The Art of Racing in the Rain

The Art of Racing in the RainEnzo Knows He Is Different From Other Dogs A Philosopher With A Nearly Human Soul And An Obsession With Opposable Thumbs , He Has Educated Himself By Watching Television Extensively, And By Listening Very Closely To The Words Of His Master, Denny Swift, An Up And Coming Race Car Driver.Through Denny, Enzo Has Gained Tremendous Insight Into The Human Condition, And He Sees That Life, Like Racing, Isn T Simply About Going Fast On The Eve Of His Death, Enzo Takes Stock Of His Life, Recalling All That He And His Family Have Been Through.A Heart Wrenching But Deeply Funny And Ultimately Uplifting Story Of Family, Love, Loyalty, And Hope, The Art Of Racing In The Rain Is A Beautifully Crafted And Captivating Look At The Wonders And Absurdities Of Human Life As Only A Dog Could Tell It. I was meandering around Borders one Saturday when I saw a dog s head on the cover of a book, and since I am magnetized to animals especially dogs , I had to pick it up and leaf through it I was pleasantly surprised to read the cover to find out it is written entirely from the perspective of a dog Adorable and unique I have always wanted to know what it s like in the mind of a dog Although obviously written by a person or my dog has some explaining to do as I was under the impression that dogs do not have opposable thumbs and can t write , it would be so interesting and heartwarming to read through a dog s perspective.By page six I was sobbing and sniffling I didn t buy the book then because, as an animal lover, I am especially sensitive to certain subjects As a doggy mom, I am sensitive and I can t bear to think about certain things, whether peaceful or otherwise I cry watching Animal Cops I cry whilst watching Wild Discovery I love animals intensely So when I read those first six pages and discovered how the story would unfold, I didn t think I could do it I felt like I needed to get my bearings I did and I bought it The book isn t short, but I read it on one Sunday I couldn t stop There were many times where my tears were blurring my vision and I couldn t read further until I wiped my eyes sloppily But there were also many times when I laughed out loud, something I rarely do When you re an avid reader, you tend to immunize yourself to a r
You know that guy who comes up to you when you re having a bad day and says something like, just think positive thoughts and good things will happen as if it were really that simple As if the spirit of Karma or whatever is patiently waiting around for you to will happiness upon yourself so that it can be befittingly bestowed Yeah, well fuck that guy Bad things happen all the time to people who don t deserve it, regardless of whether or not they are in touch with their positive energies Similarly, people who are jerks are at no greater risk of having a safe fall on their heads while they walk down the sidewalk than anybody else is Not in the real world, anyway.Apparently this book does not take place in the real world.By now, I think it is pretty much known that this book is written from the perspective of a dog While this may be a turnoff for a lot of people, it is not what ruined it for me I can be very open to unconventional styles of storytelling No, what ruined it for me is the fact that the entire thing is horribly botched.First of all, when you are a
If you have yet to read this wonderful novel, do yourself a favor and do so It s original and captivating, and I simply adored Enzo the narrator who also happens to be a dog It tells the story of a particular family, with twists and turns that ke
I m shockedshocked, by how much I loved this book.The narrator is a dog.There is much mentioning of racing Formula One, NASCAR, Indy.and the narrator is a dog But I think I mentioned that already.I liked this book so much that it made me want a dog No, it made me want this dog And I don t even like dogs.Enzo, a terrier lab mutt, believes in his next life he will be human As he feels practically human already, just limited to grand gestures due to his loose muscled tongue and lack of opposable thumbs, he spends his dog years closely watching his ownder, Denny Swift, to learn the art of being human so that when it s his turn, he ll have a head start.Denny, a race car driver mechanic down on his luck dad is a kind owner who loves his dog and uses racing philosophies in his own life There are many to choose from, but my favorite is, No race has ever been won in the first corner many have been lost there Denny s own story is one of work, patience, courage, endurance, hope, and love It s not an easy story to read There are times I felt like throwing the book I was so mad at Denny s in laws, but kind of embarrassing to admit here , Enzo kept me sane I just
VIDEO REVIEW were some things, plot wise, that felt a bit unnecessary those damn grandparents but other that that, I loved this It never felt weird to be reading from the perspective of a dog, which was a huge surprise to me Enzo sort of reminded me of Garfield in some ways, like how he had snarky little comments and criticisms that w
A fantastic and well told story At times, I was near tears Other times I wanted to reach into the book and punch one of the characters I was so emotionally invested, I was talking out loud to the book In the end, I set down my Kindle and gave a standing ovation.I was skeptical going in this is the part where I fear pet lovers will start unfriending me and or sending me hate mail I am not a big pet person so I have been putting this off because I heard it is told from the point of view of a dog My worry was that it may not appeal if I couldn t connect to the love an owner might have for their dog I know, I am a terrible person But, I will say that I really enjoyed it The dog in question is Enzo, and he comes across as very wise and human The cutesy dog owner story I feared it is not.Because Enzo is very wise, this book is very quotable I began to picture Enzo sitting on a mountaintop in robes waiting to impart knowledge on those coming to seek his guidance Because of this, I feel that this is a good book to recommend to those seeking inspiration.Another aspect that sold me on this book is how much the book is about auto racing I love watching auto racing and talking about cars, drivers, great moves someone made in a race, or their mistakes made, etc This is just like Denny and Enzo in the book I thought it was awesome how auto racing philosophy was conn
Yet another book I was reading as a preview to see if I should purchase it as a gift Sadly, no.Equally disappointing is disliking the work of a local author I always want to like local authors and artists of all stripes , but it isn t always possible.First, I don t think automobile racing is a good metaphor for life Maybe it is, but I have a bias I hate the automobile I think the personal automobile is the single most destructive concept we ve conceived To then race them in circles, no less seems pointless at the very best, and perhaps even criminal when one considers the environmental costs As I said, I m biased.The reason I read this in the first place was the dog as narrator I m really trying to find a good dog as narrator book This isn t it The dog as narrator in Stein s book is gimmicky It doesn t add to the story, it doesn t clarify the plot, and it doesn t enhance the narrative I kept asking, Why is the dog telling this story I still have no satisfactory answer.The narrator was particularly unlikable to me due to his obsession with being reincarnated as a man It rubbed me the wrong way for several reasons, and seemed to detract from the story whenever it came up It also underscored my question about why we were listening to the dog in the first place.My final disappointment with this book involved a little deus ex machina action
THE ART OF RACING IN THE RAIN by GARTH STEIN is an inspirational, wonderful, and sad story that had me feeling so many different emotions while listening to this book Laughterhappinesssadness.angerand even a few tears I had chills and goosebumps That is good writing to make me feel so many different emotions while reading listening to a book.It was such a touching and uplifting story about the life of Enzo the dog, which was told from his own perspective I found this story to b
That beginning whew nearly shorted out my kindle with the tears If you re like me avoiding sad books like the plague , you ll feel the urge to abandon this book after Chapter 1 Don t do that There is an absolutely beautiful story that has to be told and don t worry, the ending is not as sad as the beginning implies I ve always felt almost human I ve always known that there s something about me that s different than other dogs Enzo belongs to Denny and Eve and Zoe, but mostly Denny He loves car rides, treats and his stuffed dog BUT Enzo is a peculiar sort of dog He understands English, the finer points of racing and the emotional needs of his humans But he s trapped in a dog s body no thumbs and no talking and he is in anguish when his humans are hurting But this has led to one supremely useful skill As he says, Learn to listen I beg of you Pretend you are a dog like me and listen to other people rather than steal their stories. This book is all about listening what can be learned and gleaned if only people spent their lives as dogs do When Eve gets sick, when Zoe is snatched by her grandparents and when his beloved Denny about to truly give up, o
Note on May 18 Oh man My book club s selection this month Just started reading it last night A dog narrator And car racing I dozed off in self defense.May 20 Not my kind of book Don t read any farther if you loved it Elsewhere on this site my friend Judy compared Garth Stein to Robert James Waller I think that s insulting to Waller It felt like Stein had a list dog hero, check Wonderful woman with fatal brain tumor check Adorable child check In laws from hell check False accusation of rape check Wait, what was that last Are you kidding me Daughter taken away check.And then of course fairy godFerrarifather check Rape victim recants check Gets his daughter back check Reconciliation with estranged parents check Who also give him check check No good deed goes unrewarded The top of his profession oh of course check, how could it be otherwise But wait, there s Dog reincarnated as human boy and race car driver wannabe I didn t buy the dog as narrator for a moment I m not saying an animal s point of view can t be done, and done well The Incredible Journey, The Silent Meow, Watership Down, The Wind in the Willows , but not here And the whole plot was just so implausibly over the top I put it down at page 3, page 26, and page 29, and then I remembered that I, too, have picked books for book club that people hated Readers, I finished it I c

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