a few years earlier Okay but why didn t this attack make her afraid of her husband before she demanded he have sex with her w in moments of meeting him But it was fiction, so, whatever, I still e