Smolder (Firefighters of Montana, #1)

Smolder (Firefighters of Montana, #1) Former Army Ranger, Sam Gaskill, Is Starting Over In Glacier Creek, Montana Far Away From The Plains Of Texas And The Memories Of His Late Wife Taking Charge As The New Captain Of A Squad Of Smoke Jumpers Should Provide Him With Enough Adrenaline To Chase Away The Ghosts From His Past Until A Sexy, Green Eyed Temptress With A Sassy Mouth Enters The Picture Laurel Keenan, Champion Horsewoman, Couldn T Wait To Escape Her Hometown But Instead, An Ailing Mother And An Unplanned Pregnancy Landed The Impetuous Dreamer Right Back On Her Father S Ranch Laurel Has Managed To Lead A Quiet Life With Her Young Son Until She Sets Eyes On The Tough Guy With The Sexy Ass Sam Already Failed One Woman He Won T Trust His Heart With Another And Laurel Is Determined Not To Risk Her Heart Or Her Son S On Another Thrill Seeker Can Their Slow Burn Lead To A Love That Lasts 3.5 Smoldering Turns Combustible Stars 1 2This is the first entry to a new series about Smoke Jumpers in Montana These Firefighters are trained to do some of the most dangerous work jumping into forest fires to cut them off and isolate themchopping down trees in their paths so that there was no fuel for the fire These brave men and women are the focus and it holds the attention of the reader.Sam Gaskill is a man who wants to start fresh but has one thing he must doa promise to keep He is the new captain for these firefighters and he is still feeling guilty about his deceased wife.Things were never as they should have been He was an Army Ranger who was devoted to his men while in the service He knew he left his wife alone for too long at home She was a rider so Sam bought her a beautiful horse, hoping to show his love while away Tragedy struck and now he is just trying to fulfill a promise of having her horse trained to compete and show with a chance at winning.He has the horse come with him at his new location and has arranged boarding with training at a ranch which was known for expert show training.Laurel Keenan has been a champion horsewoman When she was younger, she had dreams of experiencing than her family s ranchShe met someone who was a thrill seeker, he woo d her and when she was fully in love and with child, he bailed.Kids didn t fit his
This is a great start to a fabulous new series about smoke jumpers these guys are strong and determined they work hard and fast to stop fires and save lives and they are just what every girl needs in their lives if you can cope with the danger This is from a new to me author Tracy Solheim and I loved it and will be looking out for of her stories.Ex Army ranger Sam Gaskill has arrived in Glacier Creek Montana from Texas to take on the captains role at the smoke jumpers he as arrived with his late wife s horse Tabitha and has her boarded at the local Whispering Breeze Ranch where he hopes that the owners can bring a wish to fruition for his wife and that is to have Tabitha win the finals at the quarter horse championships Sam has a lot of issues from his past and wants nothing than to get on with his life but I think this is about to change when he meets Laurel Keenan daughter of the owners of the ranch the spark between them could start a fire.Laurel Keenan is a single mum and lives at the ranch
FREE on today 7 8 2019 Series Firefighters of Montana 1Rating 3 stars it was goodSam Gaskill has come to Glacier Creek, Montana to start over after his wife s death But moving on is hard, especially when Sam is butting heads with Laurel Keenan, the woman who will be training his late wife s champion horse Laurel has enough on her plate as a single mother and the last thing she wants is to get involved with a smokejumper who puts his life on the line everyday.Smolder was an entertaining and spicy read that helped me pass a few hours Since it s the first in a series there is a lot of setup for future books and I ll admit I was a little overwhelmed by the number of characters being introduced, especially for a book that s only about 200 pages That being said, Sam and Laurel have pretty good chemistry once they get over their initial antagonistic meeting Of course, both are incredibly resistant to the idea of a relationship so they try to keep things casual instead.While I liked Sam and Laurel together they weren t individually my favorite characters Laurel has one of the worst cases of foot in the mouth and she says some pretty bad things early on But I did like her journey of accepting what she really wants in life and not giving up her dreams just because she s a single mother Sam is pretty stoic and close minded about getting involved with another woma
Received an ARC for my fair review for netgalley.We have Sam and Laurel, to very stubborn people, who are attracted to each other and not sure if they are willing to put their hearts on the line again I always love stories of firefighters, and military men, so right there it had one me
Starting over can be difficult under the best circumstances But when starting over means carrying the ghosts of a guilt ridden past into the precarious and uncharted territory of a tenuous future Forging bright and shiny new paths can be almost impossible.Unless, of course, the man doing the impossible is former Army Ranger, Sam Gaskill Whether making himself at home in his new role as captain of a highly skilled smoke jumpers Or attempting to find a training facility for his late wife s beloved made Sam is a man determined to do his duty, and make things right for all concerned No matter the personal price.Convinced that the thrill of fighting fires and saving lives will always be enough, Sam is completely unprepared for the effect that one bold, brash, and exceptionally beautiful horsewoman will have on his libedo Or the restorative effect that time spent with her 5 year old son, will have on his battered soul.At just under 150 pages, Smolder is a read that manages to pack a well paced, seamlessly crafted, and remarkably complex plot into quite a diminutive package Further sweeting the already delectable story pot, is a cast of instantaneously relatable characters, intelligent and naturally occurring character interaction, and a romance that balances passion s heat with emotional depth.While the rapid fire pac
Start of the newest series of Firefighters of Montana Did not disappoint loved it Sam Gaskill former Army ranger starting over in Montana and as far away as possible of memories of his late wife He takes on his new role of Captain Smoke jumper, boarding his late wifes horse with Laurel and her father Laurel Keenan, champion horsewoman, couldn t wait to escape her hometown after an unexpected pregnancy moves her ba
I was happy to find this book about smokejumpers To me, they are the ultimate hero Jumping out of planes into forests to put out fires is dangerous work that only the most skilled firefighters can do I really enjoyed this book and am looking forward to the rest of the series.Sam was the new captain of the smokejumpers in Glacier Creek, Montana It s a big change from his life as a Ranger and coming from Texas but he s up for the challenge Wanting to fulfill his late wife s dream, he took her showhorse with him, boarding her at Whispering Breeze Ranch While she was there, they were to work with her so she would be ready to compete at the highest level and hopefully win the world title.Laurel was the woman who would train the horse I loved how she didn t have a filter, saying things before thinking Her life revolve
Smolder by Tracy SolheimFirefighters of Montana 1Smolder indeed Great book I enjoyed it from beginning to end and recommend it to those looking for a fun way to spend a few hours in Montana After looking online I found that five authors have worked together to create this series of books that deal with sizzling hot men who work as smokejumpers but also as search and rescue patrol and live in a base camp on forest service land in Montana Each of the potential men and women who will star in their own romance novels is introduced in this first book and I have to say I am intrigued by than one of the characters and eager to read their stories if they are even half as good as this one So, in this book Captain Sam Gaskill has been hired to be in charge of the team of firefighters and has recently moved to town He has brought his deceased wife s horse to be stabled and trained at the Keenan ranch He meets Laurel Keenan and her so
The thrill of danger helps him forget the pain of loss Can the love of a good woman help him learn to live again Sam is a man on a mission Start over and leave the past behind A new town and an adventurous job should be just what he needs to escape the helpless guilt and grief that has been his constant companion What he doesn t count on is finding a second chance at love Smolder is as intense as it s title, but the beauty of Ms Solheim is she can deliver breathless romance while cra