The Cantos

The CantosEPUB The Cantos Ezra Pound The Cantos By Ezra Pound Is A Long, Incomplete Poem In 120 Sections, Each Of Which Is A Canto Most Of It Was Written Between 1915 And 1962, Although Much Of The Early Work Was Abandoned And The Early Cantos, As Finally Published, Date From 1922 Onwards It Is A Book Length Work, Widely Considered To Present Formidable Difficulties To The Reader The Cantos Is Generally Considered One Of The Most Significant Works Of Modernist Poetry In The 20th Century As In Pound S Prose Writing, The Themes Of Economics, Governance And Culture Are Integral To The Work S Content. I read this one on the train on my way home from work today NOT Three decades ago I picked it up, finished nearly half, then was overwhelmed with his words and the strife of my then life.Two decades ago I picked it up and nearly finished the thing until others words got in the way of his words and I had to use my own words to defend against said words and got lost in the sway.Rhythm, always rhythm.One day ago I finished it, complete, replete and without any sleep, yet strength enough to keep myself together Awe, infamy, like the tides of mantle, pits without bottoms, sailing with waxed hulls, moved, irrefutable, unmistakable, confused, and understood as only in a song with soft and pretty lines The kind we all love or hate Make no mistake Howl and scowl, the monstrous face of evil is at stake Money Pray nay, the misuse of money, tis mankind s fray Masters of debt, usury through and through, they re the ugly ones, not me and you Pray a
One of the greatest wordsmiths ever Reading Pound, one feels the weight of civic responsibility Pound rages at what he sees rending Western Civilization from its roots He discloses history by mentioning it, using events as metaphors, as expressions, as examples of his points, and in doing this he expects you to know them Pound s poetry convicts one to read Dante, to read Homer, to read the Troubadours The Cantos really has no plot The poem consists of approximately 120 shorter poems themselves called cantos, after the sections into which Dante divided each book of his Divine Comedy , some of which tell unified stories and some of which are simply collections of musings, observations, memories, and exhortations To some extent in my opinion to really be able to understand the Cantos you have to strive to become Pound This is not something
I m sort of dreading this one It s a notoriously difficult book to read And it s even rated above Ulysses in the goodreads difficult book poll.But I m writing my MA dissertation on Pound s poetry So I su
Though Pound s Cantos are going onto the to poke at with a stick shelf, I have actually read a number of the poems over the past few months, and some of them are staggeringly stunningly wind and sea and stone coast wrought Hellenic dreambeauties These from the first 15th or so of the book that I have breached Then some are incomprehensible limbos Gass s essay on Pound in Finding A Form , where he spends the first two pages deconstructing the Fate hidden in his name and the rest chalking up his failures and successes by degrees, is well worth a good reader s time The Cantos linger on my shelf it s a gorgeous stark New Directions sometimes I find them open in my palms and I don t know how they got there often they achieve that place that rare poetry does, where you feel like it s actually the voices of Time, Mind, and Earth at other instances you feel that you re having the golden fleece pulled over your eyes still, I am intrigued fascism and mental instab
Phew This is something I feel like I ve run a marathon, and I ve only picked at parts of these.This is a wholly absorbing set of poetry Approximately 120 cantos which start off reminiscing about the Renaissance, going through all eras and ages of history, citing letters, missives, pamphlets, rages History as poetry, a grand tour Chinese chara
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It is difficult to estimate the totality of effect of Pound s having been We can say this much Without Pound there is no Williams, no Olson, no Zukofsky to name only the most obvious suspects But we might as well say that without Pound there is no Joyce, no Eliot Lewis is, natheless, as the tree, having never been nor yet is he to be seen as much, if seen Gaudier Forget it Antheil Well, yes, but to what extent Thus, and as simply, may we owe the finer and distinct shapes of poetry, prose, painting, sculpture, and music each, when working, interpenetrating its neighbor to Pound s having been and operatively, done Kenner s Pound Era is a good start toward understanding the abovementioned effect Davenport s Ithaka a signpost with headway The rest is in the music.I supp
And If you say that this tale teachesa lesson, or that the Reverend Eliothas found a natural languageyou who thinkyou willget through hell in a hurry opening lines of Canto XLVI You will not find a better summary of all that modernist poetry had to offer than Ezra Pound s decades long collection of poetry, written with The Divine Comedy in mind, that he simply called The Cantos It is one of the most voluminous, complex, ambitious, and extreme works of literature ever released If you ever need to read one of Ezra Pound s writings to understand what he was about and how his understanding of life played out through his career life these cantos are all you need Knowledge the shade of a shade,Yet must thou sail after knowledgeKnowing less than drugged beasts. from Canto XLVII Ezra Pound was a main stay in modernist American European literature for decades He would become extremely controversial for his anti semitic, pro Mussolini views and would spend his long post WWII life in seclusion in Italy after being released from US custody for assisting Mussolini during the war he was diagnosed as having advanced bi polar disorder Despite this, he is given credit as having helped and counseled numerous writers over the course of his life And such authors like Eliot, Joyce, Hughes Langston , Woolf, H.D., Carlos Williams and Ginsberg, to name a few, would correspond with him over his life to debate, get support, and advice f
You want to reject Pound, as you want to reject Celine, for his politics, and for his role in the tragedy of the 20th century But his is voice that gets inside you head and won t got way, and his incantations make your liver quiver And you realize that there really is no Eliot or
Miles Jochem Editorial Intern, Tin House Books You know you re in for a doozy when the most famous literary appraisal of a book ends with the warning, There are the Alps, fools Sit down and wait for them to crumble These lines, written by Basil Bunting, are about Ezra Pound s Cantos, one of the pillars of Modernism Pound ranks among the most controversial of writers, not least due to his open sympathy for anti Semitic fascists In fact, the US government charged him with treason in 1945 and he spent years in captivity, first in an outdoor cage in Italy, then in an insane asylum in the States But if we judged writers by their personal failings there wouldn t be much left of the literary canon The book itself is a behemoth 120 odd sections comprising a modern epic in the tradition of Dante, but borrowing material from countless sources spanning global recorded history You need help with this, unless you are a polyglot with an encyclopedic knowledge of economic, political, and literary history not me For example, the first canto is Pound s translation of a 16